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This company has made moving my items after 34 years of marriage a smooth transition. From the gal who answered the phone took my order, to the gentleman dropping off the truck and the young lady who helped me to return the boxes that I didn't use. Things couldn't have been made any easier and less stressful.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professionalism this company has shown. I am sure that the truck coming to my final destination will go just as smooth.

20 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes Near You

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. We stock dozens of different sizes of moving boxes and they are all strong, rated at least the industry standard 32 Edge Crush Test with a lb Test Strength and packaged inside a protective reusable box. Whether you need small moving boxes for your books or canned goods, or large and extra large moving boxes for your light and bulky items like pillows, toys, and bedding, or if you just need a bunch of medium moving box bundles for the bulk of your moving uBoxes has it.

Additionally, we have several specialty boxes like Wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, Kitchen boxes for your Dishes, and Mirror and Picture Boxes for your Wall items. I am a researcher by nature, so when the need arose for moving supplies a few years ago, I spent several hours on the Internet comparing prices, shipping costs and quality.

I decided upon UBoxes and was not disappointed. They have great prices for good quality moving boxes and their shipping costs are unbeatable. You may find other companies have lower prices but when you figure in the shipping costs, they exceed the cost of UBoxes prices.

20 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes Near You

Also, great service and fast delivery. They are the company I continue to return to when I need these types of moving supplies, and I have recommended them to family and friends. Getting ready to place another order with them now! We also offer a complete line of moving kits for home, office and apartment moves. Each kit includes an assortment of moving boxes and moving supplies like bubble Rolls, packing tape, packing paper and more. While they do have a pretty good selection of the various boxes and supplies for moving on their website, it might take some searching around to find what you want because it is not as easy to navigate and organized into sections like Box Engine.

The quality of the boxes is good and they even have a lot of boxes that can be bought as heavy duty to with stand your most challenging moves. A direct competitor to Home Depot but with a smaller physical location foot print of over stores. I find that most Home Depots have a Lowes directly across the street now a days, which is a good thing for consumers to have competition like that available. That is probably not a big deal because your total order of moving boxes from Lowes will most likely be more than that amount but is something to factor into your decision.

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You can find all the standard box sizes, wardrobe boxes, TV boxes and various moving supplies directly on their website and navigation is fairly straight forward. Their moving box kits are fairly limited with only 1 option at the time of this being written but you can always add additional items that you would need to your order. But this is far from convenient or providing a good online customer experience for you like what you will get from Box Engine. Similar to Home Depot, the moving box quality is good and they even have a lot of boxes that can be purchased as heavy duty to for your most rugged moving requirements.

The good thing about UHaul is they are great company for convenience and you might want to give them some thought, especially if there is one of their locations close by.

Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies

Similar to Box Engine, they are experts in moving and know what you will need and make it available on their website. Overall, UHaul boxes is a good option for you when it is convenient to get to a store to pickup your online purchase. The other option with UHaul is to consider renting their plastic boxes for moving. Walmart is 7 on our list and if you are a dedicated shopper of theirs, you can rest assured that the selection and the quality of their moving boxes is good. In fact, they even resell boxes from Box Engine directly on their website!

The good thing about Walmart is they are a Big Box store and have many locations for you to pick the boxes you order online in their physical locations.

10 Best Moving Boxes 2016

Because they are in the moving business, they also sell moving boxes and supplies on their website for their customers convenience. They have all the standard sized boxes as well as the various other types of boxes you would expect in a company that made this list. If you decided to purchase anything on their website, you can expect same-day shipping for orders placed by 4 p. EST Monday-Friday. Using UPack for you moving supply and box company could make sense if you are also using them for your moving company, you could even try negotiating a further discount!

They are a family-owned business, that is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America. They have just about everything related to those categories on their website, in multiple sizes and colors! What I do like about their selection of moving boxes is that they have certain types of boxes that can not be found on other sites.

20 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes Near You

Office Depot is our 10 pick and has a good amount of moving boxes and supplies for you to choose from online. The company operates over stores but their website is where you want to go to shop for cardboard moving boxes online. Their own Office Depot brand of moving boxes is very similar to what you should expect in terms of quality and price. I think Office Depot is a good option for you if you want to also shop for office supplies at the same time but ordering from Amazon would probably be a better option if you are a Prime member.

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