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That will allow you to get specialty items in mid-season. Castelli tells us there is a five-week turnaround for such orders. There is inevitably a cost for this and we are still in the process of negotiating that. However, the best way to get your new clothing is with the initial order. We will have a fit kit of samples for sizing at the club office. You can come in, check them out, try them on, and purchase whatever items you want at the beginning of the season. We will announce the details, including try-on dates and times as soon as we have that information. Keep an eye on the website and for announcements in your email.

This winter the OBC Junior team has increased its focus and support on track racing at the world class facility in Milton built for the Pan American Games. At times it can be a bit of a tough slog racing against some of the southern Ontario riders who have much more access to the track than we do. Each time we travel to events in Milton, we learn, we improve and we race better.

The track is a delicate balance between skill, power and technique. You need high levels of each if you are going to be successful. Power is simple to train at home - intervals on the trainer over the winter will give you all you need if you commit and are consistent. The other two features are harder to acquire.

So, we travel. Forest City Velodrome in London is a great track for skill and technique development. It is small, tight and bumpy so you have to be good to ride it. The facility makes use of the old London Knights Junior hockey arena in which a m track has been built that has the feeling of a Rocky movie….. If you are training there it is for a purpose.

A friendly reminder when registering for the Tour. The online registration process directs you on becoming an OBC member for Consider volunteering. Make sure you mark June th in your calendar! Call Laura at the office to purchase. You will receive a Coupon Code to enter on the Order Summary page during online registration.

Have a bicycle pre? Let us know. Would you participate in such a category in a future Tour? Maybe, just maybe, in the future we will have a special category for you and your 'First Love'. We think a more flexible arrangement will allow more members to enjoy this unparalleled cycling destination. Your humble tour organizer intends to keep up his personal tradition dating back to of spending a week each summer cycling in Vermont.

Brandon Inn on the town square of Brandon has hosted us for part of our tour every year since we discovered it in This year, you deal directly with the inn; book whatever nights you want. The organizer will be there to co-ordinate the rides with maps and route suggestions, but you pay the inn, not the club.

We will ask that you notify the club office of the dates you are joining us, so we can include you in our plans. There are several restaurants in the area worth a visit. The roads in the Brandon area are in pretty good shape — and are generally quiet; the heavy traffic of the Burlington area is nowhere to be seen here.

The terrain is gently rolling to mountainous; if you want long, steep climbs, they are waiting for you, but you can avoid them if you prefer. And there are no straight roads to be found; if you consider the outlying Ottawa countryside just the slightest bit on the boring side, you will be delighted with the cycling around Brandon. If you plan to drop in for a day or two, we suggest contacting the organizer in advance to see if your ride of choice can be put on the schedule for that day.

For decades, Ottawa cyclists have been making the annual spring trek to the Sandhills of North Carolina the Pinehurst, Aberdeen, Southern Pines region. The area is hilly enough to be interesting without being too hilly for March and April legs. Come to the February Social to hear more about the area that keeps me coming back year after year after year. An estate in Horse Country:. There is another alternative to parking for Socials. Access the Parkade from Laurier Avenue, just east of Elgin.

Refreshments are available at the bar and complimentary potato-chip snacks are being served. Last year i cycled in Girona,Spain for 4 weeks. Girona is a complete biking mecca which doubles as a hub for cycling groups in the off-season. The amenities are endless. The roads sublime and to think on Feb 22 you could be riding outside. The temperature hovers around 15 C. This tour is self guided but Spoke N' Wheels will provide any information you would need to have a great cycling holiday.

Pls email mazjohn yahoo. Pro cyclist for madison genesis Coach at www. Track, Road and Mountainrunner 1. Site: zachbitter. Being alone in the middle of a desert and listening to the silence of the moment was a life-changing experience for Thomas. Even the harshest environment can be of fascinating beauty when you get the chance to perceive it. He inspires others with his web blog and his contributions to runners magazines.

In all his activities he focuses on the pure experience of the environment and makes an effort to leave nothing behind than a small trace in the sand. I ran into some auto immune problems in I have ME or Myalgic Encephalopathy. I can no longer ride recreationally, I have been commuting an E-bike, which unfortunately doesn't go above 20mph ;—. Marathon and ultra runner 10k: min half marathon: h marathon: h 50k: h. I've been a runner for as long as I can remember.

