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Yeast is one of the most prevalent microorganisms. We find it in bread, in beer, in pharmaceuticals like insulin. This experiment may also open up more doors for understanding microorganisms—not just yeast—in lunar gravity. What might some of those applications be? They might include developing yeast-driven foods to support colonization on Mars—bread, for example. As for clinical applications, synthetic insulin is made in both bacteria and yeast and can be used to help control your glucose levels from getting too high.

Now, the important question: What kind of beer is it gonna be? This is just an experiment—it will not be coming back to Earth, nor will it ever be consumed. Oh, and he can do it in only two weeks. But why beer whiskey? Secondly, the year-old engineer enjoys the challenge. Distilling beer into liquor is not exactly new. Germans have been turning brew into schnapps and brandy for decades, and here in the States, beer whiskeys and gins have inevitably bubbled up during the torrent of new craft brewers.

What sets Kyrejko apart, of course, is the science. Unlike other distillers, who are beholden to the ancient techniques of boiling their mixture in huge vats and aging their whiskeys in barrels, Kyrejko has perfected a method of vacuum distillation. That prevents the product from degrading, so all the hops and yeast character is retained. Then, he puts the batch through a secret aging process, which Kyrejko, like any great math-magician, is loath to divulge.

And, unlike many. His custom still, made entirely from glass, is 20 feet tall, but occupies only 4-by-6 feet in the corner of the building he shares with a Brooklyn brewery. The science Two things make ice cloudy: trapped air and cracks in the ice. Regular ice cubes freeze from the outside in. As water molecules form crystals, they push air into the center of the cube. When the center freezes, the air is trapped as air bubbles. At the same time, the center expands, causing the cube to crack.

Thus: cloudy ice. Directional freezing solves both issues. That keeps overhead low in New York, where square footage is at a premium. But ever the tinkerer, Kyrejko built his first productionclass machine in early November, one that will increase his output. Share your favorite whiskey with him at rehagentony gmail.

Place it upside down over the thermos and remove your thumb. As it freezes, air and the pressure from the expanding ice will be pushed down into the thermos, leaving you with a clear sphere of ice. Advanced coursework Try freezing fruit or edible flowers in the center of your spheres of ice. Rupp is a classics lecturer at the University of Colorado Boulder and a brewer at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, where his job title is beer archaeologist—he makes new beers based on ancient recipes.

But where I get a lot of my ideas is archaeological reports. The ingredients included figs, acorn flour, and elderberries—not exactly familiar tastes for a modern 6 Archaeology drinker. Avery calls them the Ales of Antiquity, continued on p. The sugar measurement on most of his apples is 14 to 16; this one hits With Pachamama, Rupp ran into both problems.

The beer is a type of chicha, a South American drink most commonly brewed with corn, and still made in Peru using traditional methods, which include chewing the corn. Human saliva contains an enzyme called alpha-amylase, which initiates the fermentation process by breaking down starches; mastication really is a critical step. Using so many unfamiliar ingredients means Rupp is constantly uncertain what, exactly, to expect of the final product. For the second attempt, Rupp found mass-produced.

Using so many unfamiliar ingredients and techniques means Rupp is constantly uncertain what, exactly, to expect of the final product. But the challenge and the mystery are part of the appeal. It was wildly fermented meaning the container was left open to absorb natural yeast in the air and made using only ingredients found in ancient Egypt, including emmer wheat and kamut wheat. He lives in Minneapolis. The OC offers endless possibilities for athletes and aesthetes alike.

Learn to paddleboard alongside dolphins, hit the waves in Huntington Beach A. From fish shacks to fine dining, The OC is a mustsee destination for foodies. For travelers seeking a touch of luxury, coastal Orange County offers an outstanding collection of oceanfront resorts.

For relaxation, awardwinning spas offer skilled wellness professionals to help you find your bliss. At world-famous South Coast Plaza and other unique shopping venues, you can likewise find your bliss browsing designer boutiques or consulting a personal shopper to perfect your personal style.

