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Our family pictures are priceless, a visual record of memories and loved ones. They deserve and require special care to guarantee they will still be around to pass on to the next generation. Many who enjoy family genealogy also have amazing collections of vintage family photos that need extra care in order to preserve them.

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Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. News Politics Entertainment Communities. HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes. Part of HuffPost Wellness. All rights reserved. Skip to Article. Profile-Icon Created with Sketch. Fill 8 Copy 2 Created with Sketch. Suggest a correction. Toni Hammer, Contributor Writer, humorist, transparent mom. Carol Anne is also part of a drug and alcohol intervention team. She has also worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families related to multiple issues including but not limited to: anger management, stress management, time management, co-dependency, relationships, communication and assertiveness training.

Children with these characteristics seem to be at a greater risk of developing concurrent. At first blush, the developmental path to concurrent disorders might seem unavoidable, but with increasing knowledge of risk factors comes the capacity to address the issue from a preventive approach. Often overlooked, children who are socially withdrawn and anxious can be seen as less problematic by parents and teachers than their peers with overt behavioural problems. Because of such tendencies, the essential first step towards intervention is to inform parents, childcare professionals and teachers about how to detect concerning behaviours in children.

While drug-based education aimed at preventing or delaying substance use is often implemented in schools, earlier interventions that enhance social skills are lacking. Emerging evidence suggests that such interventions can. Interventions to enhance parenting skills can be beneficial in reducing behavioural and substance use problems. School-based programs where teachers are trained to implement curricula aimed at improving cognitive, emotional and social competencies in young students are showing promising results, but need to be further examined to ensure their effectiveness.

Each child is unique and the best intervention strategy will be one tailored to meet his or her specific needs. Childhood and Adolescent Pathways to Substance Use Disorders outlines personality and environmental crease. Collaboration for Addiction and Mental Health Care: Best Advice offers principles and examples from practice to enhance much-needed collabora-.

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Concurrent disorders are both preventable and treatable, with earlier detection and intervention producing better long-term results. More information is available at www. Republished with permission. For him, every crash and bang was a bomb or mortar in Bosnia — a war from which he would never escape.

It seeped into their day to day, ruining relationships, families, job prospects and lives. PTSD is a collection of symptoms that can stem from a traumatic event or series of events. These symptoms are far-ranging and diverse, including hyper vigilance, night terrors, flashbacks, violence, depression and many, many others. Although only half seek help, those who do often find the help they get is less than adequate, and many who try to get help either do not get the help they need or are misdiagnosed. Aspects of PTSD can look like bipolarism, depression, psychosis or anger management issues. For all too many, the feeling of being ignored or let down leads to drastic choices.

I walk on eggshells constantly. Resiliency is the ability to recover from misfortune; returning to original form after being bent, compressed, or stretched out of shape. In almost all cases this change was unplanned, unwelcome and created all sorts of discomfort far more horrifying than that. It would be one thing if the resulting addiction relat-. Before lasting sobriety, life was defined by my drugs. Alcohol defined my teenage years; were the crack. I grew up in a lovely but dysfunctional home in Calgary, Alberta and grew up at a very early age. Alcohol and Drugs helped me escape myself.

The benefits of such a dramatic personal trans-. I lied, withdrew, became self-destructive and was a very sad wife and mother of four and a master of disguise. This became the most important cross-road of my life, continue and lose everything or change everything and sober up were my choices. Sober felt so far away - im-. Your People Matter Most to You … and to us too. Now they need your help to change. They face depression, shame, isolation, loss of family, friends and income. They carry the stigma of a disease that will take a lifetime to treat.

Successfully providing solutions that recover lives and reunite families and employees one step at a time since Fresh Start has been recognized as the 1 treatment centre in Canada in , and by the Donner Canadian Foundation and the 1 Social Serving Agency in With all this momentum even the Government of Canada is embracing change to reduce the stigma of addiction by holding a national symposium to redefine addiction and recovery in Canada.