It began on the track with m and now I find myself running trail and mountain ultra marathons. Former half decent runner trying to get back to being half decent again. Still chasing that sub 29min 10,m. On a journey to cycling greatness with Canyon Eisberg. A British continental team racing throughout Europe. Now riding and running for fun and fitness :. Professional triathlete. Ironman Champion. Happy wife to corbinbrands.

Living in Bend, OR. Co-founder www. Founder www. Coming to Girona - check out www. Team: www. Athlete Page: www. If you'd like to contact me about coaching shoot me an email at winston supertuckcs. Professional Triathlete 3rd place Peru The Bull - Ultraman World Champion. High performance coach and triathlete. Professional cyclist with AG2r La Mondial www.

Taking it 1 day at a time in Portlandia : www. Other half to someone far cooler than I am, she's also possibly a better cycler than I am, I like cats, whizzy cars, pretending I'm a horse and eating delicious foods to keep my thighs strong. I'm also rubbish at cleaning. Vuelta a guatemala sub Trail runner, ultra runner, occasional triathlete, keeping it fun.

Follow on www. My name is Yannick Eckmann. I was born in Germany, living in the United States now. My favorite ride is the one where I can explore new roads and have fun with friends. Find out more about my coaching, racing www. Former professional Triathlete and Collegiate triathlon national champ. Marathons and being outside now. Pro Triathlete, Entrepreneur, High Performance Specialist with focus in proprioception and neuromuscular development. Marathon and Ultra marathon runner. Pro MTB racer, living in a van and sharing adventures from the road at www. Coconino Cowboy.

Living in a van, raising money for No Kid Hungry, trying to get to the Olympics. Order Cookie Merch and Phil's Books: www. Get your dream bike from Nove: www. Ride with Phil at Phil's Fondo in Malibu: www. Enthusiastic about cycling of all sorts. Professional mountain bike racer for Rocky Mountain Bicycles. Owner and head coach at Trails and Tarmac. I have been running and racing over just about every distance for the past 15 years, currently living in Ashland OR with my wife Natalie and son Laiken.

Professional cyclocross racer with a passion for off-road racing on and off the bike. You'll find me year round exploring trails, and getting my fit on all over the world! Top 50 ranked in the world, Raced in six World Cups, and three more to come in ! Certified Triathlon Coach. Made in Portugal, training and racing worldwide. I just can't quit. Wife, Coach, Pro athlete sponsored by AdidasRunning Chasing my own Olympic Dreams one stride at a time. Track and Crit lover Pro runner for the Boston Athletic Association and adidas. Run Coach at Training Joyfully. Running joyfully in Providence, RI.

Professional Cyclocross and Mountain Bike Racer www. Mountains, Ultras, Engineering, Unicorns. For updates follow me at: www. Coaching enquiries: deanwhaas gmail. Norwegian Professional Cyclist Lotto Soudal www. Struggling to return from a long term injury, so I'm cycling seriously while I rebuild my running. I don't know if that's the case.

It's that you come to the realization of what it takes to succeed and you're just not willing to do it anymore. Elite Duathlon Long Distance Athlete. Several top 10 positions in Powerman Races.. PB's within running: m: , m: , 10km: , HM: , Marathon: Highly caffeinated. Higher probability for falling.

They call me The Hoff. Awesome support from family, friends, fans, and sponsors. Working on a World title I train all day, everyday. I still ride for fun too. Pro Cross racer for Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld. But he is. That's what's extraordinary about him. He is not content to rely on whatever natural gifts he may have. Knowing he is ordinary, he is constantly trying to improve himself. No one appreciates the agonizing effort he's had to make. Now that his years of training have yielded spectacular results, everybody's talking about his 'God-given talent'.

That's how men who don't try very hard comfort themselves". I am a professional triathlete, and a lover of microbreweries and craft beer. I'm hard on myself and my running shoes, and believe there is no better way to explore a new place, than on a bike and in a brewery. Ride On 4 Red Nose Day. Multi-time Cyclocross National Champion, can clearly remember building jumps in my parent's driveway at a very young age. Somehow, I've been lucky enough to spend nearly my entire life on a bike.