In fact, the newly renovated Irvine Marriott is perfectly appointed for work and play. Preparing for your morning? Step in for light breakfast fare and Starbucks drinks. Coming by after a long day? Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Marriott elite members, the WiFi- connected space is available whenever you need it.

This innovative cocktail experience changes frequently and carries you around the globe through your glass. Inspired by destinations all over the world and crafted by expert journeymen, these libations are an experience unto themselves. Cap off your evening by sleeping in the beautifully appointed top-floor penthouse. This carefully planned community boasts more than 12, acres of preserved habitats.

Its parks, greenbelts, trails, and wildlands offer abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can walk, hike, bike, and more in this designated National Landmark area. From scenic Bommer and Shady canyons to the San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine is an oasis for those who are rejuvenated by the outdoors. Head to Diamond Jamboree, a retail destination with a wide variety of international flavors, for Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and fusion dishes.

More than days of sunshine per year and 10 miles of sandy beaches mean you can surf, walk, beachcomb, kayak, bicycle, or relax on the sand year-round. Surf culture is huge here. Enjoy the bohemian vibe downtown, where you can find the latest beachwear and surfing accoutrements at local shops and big-name stores like Vans Off the Wall, Quicksilver, and Hurley. Then grab a board and hit the waves, or sink your toes in the sand and watch the action. Premier location, world-class entertainment, dining, and great rates on hotels make this small city stand out from the crowd. The whole family will have a blast—dozens of rides mean there is something for everyone.

Adventure lovers will find thrills on multiple roller coasters, including GhostRider, the tallest and fastest wooden coaster on the West Coast. Explore seven miles of hidden coves with more than thirty beaches. Soar into The OC Serving more than 10 million passengers annually, award-winning John Wayne Airport offers service to more than 20 non-stop destinations in the U.

Conveniently located in the heart of Orange County, John Wayne Airport is just minutes from beaches, attractions, and world-class shopping. Fly into this local gem and find yourself close to the action. Riley Terminal.

Southern California Style Celebrate 50 years of luxury at South Coast Plaza, a renowned international destination for shopping and dining. Since , people have flocked to South Coast Plaza, located in Costa Mesa, to experience more than specialty boutiques, critically acclaimed restaurants, and exclusive events.

Top brands and legendary fashion houses make up the collection of diverse retailers established here. Enjoy valet parking and personal shoppers. You can also make reservations at any of the restaurants or experience at show at the adjacent Segerstrom Center for the Arts. In , South Coast Plaza marks its 50th anniversary through exclusive collaborations with global luxury brands, arts partnerships, special events, exhibitions, fashion shows, and more.

Centrally located in the heart of The OC and minutes from John Wayne Airport, find yourself in the midst of the best shopping, musicals, and theater in Southern California. With stores and the world's top designers, South Coast Plaza features runway-ready fashion and outstanding restaurants, just across the street from Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Looking to shop local? Stop by The OC Mix, where local designers have pop-up boutiques and curated shops. Wrap up your SoCal vacation with cocktails and live music at Mesa.

With its nonstop parties and endless supply of baked goods, December gets a bad rap for trashing diets and exercise plans. But it can also be the perfect time to improve your health. By Michael W. Potlucks and dessert bars can quickly derail efforts to eat healthy, but Sensible Meals makes staying on track easy and enjoyable. Another perk? If you eat reasonable portions during meals, you can still enjoy the occasional seasonal treat. At DreamBrands, we have a team of passionate, experienced nutrition scientists, chemists and formulators who push the boundaries of science to extract the best of the best from natural sources of energy.

Years ago I was losing my strength, endurance and drive. I felt ready to take a risk and go out on my own, build a strong team and do something for myself and my buddies. It became our mission to help improve quality of life. Now, 14 years later, our products incorporate the best science nature has to offer. We refer to our formulas as custom compounds because they contain many natural extracts and key ingredients that work in synergy. Our goal was to eliminate the guesswork of going into a health food store and buying a lot of supplements with just the hope of results.