In the spirit of the movement, if my story can help anyone then it is my responsibility to share it. I learned. I was in denial that it truly was the inside of me causing me to reach out and grasp anything that would quell my needs and desires—which were never fulfilled. The effect of my intoxicant of choice would take over and lead me to oblivion and peace I turned my life and my will over to the care and control of the substance, the magic potion. It gave me such great visions and dreams of life, whole and happy! It became the most glorious wonder of my own creation. The magnificent sensation would only last a moment, but it was enough to stop the madness in my soul.

Then the monster would appear and demand more, now, pay any price, do anything, commit any offence. Life would overwhelm me and situations would pile up, slowly bringing my frustration, fear and anxiety to an uncontrollable boil.

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The unreal pressure seemed to grow stronger, always erupting into a slow obsessive Finding authentic love and compassion, having some. In keeping with its Mission, CMHA is dedicated to supporting workplace psychological health and safety. It provides employers and unions with training, information resources, and consultation services to support employee mental health and overall health and well-being. Mental Health Works: From talking to your employees who may be struggling with mental health issues, to understanding legal rights and responsibilities, employers will find resources to help make their workplace more mentally healthy and psychologically safe through various Mental Health Works products and services.

Mental Health Works provides person centred, evidence based, solutions focused workshops to both employers and employees on awareness, responding skills, and collaborative change. Visit the Mental Health Works website at www. This groundbreaking certification provides training for individuals and consultants who want to create psychologically healthier and safer workplaces.

Through interactive workshops and dynamic speakers, participants receive detailed, tangible and actionable information to improve organization and individual employee psychological health and safety. Visit the Bottom Line Conference website at www. Our team can help your organization make psychological health and safety a priority! Secondary PTSD Reaching into the Darkness A Socially Minded Hockey Team Recovering Lives My Innermost Self After all, are aware of it or not.

I hope that these writings our own? It started while I was have access to important news, events, and relevant ar- writing a daily blog about my struggles, successes, hopes ticles. It was during this low point of The stories and people that I have met in Stigma mag- my life that I discovered how many obstacles are faced azine and on stigmamagazine.

I by those of us who are trying to change our lives, and the hope the same holds true for you our readers. We are striving to be a trusted resource—a source to be About half way into my journey, I discovered this is the a voice for the voiceless and to help people have another path I am destined to take. My hope is that our readers outlet. Jill is a 5-year-old au- Despite her struggles, Jill has a smile bright as the sun tistic child who loves horses with all her heart.

She and warm enough to melt an iceberg. She is both deli- recently started equine-assisted therapy at a local cate and strong. Inside her lives the spirit of a lioness. You see, horses are natural thera- little heart. Not much, that is, but those five things. Off pists. The rhythm of their muscles has a calming effect the farm, Jill still has problems with those triggers; on the that enables a person with autism to focus. While on top of a horse, she is on develop communication skills. Like many autistic children, Jill has sensory difficulties.

From her very first ride, she was in love. She could For her, these manifest as a fear of seedy dandelions, hardly wait for her Friday sessions. At the farm, there are feathers, long grasses, loose hairs and threads. Every time several horses who provide different types of equine-as- she sees one of these things, Jill backs away fearfully and sisted therapy, ranging from miniature horses who stand cries.

If one brushes against her, she has a a meltdown — no higher than three feet to huge Percherons who stand screaming, crying, and flailing. One of the ponies, Crys- to get away from whatever sets her off — even walk into tal, is a delicate white mare with a loving nature as warm traffic. If anything it happens but how does they relate to someone in recovery? Can by letting go of thinking, accepting things are they are an individual really just think their way out of substance and allowing ourselves be in the present moment, even if abuse?

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When I was struggling with addiction several well that moment is uncomfortable or challenging. In my case meaning friends suggested this approach. Their advice I needed to be shown how to do this. It was certainly not left me feeling even more helpless. I wanted to get better something I had been taught in school despite it being but I was out of control.