Ultra trail runner, running coach, YouTuber www. Website: www. I ride for Team Topeak-Ergon. I work for Ergon Bike. I love the omnium on the track and I'm an all-rounder on the road - love one day hilly races and criteriums. GWR holder. Mark Bike racer turned promoter of stoke for all things two wheels. For everything else: iamtedking. Obstacle course racer and trail running addict.

If it goes up and ends at a summit I definitely want to run it. Everyone is capable with the right motivation. Currently attend Sacramento State pursuing a Construction Management degree. Proud father. Specialized Racing XC. My Data - 60kg w 20min - 6. See more detail of my riding on my Youtube Channel - www. Ribble Pro Cycling rider Coaching gruffwynlewis gmail.

Professional Cyclist with Cylance Pro Cycling www. Cyclist with a triathlon problem. Commentating for Ironman, podcasting for Zwift, and Coaching at www. Mountain Ultra Trail Running www. I'm a bigwig muckety muck working on intergalactic domination at RideMaple. When I'm not riding bikes I manage kerosene consumption and differential pressure in an altitude chamber. Sponsors incl. Dad of 3 lovely kids. The North Face athlete.

Running coach. Instagram matsunaga. Nike Trail Team. Sun Chaser. Endurance Dreamer. Etixx - Quickstep www. Born and raised in Whistler, BC which I still call home. Living a life of bikes and exploration. Multiple British and Scottish champion. Nobody knows what is waiting behind next corner. Eyes on the prize, all was planned and going well for over two years. After my gap year I have moved to Oxford to start a university. The first year was challenging. That time I would have never ever dreamt to suffer a life changing injury. Unfortunately, as a motorbike rider I was hit by a car and my life started to twist and turn in the most unpredictable ways.

Immediately after the crash my thoughts went to my tennis coaching career and how that is over for a while. First, I thought that the sharp strong pain in my leg has meant double fracture or something similar. Just after I went through all the pain, numerous operations and efforts to salvage my leg, doctors informed me of the only possible way forward.

How horrible and sad, I thought. I could not believe that in this modern world there is nothing else that can be done. The life as I knew it was over. The show must go on. Based on my previous lifestyle, I have decided that this simply cannot be the end of my adventurous life. As soon as I could, I went back to the gym, back to walking, biking and everything I could do to gain fitness back. It was not long before I could enjoy walking and cycling again. I realized that I wanted to push my limits. The first winter I went on the snow, skiing was almost as ever before.

Only one difference was that I have had one ski boot and one carbon composite in the ski binding. How amazing, I thought. Two years after the accident, I was admitted to Slovakian Paralympic Ski Team and was competing in top ski competitions around Europe. Unfortunately, life has had more surprises and I could not continue with this dream.

I got up and stood up for the challenge. My mountain bike was still waiting for me and I have started to ride it in mountains once again. I have rediscovered mountain biking, discovered the beauty of road and track cycling. New dream was forged - to become a World Champion. The ultimate goal is to show the world that everything is possible when a human being is willing to push limits and challenge life long stereotypes. My ambition is to be the first Para cyclist on the podiums of elite cycling races. Life is a journey. A journey in which we encounter different experiences.

I believe that my life is defined by sport. My attitudes, goals, aims and almost all I do is somehow connected to it. Performance window of an elite sportsman is opened only for a short period. Then there is a new journey to begin. World-class experience that bring information and empirical knowledge are priceless. After the end of elite sport career, these should be passed on and utilized in new ventures, in teaching new athletes how to become great and how to become the best. It is said, the only thing a human can truly leave behind is a legacy.

I hope to contribute in bridging the gap between sport and para-sport, to prove that there are no limits once mind is set on the goal. The lifelong athlete made a name for herself as a super domestique on the road and has been amongst the top-ranked American women in cyclocross for the last five seasons. After spending six years with the California Giant Berry Farms cyclocross program, Miller has branched out to start her own 'cross team with teammate and co-owner, Allen Krughoff.

Together they will own, operate and ride for the Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team. Today, Moeschler races the clock for daylight to do more than just ride his bike. Moeschler prefers epic rides with friends to racing but manages to remain a threat on the XC and enduro downhill race courses.

Although Jason is a busy guy, racing mountain bikes remains a passion he continues to indulge. Among other things, he says it keeps him motivated to stay fit and live healthy. Slovenian National Champion. British marathon runner currently living in Singapore 2 x Commonwealth Games marathon www. All-American duathlete. Trailblazing transgender triathlete. Team USA. KoS novemberproject. Living life in the big ring. US Half Marathon champion Ciclista professionista Bahrain Merida. Mountainbiker Love to travel and ride my bike Born and raised in Guam.

