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So far, these trainers have registered only horses for the event.

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That means that approved trainers are actively seeking over horses that are ready to retire from racing or that have retired from racing in the last eighteen months but have not started training in second careers. Each trainer will retrain their horses for second careers from the time they acquire them through the first weekend of October when they will compete at the Kentucky Horse Park in one or two of ten disciplines including: eventing, dressage, show jumpers, show hunters, field hunters, competitive trails, barrel racing, working ranch, polo, and freestyle.

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Makeover trainers are not required to own their horses, so you can contract with them to train and compete your Thoroughbred if you would like to retain ownership. Most trainers will conduct veterinary pre-purchase exams to evaluate whether the horses are likely to remain sound for the work they will be asked to perform. Must not have started in training for a second career before December 1, other than a maximum of fifteen allowable rides or training sessions that introduce skills specific to non-racing careers.

For details about the Makeover and its rules go to this link. Designate your horse as "Makeover eligible" for for additional exposure to trainers who are shopping. Connect with Makeover trainers in your area and throughout the country that have not yet obtained their horses to see if your horse might be the right horse for them.

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To list a horse, go to this link. If you have good photos and video of your horse, have them ready. We have reached the close date for this year's Thoroughbred Makeover and are no longer accepting applications. Retired Racehorse Project RRP is a c 3 charitable organization working to increase demand for off-track Thoroughbreds and build the bridges to second careers.

From its first symposium and its presentation and paper at Keeneland titled, Increasing The Market for Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses, RRP has developed programs that inspire the riding side of the horse industry with the truth about the talent and trainability of off-track Thoroughbreds. By providing a voice to , proud owners of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses RRP has changed perceptions both inside and outside racing. For this reason, RRP programs serve not only non-profit aftercare organizations, but also the farms and individuals whose capacity has no limit.

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RRP's Thoroughbred Makeover has become both the catalyst and the training program for the people who will retrain and rehome our future crops of retiring racehorses. The Makeover attracted 2, spectators and over 10, via livestream. Additional investment in marketing will grow those figures in Fans follow and learn from the Makeover training process throughout the year. Leave a comment Name.

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