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If this occurs, you will be left in the lurch if your new boiler decides to malfunction or stop working completely.

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Instead, you should be prepared to spend a little more and obtain peace of mind in knowing that your unit has been provided with a full warranty and has been installed correctly. Thankfully the engineers on our network are all fully screened prior to acceptance. When it comes to combi boilers, there are some questions surrounding the differences between installing a brand-new boiler system and replacing an existing one.

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Installing a new boiler system is far more extensive as it usually requires the addition of water lines, radiators, and other fixtures, but a combi boiler is the best option in this case. Combining all the hot water used for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and comfort into one system will save money over time. Conversely, when replacing an existing boiler with a combi boiler, two things will ultimately determine the difficulty and overall cost.

In many cases, the radiators and water lines can be used for decades, which means only the boiler itself must be replaced. This reduces labour and thereby cost substantially. On the other hand, if you are replacing a standalone boiler system with a combi boiler, the labour required is typically far more involved. In this case, many components of your water heating system may need to be changed, and the system will need to be connected to supply hot water for all the household purposes. Of course, the best way to find out what it will take to replace or install a combi boiler system is to contact several companies for more information.

We're removing the tank for stair access to the loft so please quote for the conversion. Can you please give me a quote on suitable options of combi boilers and the costs to install them? Can you please provide us with a professional opinion in this regard, as we have a fairly large home with 3 bathrooms. I own numerous rental houses.

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All are being renovated and most need new boilers. More: We would like to install a combi boiler in our home. We are interested in doing whatever we can to save space. Please let me know a good quote for this job. June: We typically see a steady stream of quote requests coming in June as people carry out necessary maintenance work to their properties. This month is no exception as we are seeing numerous requests for free boiler servicing, repair and installation quotes. If you're looking to have a new combi boiler installed or replaced then it's worth looking at deals on the top rated combi boilers in Below are a few of the more more popular makes and models.

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Quite simply, combi boilers are units that provide both heat and hot water, meaning there is no need to have a separate hot water tank. Combi boilers come in both gas and electric models. There are also several different sizes available as well. Replacing your current boiler with a combi boiler system can be an energy efficient alternative for small apartments or lofts.

It is not a good alternative for larger homes, or homes that have multiple bathrooms.

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There is heat loss between a standard boiler and hot water cylinder, which can lead to an overall loss of efficiency. Yes, as you could actually save enough money on your Scotland energy bill over time to offset the cost of one.

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Combi boilers also last longer and require fewer repairs. In most cases, the various brands are on a relative par with each other when it comes to quality. However, there may be different size options available between the various brands. One of the main considerations when it comes to purchasing boilers is their average lifespan. In this regard, combi boilers are much like other systems.

They should be replaced every 15 years or when the cost of maintenance and repair becomes substantial enough to justify a new system. Some systems may last longer, and others may not last as long. Be sure to check with your contractor about available warranties. They most certainly can perform this task for you. Simply fill out our quick and easy contact form and we will get back to you with a few quotes and further information in this regard.

You can view the full criteria here. If you don't claim any benefits, you could consider paying monthly for your new boiler. Visit heatable. Our interactive online application process lets you check if you qualify for a free, new boiler grant in less than 2 minutes. If you do, we can put you in contact with UK Government approved company who can assist you with your application. If you do not receive benefits but your current boiler is broken and you want to get the best deal, head over to Heatable. You'll be able to get a fixed online price for a new boiler instantly.

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Finance is available and they're able to fit boilers within as little as 24 hours. Before you commit to buying, check out their guide to find the best combi boiler. It's super useful. Because we are part of the EU, the UK has been set very large targets to reduce the carbon footprint of its housing stock. Built in to everybody's bills is a small percentage of money which is paid towards ECO, the Green Tax. This money is controlled by the Big Six energy suppliers and they are now obliged by the UK Government to fund the installation of free boilers and home insulation in to low-income households and those who are most vulnerable.

If you do not currently receive benefits, and your boiler needs to be replaced, you could consider getting a boiler on finance. If you receive the correct combination of benefits, you could have your old gas, oil or LPG boiler replaced for free via the ECO boiler grant scheme. The boiler scrappage scheme was a program which used to run and gave customers cashback for replacing their old, in-efficient boilers. Unfortunately, that scheme is now no longer available and applications are closed.

If you claim benefits, apply for the ECO scheme. If you don't get any benefits, considering paying monthly for your new boiler. This depends on the type of installation you need. It's hard to say exactly, but, if you're after a reliable boiler with a long warranty, you can't go too wrong with a Viessmann. They're German engineered and are growing in popularity. If you're obtaining a new boiler via the ECO scheme, you may not get a choice on the boiler model or brand.

Read Heatable's guide on the best combi boilers. Within minutes of applying, a local company contacted me to check my benefit details and to book my survey. Within 2 weeks, my boiler was installed. The process was hassle free and my new boiler was installed to a very high standard. My boiler was losing pressure and without boiler grants it would have been a very, very cold winter for me and my family. I can't fault them.

Up until recently, it has only been standard central heating boilers which have qualified through the governments ECO scheme. So now, if you live […]. The ECO scheme has seen some rather rocky times in recent weeks. How, and why? Up until very recently, properties with Oil, […].

We help qualifying home owners to access Government backed home efficiency grants including funding for free replacement boilers , home insulation and even some renewable energy products such as free solar panels. We also assist private paying customers too, by helping them to compare solar pv quotes , get great deals on new boiler finance and new boilers online. Because we work alongside a network of approved UK installers, we can help you to access the grants much more efficiently than others and in usual circumstances, you can expect to have a replacement boiler installed from start to finish in less than four weeks.

Each installer on our network has the necessary certifications required in order to carry out the work, we regularly monitor your feedback to ensure that the highest levels of service are being achieved. Funding for the free boiler scheme will vary between properties, a free EPC energy performance certificate will need to be corried out in order to determine this. We do not charge you for the application, there is no obligation to proceed. Toggle navigation.