I speak English and so-so Japanese. Occasional road cyclist with Pro Racing Sunshine Coast. I began cycling as a bike messenger but started racing through a collegiate cycling scholarship. This year I've made the decision to retire from cycling and begin a new path teaching yoga in the Netherlands. I plan to continue racing in Holland. Jordan Rapp was born on July 28th, Three weeks later, he went for his first open water swim sort of in the waters of Lost Lake in Brewster, NY.

Eighteen years later, he took first strokes of a different kind - in a rowing shell - on Princeton University's Lake Carnegie. Millions of meters and millions of strokes later, he was injured for the first time in his rowing career while training to make the U. National Team. And so, in April of , he clipped a pair of aerobars onto his road bike, bought a pair of race wheels with the first tax return of his post-graduate career, and never looked back except to occasionally take a peek at the competition. Powered by Pizzicletta and Mother Road Beer.

Ultra trail athlete. Munga km nonstop trail winner. Site Web : www. Don't do as I do, but do as I say. Pro Athletes on Strava. Raymond - KrederCoaching.

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Riejanne Markus. Gutierrez "Gallu". John Kenny French Creek Racing. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Oxford, England. Cardiff, Wales. Guenhwyvar -. Geoffroy Dussault - Team Gris. Quebec, Quebec.

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Dubai, Dubai. Huesca, Aragon. Andrew Lemoncello LemonRuns. Happy Valley, Oregon. Pascal Ackermann. Minfeld, Rheinland-Pfalz. Toon Aerts. Tim Aiken. Cyclist, photographer, student in that order. Big Bear Lake, CA. Nikki Johnstone aka Elvis. Faris Al-Sultan. Michael Albasini. Jonathan Albon. Bergen, Hordaland. Megan Alderete. San Francisco, CA. Bryan Alders. Boulder, CO. Alice Algisi. Bethany Allen. Oakland, California. Jessica Allen. Perth, WA. Hillary Allen. Boulder, Colorado. Orlando Alves. Andres Alzate.

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Sondre Amdahl. Bonate Sotto, Lombardy. Winner Anacona. Ciclista profesional Movistar Team. Julien Ancay. Fully, Valais. Elle Anderson. Ostend, Flanders. Grace Anderson. Auckland, Auckland. Ryan Anderson. North Vancouver, British Columbia. Simon Andreassen. Simone Andreetta. Justin Andrews. Chengdu, Sichuan.

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Crystal Anthony. Bentonville, Arkansas. Jesse Anthony. Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you try to win you might lose, but if you don't try to win you will certainly lose. Golden, Colorado. Now and off road endurance guy. Dale Appleby. Jorge Arcas. Katie Archibald. Glasgow, Scotland. Nick Arciniaga. Flagstaff, AZ. Marcel Aregger. John Arias - Global Elite Coaching. Monmouth County, New Jersey. Phounsavath Ariya. Chiang Mai, Vientiane Prefecture. Bruno Armirail. Fabio Aru. Alice Maria Arzuffi. Italian road and cx cyclist for Valcar Cylance and Steylaerts Eric Ashe.

Boston, Massachusetts. Strava Athlete. Girona, Catalonia. Central Saanich, BC. Ballarat, VIC. Englewood, NJ. Ryan Atkins. Caledon, Ontario. George Atkins. Woodhall Spa, England. Sarah Attar. Mammoth Lakes, California. Moritz auf der Heide. Munich, Bavaria. Hendrik Auf'mkolk. Coree Aussem-Woltering. Ottawa, Illinois. Brogan Austin. Des Moines, IA. Cereal connoisseur. Steph Auston. Merimbula, New South Wales. Eric Avila. San Diego, California. Philipp Baar. Allison Baca. Page, Arizona. Professional triathlete, former pro cyclist. Always up for adventures!

Frederik Backaert. Chris Baddick. Eagle, Colorado. Gediminas Bagdonas. Ag2r La Mondiale Pro cycling team. Yoann Bagot. Rahsaan Bahati. Los Angeles, CA. Chris Baird. San Francisco, California. Life is too short to go easy YOLO. Scherpenheuvel Zichem, Flanders.

