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To save you time, we wanted to use something more illustrative than star ratings. So we handily devised our own categories to highlight not just the service level of each hotel, but also its overall vibe. And we screen all our hotels, in all categories, so you can rest assured that you're staying somewhere great. An upscale hotel with stellar service, lavish amenities and serious comfort, for when you're feelin' swanky.

A stylish, sometimes quirky hot spot that's as popular with in-the-know locals as it is with travelers.

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We're different from other hotel-booking services for many reasons, but chief among them is our preference for quality over quantity. We don't work with just anyone. We do a ton of work behind the scenes to vet our hotels, and we'll even kick them off if they don't meet HT booker standards. And we don't bombard you with an overwhelming stream of options. Hotels compete to appear on the app, and only those that meet our standards — and offer the best value — make the cut.

We toast to our users for snapping up such great deals, but then we get right back to work to add more rooms to the mix. If we have appropriate additional inventory, we'll display it. Our ratings come from HT users who've booked on HotelTonight and given the hotel a thumbs up or down after their stay, via the in-app ratings screen. We average each hotel's rating into the number you see displayed. We don't display ratings when a hotel hasn't yet received enough feedback.

As soon as a hotel's reviews reach a critical mass, we'll get the rating up there, stat. When adding a hotel to HotelTonight, we keep it real and include balanced information we think users should know when considering booking a room. Once a hotel is available on HotelTonight, we closely monitor guests' feedback, looking into negative reports and adjusting the hotel's info as necessary. If we receive multiple complaints about a hotel, we will remove it from the app. Because if you're not feeling it, we're not feeling it. The hotel needs a credit card on file for incidentals, like late-night minibar raids no judgment.

The amount of the temporary hold placed by the hotel on your credit card varies and typically is removed within business days.

It should appear as "pending" when listed among your card's transactions. Note that guests who provide a debit card at check-in may find a temporary charge on their account rather than a hold. This will be refunded by the hotel, usually within business days, assuming there are no legitimate incidental fees. Also note that some hotels do not accept debit cards. Good eye! As you noticed, we've translated the app and many, but not all, of our hotel profiles.

We started with our most popular internationally-traveled destinations, and will translate additional cities as we expand and gain even more users across the globe hint: spread the word. If you've got questions about a particular hotel, you can reach out to our multi-lingual customer support team at any time.

Our comparison rate the one you see crossed out next to HT's rate is determined by finding the lowest rate listed on major online travel sites during the period the room was available to book on HT. If no online rate is listed, the comparison rate is the price the hotel previously loaded on HT for that date. Some hotels never discount their rooms anywhere! The price you see will always be the best available rate for that hotel.

And as always, you get the same ease of booking a quality hotel in 10 seconds through the app. Hotel rates do fluctuate — but the rates you see on HT are the best available for that hotel at any given moment, so if you see something you like, book it before it's gone! It's simple: share your invite code with your friends, relatives, frenemies, etc.

You can get and share your code by tapping 'Invite' or 'Invite a Friend' on your device. Note: inviting friends is not yet supported on our mobile website, so to invite people, please download our award-winning app! Check out our Campaign Terms page for all the details and terms. Actually, yes. If you're using the program legitimately to invite people, you won't even notice them, but here's the fine print: You cannot invite yourself.

You cannot invite anyone who uses the same credit card as you do. You cannot invite someone who uses the same mobile device as you. See Campaign Terms page for details. Referral policy: Consistent with our Terms of Use, your personal invite code may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Feel free to share your invite code with your friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, personal blogs, etc. However, you cannot distribute your invite code on sites where you are a contributor but not the primary content owner e. Coupons will be applied to hotel bookings in the corresponding currency.

All the details are on our Campaign Terms. Promo codes make our already awesome deals even awesomer. Just tap 'Redeem a promo code' or 'Redeem promo code' and enter yours! Note: While we dig your enthusiasm for deals, you can only redeem a code once.

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And promotions cannot be combined sorry. You'll see an error message if: The code has expired, or the booking does not meet the terms of the code. These terms can include time, location or minimum spend restrictions. The maximum number of people have claimed it. You've already redeemed it.

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You've inputted it incorrectly. You're trying to redeem a code for first-time customers, but you've already booked with us using this account, this device or this payment method. Sorry, no double-dipping! Double-check the code and, if you still think it should go through, get in touch with our Customer Support.

As you book, you unlock levels that give you access to exclusive extra discounts, and you can use those discounts immediately or save them for a later booking.

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You also unlock other sweet perks as you level up. Unlike other programs, there are no blackout dates and you never lose your status. As you level up, you get all the good stuff from the previous level, plus even more sweet benefits. Promotional credits can be used at participating hotels and expire in days. Fees may vary on discounted bookings. For full details on how we calculate spend, see our Terms and Conditions. Our rates get even better with each HT Perks level. So make sure to download the app to get access the very best deals!

And remeber Save for Later credits never expire. Note that sometimes these deals sell out even faster, so again, if you want in, make like the Fresh Prince and Carlton and jump on it. Once 15 minutes are up, the deal is gone sometimes sooner if someone beats you to it. So if you like the hotel and deal you unlock, we recommend snapping it up ASAP. Your public HotelTonight profile shows any photos you've shared, as well as your name first name and last initial and how long you've been an HT Member. Only you can see your account settings and booking information. Make sure to double-check the email address so your booking receipts don't get lost in the great online abyss.

Don't see these settings? Make sure you've got the latest version of the app! Note: editing your user info is not yet supported on our mobile website. To do this, please download our award-winning app! On the current version of the iPhone and iPad, just tap 'Account' and then 'Payment. On our mobile website, you can add or choose your preferred credit card during booking.