Prime is the ticket to get a jump start. For more energy, stamina and drive. Throw in a little daily exercise and increase the chance for great results. Mdrive is a daily supplement for men looking to increase strength, stamina and overall vitality. Mdrive Elite — our sport legal premier product for athletes that want to increase performance or just want our most robust formula.

Mdrive Workforce was developed for those busting their butt everyday. Men who start the day early and finish late. Featuring time-released caffeine to give you the energy you need without the crash and three premium clinically tested ingredients that support healthy testosterone, reduce mental stress and maintain healthy cortisol levels. Mdrive formulas are custom compound blends of powerful, unique, highly concentrated bio-active ingredients sourced from herbs, mushrooms, and roots.

Most are then combined with key minerals and vitamins. Key targets include support of healthy testosterone levels and cardio functions. The botanicals in Mdrive work in synergy to strengthen and support the internal core by providing the building blocks that allow the body to perform at its peak. Mdrive Classic—Our original blend of powerful natural botanicals plus Beta Sitosterols for prostate health. Classic is for the weekend warrior. The guy who takes care of himself but is getting beat by his age.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Drink a glass of water? Write a note? Dial a phone number? If so, you may have a condition known as essential tremor.

Our team at the Swedish Radiosurgery Center has successfully treated hundreds of patients over the past five years — using Gamma Knife, a nonsurgical, FDA-approved approach to treat essential tremor. Learn more about essential tremor and find out if Gamma Knife treatment is right for you. As we continue to swing for the fences, we know that any advancement can have a life-changing impact. Visit MLB. Stand up for the 16 million people living with cancer in the U.

Visit StandUpToCancer. Another part of staying healthy is getting regular exams, tests, and screenings—each can help identify abnormalities or health changes and lead to an early diagnosis. Early detection can also increase the treatment options available and improve outcomes. At Swedish Radiosurgery Center, physicians encourage patients to understand their diagnosis, seek second opinions, and review the treatment options available to them. Sandra Vermeulen, a radiation oncologist at the center. By thoroughly understanding the diagnosis and receiving regular health screenings, you can increase your chances for a longer, healthier life.

Even with a healthy diet, food may not provide everything you need to stay energized throughout the busy holiday season. Kehoe uses the ancient Indian herb ashwagandha as an example. Health is as much about what you do as what you eat, so staying active throughout the year is crucial.

Keeping it fun, though, is what gives your fitness program staying power. According to Palmieri, this form of exercise can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, as well as improve general cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular health. JumpSport Fitness Trampolines come in a variety of models, including one that folds in half and is perfect for storing when not in use.

Looking to stay active while on the job? JumpSport also manufactures the Wurf Board. Designed to accompany standing desks, the ergo-. By Susan B. The tasting room is the ideal place to discover new artisanal spirits, wines, and craft beers with help from the knowledgeable staff, while the bottle shop allows you to purchase your favorites. Order the freshcaught whole fish of the day, which comes cooked with locally grown arugula, boiled potatoes, and a spritz of lemon. Forty percent of South Walton is preserved land. Grab a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and make your way through the bays, bayous, coves, and mangroves nestled against the backside of the peninsula.

Pro tip: Keep your eyes to the skies and watch for birds migrating through the area. Below, spot fish, dolphins, and the occasional sea turtle. A fun way to preserve your vacation memories is by creating your own piece of art. ShardWorx at the Shard Shop in Santa Rosa Beach gives vacationers the chance to make a colorful glass collage inspired by the Gulf waters. Knowledgeable instructors lead one-hour workshops perfect for both kids and adults. Start the day with beachside yoga, and then post up at one of the inviting outdoor pools. A stunning selection of villas and single-family residences provide the ultimate in carefree living.

Call today to find out how you can experience the amazing Valencia lifestyle before you buy! The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from Sponsor. File No. Promotions, prices, terms and features are subject to change without notice and do not include optional features or premium for upgraded homesites. Get up close with wintering manatees, uncover ancient history, or plan for an extended stay. In town the first or third Saturday of the month? Snag a coveted spot at one of the cocktailmaking classes. Shareable plates—think shishito peppers and braised short ribs—are a fun way to try different flavors.

