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Your Password. Have an account? Log in here. You're all set to go No thanks, I'll stay on this page. Virginia Norfolk. Showing of 80 restaurants in Norfolk, VA. Sorted By:. And I wouldn't want that going on in my house. We found him every not that he wasn't well Wdcn. The U. Kerbs said. Du De ZngLnadalet- oe said. Werenot looking to get into apy trouble. Louis, dry "he said. Party pies, none matched Liz. Finally, in AprU.

Others did, too. Police in Casper! Monday at Buhl West End Cemetery. Mnbel Monson of Paul, 11 a. Nellie Vem Asher of Albion, 2 p. Released Kurt Westcndorf of Gooding. Perry of RlcMioti m. S;hir 0 h. Gooding Chapel. Luke's Regional. Medical Center in Boise. Cloud, Minn. Sets 2S. He was an elecmcxao enrsiiioycid by Sho? He ded Fnoay aftwnocn doing whaa he toned besi - hunorg. Secy desan Lee. MaryArm Jirr. Galindo and lima Don Mann, tsrcChers. Gary Lee and Larry Lee, a son. Kdiy CotQ 1 Lee. Roden Linda Cutler, stepdaughter.

Cathy A toon son. Twin Falls, ing. Monday at Iha Payne Mortuary in Burloy and from 10 to a. Sept He was Pom Jan Virgil worked tor several fine companies and then tor 25 years for the Twin Falls Highway Dsma retiring June 3. Hs great se- ries and conversation will be missed by many friends and rota- I tves.

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I He is survived by his wdfe. Mafrn Dartre h Anderson of Twm Falls, hs saw. Ffc mas re- coded m doetth by hs pa m g s aryl 6 a brother. Sept 2-t.


Lie graduated from Htah S ate UTtversriyn with a degree m txamess administration. Upon gradjaion. During te crfttge days, he met hs sweet- heart. Mcdra Pauline Gabrielsen. They were married S ept. They have six children.

He appreciated good horses and good lira Ran6 Artauflh Griggs Ray G served on the Oakley Qty Council for three tour-year terms and as mayor of Oakley for two tour-year terms. As a rancher, ha served as a director and the public corrwrifiee chairman for the Mario Cafflte Association. In Ray C. Sirvwors metode his' wfe. Peterson of Oakley and ted Our beloved Tira wen! She is survived Z. Jim D. Arlene Garrison of Wendover. Tira 0 is also survived by one niece, one e n ephew. She was 3 rarely wilhoul a smile and a kind II word fo whomever crossed her r path.

Her strength and strong faith J were an Inspiration to all who knew J and loved her. She lovod I crafts and had a special talent or 1 creating beautiful birdhouses. Tira win be missed dearly by her family and friends. You touched our livos in a special way. Tira, and your memory will remain cherished In our hearts always. The funeral for Tira Rend Griggs will be conducted at 2 p. Jerry Kostor officiating. Glenn Marler, Jr. Marler appeared in court in a dress. He ordered him to abstain from alcohol and prohibited any contact with Marler. Smith also ordered Galbreath to make restitution to Boldt for any losses he suffered.

Over the past five years, students from both dis- , cts have increased their scores. Minidoka county students scored Some students may not take any college-related courses u S,MM ta. In the Cassia district, averages at smaller schools such as Raft River High School can be signifi- cantly altered by one low score or one high score, Doggett said. And at Minico and Burley high schools, counselors offer non-crcd- it dosses specifically designed for the ACT. Students can take the dosses after school or on week- ends, and work on the ACTs four components: English, math, rend- ing and sdentific reasoning.

Burley counselor Don Bolingbroke said students should take the test if they think they plan on attending college. Many colleges look at ACT scores when dedding whether to accept them. Colleges usually hove a minimal score; students who meet that score may get automatically accepted, while stu- dents who meet it by a wide mar- gin may qualify for finanda] aid.

Timcs-Ncws staff writer David Lee can be reached in Burley at Batt said he had great reserva- tions about the bill from its start in the Senate, so he let it become law without his signature. But that does little to comfort local retailers forced to deal with a law that they say won't work, and will never punish the actual offender. I From the shed, he ran a pipe to an adjacent tum-of-the- Century cabin. Geothermal hot springs are generally something of a natural crap shoot. If toxic substances such as arsenic, heavy metals or unpleasantly odorous compounds such os hydrogen sulfide are pre- sent, there is cause for concent.