You bet. We're PCI compliant, which means that we've been certified for maintaining a secure environment. Every credit card payment on HotelTonight is processed through a 3rd party, fully-encrypted server. In other words: your info's safe with us. Unfortunately not all bookings allow coupons or credits. We make this clear in the Need to Know section of a hotel profile, so you have all the info you need before you book.

Check out our Campaign Terms page for more info and everything you ever wanted to know about coupons and credits.

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Like that mustard that's been in your fridge since , many credits do, indeed, have an expiration date. Standard credits expire one year from receipt of those credits. When you make a booking with credits, we will always use the credits that are expiring first. Some credits expire, but if yours haven't and they seem to be MIA, there's a chance you may have created two accounts if you created an account via the app but then began logging in using Facebook, and the two accounts' email addresses are different.

Try signing in with your original log-in info, and if you're still missing credits, please get in touch with our Customer Support. Our computer tells us you've signed up to receive periodic HotelTonight emails. But sometimes computers are wrong. Sometimes they are evil. We'd love it if you did! To leave a review, open the app after you check out, or go to your bookings once your stay ends. You'll see a button there to "Rate Your Stay. In the immortal words of a certain purple dinosaur, sharing is caring. So, yes, please share your photos! You can share pics of a hotel you're staying at, those you've stayed at in the past or even just hotels you're walking by and feel compelled to snap.

To share, go to the hotel's profile or your booking if you're staying there. You'll see a button to "Share Your Photos. We review all reviews heh and photos to make sure they're on the up-and-up before posting. If you're not seeing yours, it's because they're still being reviewed We really appreciate you lookin' out. To favorite a hotel, tap the heart on a hotel profile you'll see it go from a heart outline to a filled heart.

This will add it to your Favorites list, which you can find by tapping the heart tab in the app. Tapping on a hotel from the search results automatically favorites it, and you'll immediately see it added to your Favorites list. FYI, if a hotel doesn't show up in your search, it's because we don't work with that property Your Favorites list shows you whenever your fave hotels are available and the great rates we've got 'em for.

You can also change dates from within this list, to check out all the days your faves are available. Happy favoriting! You can have up to 15 favorites at a time. To remove a favorite and make room for a new one, just tap the filled heart on a favorite hotel on the hotel's profile page. Then tap the unfilled heart on the hotel you want to add. One in, one out! HT Pros hooks you up with a real-live person via in-app chat to help make your stay great, whether you need a toothbrush or a insider tip on the best bars in the 'hood.

It's like a concierge, but cooler. Your HT Pro is available for the length of your stay, and you'll be paired with one if you book in one of our eligible cities, spend a minimum amount and book a Luxe, Hip, Charming, Solid or High Roller hotel. HT Pros is currently available only in English.

It's just like any other booking on HotelTonight, with a few extra digits. These numbers help our rockstar Customer Support team identify your booking, should you have any questions. For sure! We're working day and night to add new cities to the app.


Have a favorite city or hotel you'd like to see on HotelTonight? Drop us a line and let us know. Additional platforms are always on our mind. You can also access our mobile website by going to the browser on your phone and typing in www. You can! Once they're connected, you'll be given the option to send your booking receipts to Concur you can toggle this setting on or off with each booking.

If you need to disconnect your Concur account, just visit your account details page in the HotelTonight app. For help, contact Concur or HotelTonight customer support. Any fees charged go toward our bottom line, and covering our costs so we can continue to provide you with a most-excellent service. For all the nitty gritty details, check out our Terms of Use.

Balanced budgets and deficit hysteria became the dogma of governments across the developed world. Talk of a Green New Deal withered on the vine. Today the phrase is making a comeback among the ranks of Democratic insurgents running on left-leaning platforms in primaries across the country. Yet the Green New Deal seems to be filling that three-word void.

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Even the regulations the administration did achieve — like tightening fuel economy standards and incentivizing utilities to produce more renewable energy — disintegrated as soon as the Trump administration took over. Subsidies for wind, solar, and battery technology managed to survive proposed cuts in the tax bill Congress passed last year because Republicans in states that have come to rely on those burgeoning industries saved them. For Friedman, that is proof that lasting climate policies are ones that make private renewable energy companies powerful enough to sway politics.

Green is geostrategic, geoeconomic, patriotic, capitalistic. In , Murphy, a political economy professor and founder of the London-based Tax Justice Network, started meeting with a cadre of newspaper editors, economists, and environmentalists to discuss the coming financial crisis and how any fiscal stimulus issued in response could be used to tackle the ecological crisis already underway. The ideas caught on, and in the ruling Labour Party established a green infrastructure bank.

But later that year the conservative Tories swept into office, sold the bank and scaled back renewable and energy-efficiency subsidies.

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Talk of a Green New Deal went quiet for years in the U. It could be a winning strategy. Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support efforts to reduce climate pollution and increase renewable energy capacity, even if it comes with a cost. That increased to 76 percent among voters who picked Obama in but sat out the race, and it surged to 85 percent among those who voted for both Obama and, in , Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Fifty percent of Obama-Trump voters said they would support such regulations, increasing to 77 percent among voters who picked Obama then sat out the election, and 83 percent for Obama-and-Clinton voters. Some have called for federal spending plans similar to the World War II economic mobilization to bolster renewable energy and rebuild roads and bridges to make them more resilient in extreme weather.

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We must again invest in the development, manufacturing, deployment, and distribution of energy but this time green energy. Others suggested tying such a plan to a federal jobs guarantee, a policy that has recently gained traction among a similar cadre of candidates. At the heart of this policy is a call for percent renewable energy. To him, a Green New Deal provides a mechanism for meeting that goal. Other candidates were more vague. Kevin de Leon, the California state senator and union-backed progressive who is facing off against U.