Germain liqueur, lemon juice, and pear puree. Owned by Rollins College, the award-winning, room boutique hotel benefits The Alfond Scholars program scholarship fund. During the three-day, two-night package, guests meet with a lifestyle director, stay in a fully furnished villa or single-family home, and participate in community activities, ranging from cooking classes to card games.

Off Lease Only has made its name by creating a stress-free car-buying experience. Shop thousands of used cars all in one place, with prices thousands of dollars below retail. With no hidden fees, the price you see is the price you pay. Opening in early , an 8,square-foot expansion will allow for a life-size replica of a pirate ship and one of the largest collections of Florida cartography.

Jacksonville is a city known for its diverse cultural offerings, prized golf courses, and prime surfing. In addition to brunch—which is served all day—the lunch menu features the popular Mayport shrimp crepe with tomatillo, baby spinach, jicama slaw, and creme fraiche. For something sweet, try a craft candy cocktail.

The Peanut Butter Cup is made with chocolate whiskey, almond milk, and peanut butter caramel. About 40 miles south of the city, the Castillo de San Marcos is a St. Augustine gem. The oldest masonry fort in the continental U. Explore the fort on your own or join a ranger-led program.

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COM Our pods can offload via pneumatic air, blowing aloft or via a gravity based system. Call for more information or to request a demonstration. There is only one solution per puzzle. Answers on pages Mike and Kelly went to Maui on their honeymoon. They loved it so much they bought a timeshare and looked forward to going every year. But when they had their son, traveling to see family became more important than Maui. They needed out, and Timeshare Exit Team made it happen.

Portrayal of potential customer experience, and experience portrayed is not typical. Actual customer experience may differ, including that customers may not get out of their timeshares. Check out our digital edition at southwestmag. Today, there are weekday nonstop flights and 59 nonstop destinations.

Getting there just got more comfortable. On a Business Trip? Pick the seat you want and have room for your carryon bags. Visit Southwest. A small PED may be held in hand, attached to a person, or placed in clothing or a seatback pocket. Devices and accessories may not block access to the aisle. Large PEDs such as laptops weighing 2 pounds or more must be stowed under the seat or in an overhead bin for taxi, takeoff, and landing.

It is recommended that laptops be placed in a case when stowed under the seat. On international flights, all PEDs must be turned off during taxi, takeoff, and landing at airports outside the U. Please use headphones for all audio and video. Los dispositivos y accesorios no pueden bloquear el acceso al pasillo. Por favor usa auriculares para cualquier sonido o video.

Let them know first! Entendemos que es posible que desees documentar tu viaje en Southwest Airlines. Although you can form lines at the back lavatory, you cannot form lines at the front lavatory or gather in the front galley. Electronic nerve stimulators and other implanted medical devices are also permitted.

땡땡하우스 - 최저가 벽지쇼핑몰 땡땡하우스입니다!!

Devices capable of transmitting data, unless otherwise noted, are never permitted. Nunca son permitidos los dispositivos con capacidad para transmitir datos, excepto que se especifique lo contrario. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages to anyone. Southwest Airlines offers assistance to Customers with disabilities upon request. Cellphones and pagers may be used at the gate and after landing. Customers are limited to one 1 bag per person, plus one 1 additional personal item.

Visit the Customer Service page on Southwest. All pets must stay inside their carriers and under the seat for the duration of the flight. Todas las mascotas deben permanecer dentro de sus jaulas y debajo del asiento durante todo el vuelo. Customers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages not purchased onboard. Alcoholic beverages will not be served to. Electronic Cigarettes and Smoking Devices not allowed for use in the cabin. Unapproved personal devices e.

Our entertainment portal is filled with exciting inflight options— from free live TV to exclusive content—for you to enjoy. Our portal has a new look. Open your internet browser. Our entertainment portal should load automatically. If not, click the address bar and type in Southwestwifi. We cannot guarantee that connecting flights will be WiFi-enabled.