Water purity and uniformity analyses from the U. Geological Survey Water Resources Department prove their absence, letting Ellsworth rest easy during his nightly baths. Now, he is starting to look into letting his mineral water follow a more commercial stream, though at one time'he thought the spring never would bring him two dimes to rfib together. It costs SO cents to fill your own one-gallon container. Bedke was more than a cattle rancher. Bedke was a small-town mayor, husband, father and grandfather who had a degree in business administration from Utah State University and was on avid reader.

He was a former Army intelli- gence officer who was involved in his church as a bishop. Scout- master and teacher. And he was a man who made his living off the dirt around Goose Creek and was active in the Oakley Valley Arts Council's plays and musicals. He was more of a diverse guy than anybody would ever real- ira," said Burley resident Robert muteJcy, who long knew the year-old rancher who died piursday at his home in Oakley.

Forest Service over grazing issues around Goose Creek. You think of Goose Creek, you think of Ray. It makes it easier, but not easy. Large selection in all your fa voriu fabrics j Featuring-. Victor Folk err said. Sctle can be reached in Filer at MUmorc Sf, Jerome, domcslic tuitcry, no- contact otder; pretrial conference On.

Andrew Bishop, IH, Fourth Avc. Hannon Donnie K. John D. Hinsdale Circle. Littleton, Colo. Mllhacl Buckingham. Eileen Rulh Conner. Tlilrcl Ave,. Jerome; motion lo revoke probation on driving under the Influence; SI. Robert Alan Croythom. Edward K. Davis, Apt. Guadalupe 1! Dana t. Harry wood. Amanda L. Dial, Nathan R. Franklin Way. Uttfeton, Colo. Diana Leo Unmet, Kevin R. Duyungan, Fillmore St.. Jerome; motion to revoke probation on forgery two charges ; public defender appointed; evidentiary hearing set Monday District Judge a Barry Wood.

Twin halls; transportation of open contain- cr; no safety restraint; speeding; public defender appointed; pretrial conference Nov. Kelly Sue Ellsworth. Ammon Road, Idaho t ails; driving under the influ- ence; pleaded guilty; sentencing Oct, 5; District judge R. Baray Wood. Alejandro Farfan, 29, S Washington St.. Susan Dec Fields.

Jerome; dog violation! Fhllllp Conrad Gleason, Jerome; motion to revoke probation on possession of controlled substance; evi- dcmiary hearing Oct. Barry Wood. Abel Gomalcr, Darco Layhe Gould. Nelson Bruce Gregory, 65, S rilowstone. Brandy I. John G. Jose Guzman Hemandci, William K. Hill, 19, N. Todd V. Antonio Salazar Huerta, 23, W. Joseph 0. Janes, 22, Fourth Ave. Terry Shane Johnson.

Jullann Kublman, Jeremy R. Terri L Leslies, 49, Fourth Avc. W, Jerome; dog hilc; dog violations; pretrial conference Oct. Anthony Ruben Lopez, 20, 1 40 8. Alex Scott Marehello. Albino Moreno Medellin, 58, W. Jerome; domestic battery resisting, obstructing officer; jury trial Oct. Vclcta Ilcne Nania. Thomas H. Marilyn I.. Oliver, Bradley C.

Ortnc, 3S, N. Mario A. I'ax, View Drive. Jorod D. Perkins, Highway 26, Shoshone; driving under the influence iraniportalJon of open container, public defender appointed; motion to dismiss Oct. M IWer, W, - Jerome; drivinjrwlihourprivilcges; no proof of Insurance; jury trial Oct. Ron R. Charles W. Rayburn, David Jay Richey. District Judge R. Bany Wood. Brad D, Schmidt. James D. Raymond J. SUene, 18, Second Ave. Hector J. Silva, Indeterminate, suspended; execution ol judgment suspended days; District Judge R. Rick Allen Koch. Raudel Carcia Campos, 17, E. Max Castrneda, Box , South Lake Tahoe.

