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No retailer could agree to such a policy. The abuse would be staggering. Heh, seems Walmart USA refunds fulll price. Target too, on a cash card.

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So there are a couple of imperfect alternatives. Walmart generally gives full price refunds, regardless of whether coupons are used. In my experience, the manufacturer's coupon is gone when u do a refund.

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So, make sure u r ok with losing out on that coupon. Or else, just do an exchange. If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase. If you didn't like the product you purchased with the coupon, and therefore returned it, why would you want the coupon back anyway?

If you bought some one sale, and needed to return it, they will not give full price. Same idea with a coupon which states it has no cash value. On a 'smart' device that isn't always so smart.

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So please forgive the autocorrects and typos. If it brothers you, then don't read my posts, but don't waste my time correcting me.

Walmart $0.28 cents for all of this!!! FREEBIES + OVERAGE

If you can get past the typos, then my posts generally have some value. The 2 times I returned something to Walmart, that I had used a coupon it was obvious on the bill I was refunded the full amount.

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This must not happen much otherwise they would keep coupons at customer service to give back to the customer is they return the item. Problem solved. The perfect solution is clearly to return the coupon. Since that's not possible, there are two scenarios - Walmart does not refund me what I paid for the coupon, in which case they benefit from the coupon and the manufacturer pays Walmart for a product that they received as a return, or Walmart gives me a full refund in which case I receive money from the manufacturer for a product that I didn't actually keep.

I'm not sure what makes one less bad than the other.

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Coupon decoding has become a big problem in recent years, so manufacturers have responded with more precise coding. Walmart no longer price matches other stores, or accepts competitor coupons. They discontinued this practice in They have a strict one-coupon-per-item policy. But you can still use rebate apps, like iBotta and Checkout 51 to save more. You can even make money, if the combined value of the coupon and the rebate exceeds the purchase price of the item. Another neat thing about rebate apps is that they often have offers for produce and milk.

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  • Wish Walmart still price matched competitors? Then, get the Savings Catcher app. Pretty cool. For the smallest crowds, avoid shopping at the beginning of the month. Also, avoid Sunday afternoons. If you want to be successful as an extreme couponer, remember to be nice to the employees you interact with. They may remember that the next time you come in to coupon.