Entertainment Portal. A combination of Baileys Irish Cream and Community coffee, this tipple is the perfect pick-me-up once temperatures drop. And if you want the ideal proportions for after you land, Baileys recommends 2 ounces of the liqueur and 6 ounces of hot java. According to the U. Surgeon General, women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant should not drink alcoholic beverages because of the risk of birth defects.

Images of the alcoholic beverage product do not reflect how it is actually served. Customer will not receive a beverage with a cap. In accordance with FAA regulations, Customers are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages onboard that are not served by Southwest Airlines. Valid Rapid Rewards and Business Select drink coupons will be accepted onboard for beer, wine, and liquor.

Expires Dec 31, Need a hand? Southwest can help you when Call off the search: We have the perfect idea. Every seat has a story, and we want to hear yours. Start sharing using stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Paint the town red, then turn in at your favorite hotel and earn up to 10, Rapid Rewards points per night.

Accounts subject to credit approval. Restrictions and limitations apply. Offer subject to change. See Southwest. All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply and can be found at Southwest. Earn from 1, to 10, points per night for every hotel stay booked through Rocketmiles. Visit rocketmiles. Speed up the earning with your next car rental. Earn points per qualifying rental. Used carpet is sent to a recycling company to be reprocessed in new carpet, yarn, or trim. Opportunities continue to arise to extend the lives of other items like heat-resistant gloves, blankets, old uniforms, and the plastic six-pack rings used to package aluminum cans.

Our commitment to living responsibly and reducing our environmental impact is strengthened by our repurposing and recycling efforts. Aircraft not sold are sent to Arizona where 85 percent of the aircraft is recycled. Engines, avionics, and fuselages are also donated to nonprofit organizations to assist with educational, historical, or health-related opportunities.

Merry Christmas, Traveler!

We understand how traveling during the holiday season can be a little busy and stressful. We have just the answer. Download our free K-LOVE radio app to listen to positive, encouraging music that will brighten your day and your holiday travels. We wish you a joyous and relaxing holiday season.

Have you witnessed an over-the-top act of Southwest Airlines Employee kindness? Let us know at Southwest. During our return trip from a vacation in Florida, our connecting flight out of Phoenix was delayed. I have three small kids, and it was way past their bedtime. They were starting to get a little grumpy. Luckily, we were in the Southwest terminal surrounded by fantastic employees like ramp agents Yvette Brown and Oliver Morrison. It just so happened that we were traveling during some kind of employee or customer appreciation event.

There were balloons everywhere, which the. I travel quite a bit for work and recently took an Uber to the Dallas Love Field airport. I arrived at p. But when I walked into the airport, I realized I had left my cell phone in the Uber car. I went back to Special and told her my situation, and she was a superstar! She logged out of her own Uber. Big speakers were also set up, and employees were playing music and dancing. I was a bit on edge when I found out our flight would be delayed, but I should have known not to worry.

We were in good hands with the Southwest team. She then proceeded to call the Uber driver. I explained my situation to the driver, and he was able to bring me my phone. I was almost in tears due to the stress of the situation. You have saved me and made my trip so great! This is why I continue to make Southwest my airline of choice. Thank you for hiring such stellar employees. We were flying from Pittsburgh to Denver to get married in Estes Park, Colorado, and when we checked in, we were in boarding positions C1 and C2.

Upon scanning our passes at the gate, we asked if there was any way to sit together. Thankfully, we found two seats together three rows from the back. About Did you find seats together? Everyone, these two are flying to Colorado to get married this weekend! We will be handing out pens and napkins to everyone. Please write some marriage advice for the couple. Halfway through the flight, they asked for Ian to report to the front of the plane. As instructed, we rehearsed our ceremony.

We cannot thank Anita, Cheryl, and Joel enough. Ian and I will forever cherish those napkins and the memories your crew gave us. My husband and I dated for three years long distance between Memphis and Dallas. Because Southwest Airlines keeps their flight prices low, we were able to see each other often and chase our dreams together. He is a double amputee and has played wheelchair basketball his entire life. Last year, he went to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and won gold.