Alessandro Ballan. Adrian Ballinger. Olympic Valley, CA. Alan Banaszek. Lizzy Banks. Sheffield, England. Enrico Barbin. Pro Rider for Bardiani Csf twitter. Romain Bardet. Clermont Ferrand, Auvergne. Warren Barguil. Lauren Barnett. Kansas City, KS. Mark Barr. Houston, Texas. Nico Barraza.

Cycling safely and enjoyably on the road

Will Barta. Valerie Barthelemy. Lucy Bartholomew. Amanda Basham. Logan, Utah. Stephen Bassett. Knoxville, TN. Emma Bates. Vicenza, Italy, Veneto. Emily Batty. Toronto, Ontario. Lindsey Bauer. NY, USA. Phil Bauhaus. Cologne, NRW. Scott Bauhs. San Luis Obispo, CA.

Nina Baum. Redding, Connecticut. Tom Baylis. Marjolaine Bazin. Cody Beals. Guelph, Ontario. Guillaume Beauxis. Emma Bedard. Canmore, AB. Don't follow me, you'll never make it. Anneke Beerten. Amy Beisel. Kalan Beisel. Colorado Springs, CO. Manuel Belletti. Girona, CT. Tiesj Benoot.

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Valli Del Pasubio, Veneto. Professional rider for Lotto-Soudal. Gordon Benson. Leeds, England. Egan Bernal. Julien bernard. Dijon, Bourgogne. Joshua Berry. Ketchum, Idaho. Q Bertoniiii. Alberto Bettiol. Cedric Beullens. Sint Katelijne Waver, Vlaanderen. Maximilian Beyer. Berlin, Berlin.

Ian Bibby. Preston, Lancashire. Nuno Bico. Viseu, Viseu District. Rod Bien. Bend, OR. Aaron Bienenfeld. Cirencester, England. Bertrand Billard. Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon. Watrange, Diekirch. Los Angeles, California. Andi Birnbacher. Schleching, Bayern. Kevin Bishop. Stanford, California. Harrisonburg, VA. Professional ultra endurance mountain biker and adventure man.

Zach Bitter. Phoenix, Arizona. Chantal Blaak. Mathieu Blanchard. Julia Bleasdale. Pontresina, Grisons. Christopher Blevins. Durango, CO. Kristian Blummenfelt. Adam Blythe. Alderley Edge, England. Kris Boeckmans. Thomas Bohne. Innsbruck, Tyrol. Jetse Bol. Grega Bole.

Henning Bommel. Berlin, MD.

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Manuel Bongiorno. Franck Bonnamour. Lannion, Brittany. Val De Charmey, FR. Brent Bookwalter. Girona, Catalunya. Lars Boom. Michael Boros. Czech cycloross rider, riding for Pauwels Sauzen-Vastgoedservice. Matthew Bostock. Great Britain U23 Senior Academy. Ian Boswell.

Peacham, Vermont. Newport , RI. Geoffrey Bouchard. Thomas Boudat. Bordeaux, Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes. Koen Bouwman. Dylan Bowman. Mill Valley, CA. James Bowness. Lydia Boylan. Addie Bracy. Longmont, Colorado.

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  • Edmund Bradbury - Memil Pro Cycling. London, England. Cat Bradley. Patrick Brady. Madison, WI. Professional Triathlete PBC. Alex Braico. Jani Brajkovic. Novo mesto, Novo mesto. Giorgio Brambilla. Nikki Brammeier. Lucinda Brand. Sam Brand. Pro Cyclist for Team Novo Nordisk. Type 1 Diabetic. Chasing the dream. Wolfgang Brandl. Gregg Brandt. Winona, MN. Nathan Brannen. Avon Lake, OH. Julian Braun. Kirchen, RP. Vegard Breen.

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    • Michael Bresciani. Medole, Lombardia. Nespouls, Limousin. Adrien Briffod. Vevey, Vaud. Graham Briggs. Doncaster, England. Joshua Brimhall. Boulder City, Nevada. Rob Britton. Victoria, BC. Troy Brosnan. South Australia. Jim Brown. Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Graeme Brown. Perth, Western Australia. Nathan Brown. Nashville , TN. Sarah Brown. Solana Beach, CA. Grace Brown. South Melbourne, Victoria. Professional cyclist for Mitchelton-Scott. Jeff Browning.