Stevenson, 23, S. Chadd E Stewart. Craig Ronald Stubbs. Shone M. Tipps, Lincoln St, No.

Crozet Gazette July by The Crozet Gazette - Issuu

Tovar, Steve Royd Townc. Eighth Ave, No. Clarence B. Turner, S3, state Highway 28j. Buhl; inattentive, care- less driving; pretrial conference Nov. Robert R. Craner, Magistrate Judge Thomas H. Merchants Building. Magdalena Bueno Villanueva, 24, W. Jerome; battery nocon- taet order; pretrial conference Nov.

Usa M. Villarreal, 33, S. Jerome; aggravated battery court trial Oct. Gregory II. Roy B Watkins TaI V Eugene Weatherford. Fir St, No. Kyle Ross Wheatley, Old lhghway Datt Wheeler HI. Jerome; criminal conspiracy administering poison with in cat to kill; dianass ploaricn- - uiuoths unsupervised probation; Magistrate Judge Thomas 1 1. James A. Crumrinc, Rolando A. Sixth Ave, rio.

Jerome; driving under tho influence second o fcTuc. Tara R. Call for details. Steven L. Dewey B. Williams, 44, N. Jerome; disturbing the peace; pretrial con- ference Oct. Anthony A. Humberto Romo. Patri ck M. Austin, 22, no street address. You can make more money by Priming than you can just matefrg more money. For assistance with your financial planning caD James R. Go West on Hwy 91 for 3 miles to Gould Street. Turn left and go n short distance to Day Street. Turn left. Box Little Rock, AR www. Depreauon it an itlnea and effective treatments are available.

Savo now on our Oplicur! Includes haircut, style ond satisfaction guaranteed. I did a terrible wrong and I recognize that," added Abcyta, con- victed of mur- dering Donna Martin, 38, in by firing two shots into her head as she slept.

South Carolina

He had broken into her home in search of drugs. I am already forgiven for my sins against God through the blood of Christ Jesus," he said, motioning with a shackled, tattooed forearm toward his Bible.

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We have numerous examples of how described fire nrrxcoj rbe i forests from the wildfires of summer " Guv Paxe. Pence said. The Longfellow class is one of several hundred dasnxxns rvtki- j Project. Highway 95 five miles north of town. Fnday when a Volvo traveling south attempted to pass traffic. Tlje driver of the Volvo was a yeareld Moscow readeut whose. Students take a version of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills in third through eighth grades, and the Test of Achievement and Proficien- cy in ninth through 11th grades. Marffyn Howard How much do you really know about the Book of Mormon?

Wc'vc also given over tours to Middle America since By studying the physical evi- dence of the Book, your knowl- edge, understanding, and desire to learn more will increase. Let the Book of Mormon change your life again! For a free newspaper — ora tree info packet about our deluxe tours— call 24 hours , cxL Luo Weston. SmSt ' 0. Tiu Tixn- Nras. Great Opportunity! Great Choice! Phrs, when there is more than one machine in a category, yoo choose the machine you want! Zaldana, CMeonlvL N n,rnn - U '! Larry Lee Ungdon. VlflCO r J? Ralph R. Click Here!

To find out more, call today! The Tlmcg-New, Online Danny Marona i September 22 -October 4 Ho s one of comedy's fumiest and i p. They though, Scnntors lire considoring recking U,. Congress has been trvine r? Kempthorne listened to environmental groups last year and made changes in the hill, McCarthy said. Ulnjo, Count 2. IM7 Ninth Avo. Twin tdls. Wednesday, September 30, 0 p. Burley woman gives time to students in her home home in Under rules for disposing of room house may have to be declared surplus, then put up for public bid. The Boss Is Gone Again! You know what that means.. Hwy Moon said.

I pay it. Moon not only shares her home, time and skills with her students, she also furnishes sup- plies with no mention of reim- bursement. What you give, you see, it comes back to you. Moon said she lived in govern- ment housing with no air condi- tioning.

Her small family was short of food and other supplies. Then, the plumbing backed up. For the last 10 years, she has spent about five hours a day translating German Parish records from microfilm into English for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Why all the long hours? Why no charges, not even for sup- plies? Deep in thought Moon in school and asked me why. Busing arrangements were made for the children to get to school and she found a job at a local cafe.