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I have now moved to Dallas, and my family has been using Southwest to come visit us. Our dreams and this entire relationship have been made easier and smoother because we had a way to see each other. We were married in October and flew Southwest for our honeymoon, too. Thank you for always having the best customer service. A top 10 International Business program and a top 25 Entrepreneurship program help prepare our students to lead the way in a global economy. Dear Reader, In honor of this issue, my wife and I poured ourselves a drink and sat down to a rare cocktail hour.

Being an unabashed geek, I went straight to that source of deep wisdom, the Oxford English Dictionary. There, I learned the word comes from the Latin. Clever writers put the word to use for distilled substances; distillation, after all, gets down to the essence of things. That little ceremony, the anticipation, is the first breath of something.

Which makes me wonder further: While alcohol is the water of life, can you inhale that spirit without the alcohol? In other words, can you distill that moment and use it whenever you want? Give it a try. In his second year of shooting our annual Spirit Guide, Stephen learned something new. Her top spot in Spokane, Washington?

Rockwood Bakery.

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  4. Sherman, MD Fifth Ave. Craig R. Cassidy, DO W. Hong, MD S. Brinton, MD N. New Ballas Road St. Louis, MO BrintonVision. Jason E. Farrell C. Tyson, MD Other locations: Ft. Mike Nayak, MD S. Lindbergh Boulevard St. It changed my relationship with Felix, our wheaten terrier, and maybe my life. It gave me a newfound gratitude for Felix, and I realized he is a connective glue that helps me be a part of the family.

    As our nation, unfortunately, fights over immigrants, I am grateful to Liana for helping me gain a more expansive perspective. Mike Hemmer ST. I am in graduate school to become a licensed professional counselor and will reference this article to advocate for therapy dog programs in my profession. All power to you, Andra. After buying him, we began to feel guilty when my wife learned more about the plight of so many shelter dogs, and we eventually welcomed a pureblood redbone coonhound named Ryder.

    Next, we inherited a pit bull mix from our son.

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    Many other rescues rotate in and out of our home. For my part, I have found that the dog does more for me than I do for him. He changes my outlook on life, softens the edges, and shows me every day what true friendship is: sincerity, love, and loyalty. Please thank Liana for the great article and sharing her insights. Twenty minutes before my flight touched down, I decided to sketch a little.

    Kenneth Cole’s Slim-Fit Urban Men’s Dress Pants (KD50146)

    Of course, I choose the hairiest dude in the Southwest magazine as my subject. During the descent and landing, I was moving that pen like a madman. Great airline, great choice of dogs. What a lovely surprise [in] the October issue of Southwest magazine. Highly recommend reading the story about Rowdy Girl Sanctuary —absolutely beautiful!

    It reminded me of the struggles and adaptations my own parents had to accept in their immigrant lives, and was, in many ways, inspiring. I, too, have journeyed through the Flint Hills from my alma mater, Kansas State University, and witnessed the annual burning of the prairie. Thank you for the little piece of home. Needless to say, I kept it. I was struck.

    With a career that took up a lot of. There had to be a better way. Sandra, my matchmaker, was genuinely interested in learning about me. She really wanted to understand what I was looking for in a woman, what I found attractive, what I found interesting, what intrigued me. We talked about my work, my outside interests, etc. When someone is leading you through the process, it makes you think.

    Sandra got me to reflect honestly on what I was looking for. Best part of the IJL experience? K: It was super easy because IJL arranged the dates. All I had to do was get ready and meet at the restaurant. And unlike online dating, I felt that my dates were interested in meeting quality people, not one-night stands.

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    Your matchmaker calls you up with a match and then gives you the details of the date. All you have to do is show up and have fun! How has your life changed since? Having somebody to share life with, who is even more passionate than you are is special. Experience incredible gaming action, great dining and live entertainment nightly. In fact, sometimes that desire to make riskier chow choices is what prompts us to jetset in the first place—the poll found that two-thirds of us would fly to try a restaurant. Whether sitting or standing, receive the healthiest and optimal viewing positions!