I needed help. Thankfully my own recovery. These scientifically backed techniques I was aided by a marvellous yoga teacher, Carly Forest, helped reduce my cravings and brought a greater sense whose patience and guidance greatly assisted me during of ease and hope into my life. Unclench your jaw what it often neglects to address is how much power the allowing a slight gap to come between the teeth. Let individual has to rewire their own brain chemistry. How- your face become smooth and soft. With each exhale invite those areas to re- es our ability to self regulate. Techniques to practice lease.

Let your breath Walking meditation: Notice the feet as you walk, Quieting the mind: Sit or lay quietly, letting the body become still. Place As each thought comes gently your hand on your belly. Notice exhale the thought, releas- how much the hand moves ing it. Notice if there is with each inhale and exhale any pause or periods of when you breathe normal- quiet in the mind be- ly. Take a few deep in- tween thoughts.

It hales through your nose is important when pulling the breath low doing this practice into your body, letting to be patient and the belly expand. Your non-judgmental. Do so our minds are at least four of these full accustomed to be- belly breaths. The hand ing very busy! Just can be removed from as the belly as you continue practice not forceful.

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The goal is to create need become becoming qui- et. Compassion and a gentle full diaphragm breaths without adding point brings feeling of tightness or anxiety release to day stronger our brains need should be deep and long but tension to the body. If this exercise at any muscles practice breathing. The belly breath a playful approach are helpful when it comes to practicing present moment awareness.

She specializes in teaching yoga to those Present moment awareness can reduce feelings of recovering from trauma, mental health issues and ad- anxiety, stress, and panic. Bringing your attention to diction. Learn more at www.

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We hear these two words a lot at meetings, but do we actually know the differences between these two con- walk the walk, and talk the talk. Though time So What Are the Differences? Some people enter treatment, complete it, Recovery is working through the issues that caused you and believe they are done; and that is not what it is. So to drink and use drugs. Sobriety really just means that you are sober. You have Recovery really means… Healing.

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Recovery is all about made a decision to not use… You have decided to put learning to love our selves, and others. Sobriety is just about changing peace. While we are in recovery we are continually striv- your drinking and using habits. Sober or clean really just ing to become a better person.

While we are in recovery we have to do some serious inability to cope with and confront life as it is. So now that soul searching and we have to start making amends to we have given up our addiction, we also have to do a lot people that we have hurt along the way… I can only speak of work on ourselves. There is a lot of catching up to do. How This is just the beginning. We could manipulate the situation to try and get something have to start taking part in a fellowship of people who out of it?

We have to own it… and… mean it. You are healing. You are getting better. Recovery is… all about action. Recovery offers you a lifelong, wonderful experience of Recovery is… something we work on daily giving your life your best shot… every day. Recovery is an individual experience of getting better… So keep get- So can you see where we are going with all of this? I think that almost everybody goes to touch lives, possibly change lives, and maybe even save through this phase. Depression for most lives.

How has this changed your life? So, pre Stephane Richer, I water is really warm and nice and then 10 minutes later was doing a job and largely living my life in neutral. What am I doing for my day-to-day job? What believe the stigma. Absolutely impact do you think those tragedies are having in helping percent! But now I get to impact peoples lives. So how to raise the awareness of mental health? I would say that when someone like Robin all kinds of different things. Tell us ment by corporate Canada.

While you think you are withdrawing strength sion.

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  • Steve Ludzik. Why does community of people who have never he have an illness of his brain called Par- shared their mental illness, but are willing to be part of an anonymous community. I have a physical illness of my brain, but as soon as you throw the some sharing but still feel like they are word mental in there, the stigma kicks weak, still feel like they are somehow in.

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    • Mental health campaigner who created Project Semicolon dies at 31;
    • No idea where to turn to, and no one to talk to. Largely depression, but anxiety as well. What can you do to of down. When you do that life threatening. I would say that out of the , there are and you change something, you really get a bit of hope, 15 people that put up their hands. Every single for me, it was easy.

      My Talk, an initiative focused on raising awareness and encour- goal is to change the life of one person in Canada. One aging dialogue about mental health. My 11 or 12 years old… I think? Hey, I am getting older and so is Monopoly empire was growing bigger and bigger and then — tah my memory.