Then I asked how I could repay them and ni never forget their answer. They told me if I saw someone else in need help them. Bill Williams Dr. Printing DrR. Rupert Renaissance continues to accept contributions. Only US,O 0 O! Eastern time this morning. Merchants beat a team from Memphis, renm, to start a hot streak Friday. On Saturday, the team defeated ,ft,squad from North Carolina , an Oregon team , lost to a group from Mississippi , beat a Baltimore, Maryland team m five innings and downed the North Carolina team a second time And rotten.

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And strong. He was standing at the gates of a sewage treatment plant, a quarter-mile downhill from where everyone behind him appeared to be turning right. A newcomer to the race, Newton toiled to make the final turn at Canyon.. Players in grades can sign up Monday from 8 ajn. Practices begin the week of Oct. Rocky Mountain shot a combined to edge Western Montana, which shot I need it," Fleming said. Newton said he was hoping to reach the top first from a strategical stand- point. The advice I got was to get to the top first, then walk about 30 seconds to catdi my breath.

When I got to the top, I felt I had plenty left. Once it leveled out, there was no need to walk. Big Mac hit Nos. The field is limited to 32 teams. Cost is per five-person team and indudes reen fees and lunch. There will be a golf lub-throwing contest as well as a putting on test. Proceeds from the ovent will benefit the CSI athletic depart- ment. Bor more information or to register, call , Ext.

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Th e College of Southern Idaho walked through the shadows of the Valley of the Sun Tournament, feared no evil, and took no prisoners. CSI finished the team, round-robin tournament undefeated, with five wins Friday night and four more on Saturday. Phoenix, , , and Arl. The first people through the gate for Friday's match will receive a refrig- erator magnet with the CSI schedule on it. Headquarters will be at the Frontier Courts. The tournament will be followed by a picnic and the annual TFT A. The offense and special teams still need some tweaking.

The Bulidawgs could not capitalize on it, however, and had to punt. But the defense came up again, this time with Jamie Thompson intercepting n Newaih pass. NE www. Duff Lenexa, Kansas Next to Starbucks www. K-7 Hwy. Olathe, Kansas W. Louisville, Kentucky Springhurst Towne Center www. Owings Mills, Maryland Reisterstown Rd. Festival at Riva - F Forest Dr. Aylesbury Rd. Towson, Maryland York Rd. Westnedge Ave. Beltline Ave. Beltline www. Kansas City, Missouri N. Ambassador Drive www. Cottleville, Missouri Next to Schnucks www. Louis Bread Co.

Ballwin, Missouri Manchester Rd. Louis, Missouri Next to Five Guys www. Valley View Pkwy. K and Feise Rd. Kansas City, Missouri 40 Hwy and I www. Geneva Ave. In the Custom Sounds Parking lot. Kansas Expressway Ste. Kansas Expressway, Next to Wal-Mart www. Louis, Missouri At the corner of Watson and Chippewa. Next to Jimmy Johns. Belt Highway St. Omaha, Nebraska th and Center www. Decatur Blvd. Eastern Ave. Rose Pkwy haircutmenstrosehendersonnv. Rampart Blvd. Durango Ste.

Fort Apache Rd. Green Valley Pkwy. Near Starbucks, across from McDonald's haircutmenedgewaternj. Laurel, New Jersey Near Shoprite www. Apex, North Carolina Hwy. Concord, North Carolina I at Exit 54 www. Woodlawn Rd. Huntersville, North Carolina Birkdale Village www.

D Knightdale, North Carolina Knightdale www. Carolina Hwy. College Rd. College Rd www. Pickerington, Ohio State Rt. High St. Same side as McDonalds, next to Smoothie King www. Memorial Dr. Lancaster, Ohio Between Starbucks and Chipotle haircutmenlancasteroh. F Beavercreek, Ohio Fairfield Place www. Sport Clips Haircuts of Gilbert S. Walton Beach E. Pete - 4th Street 4th Street North St. Bloomingdale Ave E. Lumsden Rd. Dundee 27 S. Charles West Main St.

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