    Part exercise bike, part standing desk. The revolutionary design lets you go from sitting to cycling to standing with one space-saving solution. Browse the Inflight Entertainment Portal for the best spots to eat, drink, stay, and play in your final destination. Harsh weather? Bring it on. This past summer, bartenders at Culinary Dropout restaurants in five cities were tasked with concocting a drink that represented their region. Recipes poured in: an apricot tipple in Phoenix, a chamomile-infused whiskey highball in Vegas— you get the idea.

    When the Austin staff put its heads together, one idea stuck out: sweet tea. Austin favorite Deep Eddy Vodka was infused with black tea, and then combined with almondy amaretto. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar add punch, while a syrup of Texas honey and mint brings sweetness. Pour contents into a Collins glass and top with 1 ounce iced black tea; garnish with mint and a grilled lemon wheel. Stir to combine, and then pour syrup over 4 cups chopped mint.

    Add 2 tablespoons honey, and cool. Let steep for one hour; strain twice and use. Printing photos is a snap with this new take on an old favorite.

    Say cheese! The megapixel images are printed using a zeroink process, and the Polaroid Pop connects to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, letting you instantly create copies of snaps taken on your device. Backcountry Balm spinster sisters co. Ingredients like beeswax and mango seed butter help prevent windburn. Each of their 15 models has a core composed of locally harvested aspen and beetle-kill pine, as well as a clear top sheet that allows the wood to shine through. India Pale Lager colorado native lagers Based in Golden, this hoppy blend uses percent Colorado ingredients.

    Campbell, California. Patent info: Patents. Say so long to your standard eight hours. After surveying nearly 3, full-time workers, job site CareerBuilder found that more than half of us have our eyes on a less regimented schedule. That means doing things like giving rent subsidies to employees who live downtown, using locally sourced food in the cafeteria, and hiring people from our community.

    Being on the ground gives us insight. For instance, we found that for many of our interns— Newark-born, first-generation college students—the college-entry experience was rocky. We reported to local schools on the problems we were seeing, like gaps in workplace vocabulary and trouble crafting resumes, and ended up collaborating on a mentoring program. Audible has always been about a deeply intimate sense of private performance. One of the priorities at SDSU is to ensure that students are career-ready on day-one by graduation.

    Our mentors contribute their leadership, expertise and passion for making a difference for the next generation of Aztecs. San Diego State University is a dynamic, highly diverse community where you can make a difference. Become a mentor. Offer an internship. Hire our career-ready students. The goal is to focus on one thing at a time, usually your breathing.

    Then, when you get distracted—which will happen a million times— gently and good-naturedly begin again. Out Dec. When did you start practicing mindfulness? When I got home, I got depressed and made the supremely unwise decision to self-medicate. That primed me to have a. I always thought it was nonsense, but what changed my mind was the science—meditation has been proven to lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, help with anxiety and depression, and even rewire parts of your brain.

    What usually prevents people from practicing? The good news is if you meditate for minutes most days, you will be able to get most of the benefits. The better news is one minute a day also counts. I used to struggle with control. I would get caught up in keeping everything on track and hitting commercial breaks, and that got in the way of being spontaneous and authentic.

    Meditation helps me to be right there in the moment. How long have they been a customer? I wished someone was combing these millions of feeds for me so I would know what was going on with clients and prospective clients. So, my co-founder Ryan. McDonough and I created Accompany. The first app we created on our data platform is the Relationship Manager.

    Through that, we provide a customized news feed based on the companies, accounts, and people you care about. The stylish bracelet features a plaited leather strap, 18k yellow gold plated accents and 4 genuine sparkling diamonds, the perfect balance of casual yet luxurious. The multi layered Quattro ring is lavishly plated in 18k yellow gold and the middle band is set with 4 genuine diamonds. Each piece is dispatched in one of our magnificent presentation cases. Your ring size is the circle that matches the diameter of the inside of your ring.

    If your ring falls between sizes, order the next larger size. Featuring a revolutionary, patented design allowing the feature stone to vibrate, creating a consistent shimmering of fire and brilliance. Capture her movements, Capture her heart An elegant fluid gold open pear shape pendant is set with a 5mm shimmering lab-created diamond at its centre, cradled by smaller lab-created diamonds for added subtle sparkle.

    Matching earrings are available, set with 3mm shimmering lab-created diamonds. Treat your thinning hair at home or on-thego in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee! Just 6 Minutes. Use Code SW on checkout at www. Credit good towards use on future purchases. Some restrictions may apply. Offer expires Dec. Fun is par for the course.

    A lot of hearts in the right place can make a world of difference. A big thanks to our special sponsors: Community Coffee and Siemens. United Technologies Aerospace Systems. My mother acquired a tea habit, and by the time I was 8, I knew how to make a proper pot.

    The formula, my mother said, was one for each person and one for the pot, so I always added four, for her, my brother, and me. Then, I allowed the tea to steep until five minutes had passed and I could pour a cup. I would place it at her bedside, and only then would she begin to stir. At 16, my first job was in a tearoom, discerning the palates of guests in hats and floral dresses, helping them choose from our selection of more than 50 teas and tisanes. I moved so quickly that I would barely touch the ground as I made tiny pots for a group of five people, trying to keep all the flavors straight in my head.

    After they were gone, I did the dishes while sipping dregs from a chipped teacup. Australia and Texas which made for a fabulous accent. She was teaching a wildly ambitious two-hour course on the history, preparation, and culture of tea. Each batch changes, releasing moisture and transforming, ready to take on moisture in exchange for flavor again. Early in the presentation, Josephie showed pictures of her Texas tea and its bright green leaves, about 10 times larger than what I shook into my little pot every day.

    I had only experienced it when it was ready to use, completely dry and curled. While Josephie talked, we sipped tiny cups of several teas with particular historical significance. You might find that, when you really smell the tea, it will bring back memories. Several weeks later, I met Josephie for tea at Gaiwan.

    Once settled at our table, she removed two sets of carefully wrapped Chinese teacups and taller, cylindrical scent cups from her purse, and placed them on small wooden trays. Next, she pulled out a gaiwan, a Chinese tea infusion bowl invented during the Ming dynasty. She filled the gaiwan with tea leaves and waited just a moment for the tea to steep before pouring some into my scent cup.

    She demonstrated the proper technique, placing the cup on top of the scent cup tightly, flipping it, and slowly releasing the scent cup. The teacups cooled slightly, and we buried our noses in the empty scent cups. My barley scent became a strong honey aroma. She poured out the excess tea from the gaiwan into a stoneware pitcher from her purse and refilled it with water for a second steeping. As we sipped, we talked about resilience.

    As a divorcee, immigrant, and single mother, Josephie made a living in the male-dominated oil and gas field. When her daughter rose above bullying, she reminded Josephie of her own potential. Later, newly married and blending a family, she decided it was time to grow into that potential. She planted her first tea crop. Even when everything is going well, it takes four to seven years before you see a harvest from a tea plant. Still, they carry on. She removed a small bag of traditional Chinese black tea—she called it Texas Cha Cha—from her purse.

    As she steeped it, she reminded me that this was the tea James Norwood Pratt, a noted tea authority, once called the best U. We had been drinking good tea at Gaiwan, but something about this experience was different. I had never tasted tea in the presence of the person who grew and processed it. It did. The next day, Josephie flew to Texas to check on her tea. Let me know if you would like to come. We begin to sort them into piles by size; Josephie regales us with stories of traveling through airport security with eight plastic bags of damp tea leaves.

    A day of tea-making can last hours. There are so many leaves to sort; I despair that we will ever make the tea at all. But after a while, a meditative calm descends over the room. The members of the tea class are no longer second-guessing their sorting technique. We have entered into the experience fully. The smallest leaves with the most buds will be white tea, Josephie says. Two others will make two different kinds of green tea; there will be an oolong and a black.

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