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If you are planning on going to a store anyways, this is an amazing way to earn some cash in exchange for something you were already planning on doing.

You could even check out the list of available stores and stop in a few on your way home to earn some easy points. If you want to earn additional kicks, then you can start scanning product barcodes. Although scanning barcode for points is not available at every store, it can be a quick way to earn some points. You could even make a game out of it and attempt to scan barcodes like a point claiming James Bond. A final way to earn kicks is by actually buying an item. You will have to use their special coupons and discounts. If you find a good deal on their app, then this is a great added bonus.

Now the best part, cashing out. Shopkick will allow you to redeem your kicks for gift cards to a large selection of retailers. You can rack up points together or make it into a scavenger hunt competition- whoever has the most points wins! Making money while having fun? SavingStar will help you save money on your groceries through its website where you can claim monthly deals at various stores in your area. If you do not claim it before you buy it, you will not get your credit. Fortunately, there is an app so you can just view the deals at the store and claim it right before you buy it.

You will need to have store loyalty cards in order to use this website.

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Unlike most of these other apps, you do not have to scan your receipt, you will need to link your store loyalty cards to SavingStar and your purchases will be tracked that way. One drawback to SavingStar is that it may take a little while for you to receive your money. The money you save will add up in your account until you decide to cash it out. Dosh will give you cash back for shopping at certain stores in your area.

All you have to do is check the list of available stores and offers, once you make a qualifying purchase at that store you will receive the advertised cash back. You do not have to send in any receipts, but you will have to link your debit or credit card to the app to confirm your purchases.

The stores are not just regular retailers, the list also includes restaurants if you are looking to save some money on a night out. You can also use Dosh for cash back on your online purchases. If you want to learn more ways to earn cash back while shopping online, then check out the next section. Dosh will also give you cash back on travel purchases like hotels. Once you accumulate 15 dollars in cash back, you can just cash out via PayPal or direct deposit.

The money will transfer within 2 or 3 business days. Before you go shopping, take a look at the list of offers on the Checkout 51 website. After your shopping trip, just upload the picture of your receipt to the app or to the website and watch the money roll in. An additional feature that adds value to Checkout 51 is that you can also earn money from your online shopping by uploading a picture of the package label. If you are really into online shopping, then this is a great app to be aware of.

Smartphone Rebate Apps

Instead of an electronic payment through direct deposit of PayPal, the payout is via check. It means that it may take longer for your money to get to you via snail mail, but this is free money so can we really complain? You just have to wait until you hit the threshold of 20 dollars before you are able to cash out. Receipt Pal will pay you for receipts submitted either through their app or via email.

You earn points every time you submit a receipt. For every 4 receipts, you will earn points. You can cash these points in for gift cards to places like Amazon, Restaurant. The larger point values have a much larger gift card payout. You can almost double your point value by saving your points for a bigger redemption. And we can all agree that more value is always a good thing. When you first start out, you will only be allowed to upload 20 receipts per week. Once you submit a receipt, you will get your points within 24 hours. You can redeem your points for a gift in the app at any time.

MobiSave is a great way to earn cash back on your grocery shopping. After you buy an item from the list of available offers, you will upload your receipt and get paid ASAP. MobiSave will pay you via PayPal and there is no minimum payout. A big plus is that they will pay you within 24 hours of redeeming your offer, not having to wait around for your money is always a great thing. As the name suggests, BerryCart is a cash back item for healthy food purchases like berries. From what I read, it appears most people have a hard time with the company accepting receives, even though the retailer was listed, so do download at your own risk!

At the moment, the app has a 4. Yet another free and easy-to-use app, SavingStar works just like Ibotta — find the offer you like, clip it and then upload your receipt. Unlike a lot of the grocery apps I looked at, I really liked that this app allowed you to save on some healthier items, such as bananas, apples, and tomatoes. The Shopkick app is pretty cool because, while you can purchase and submit a receipt, just like the rest of these apps, you can also get paid simply for walking into stores no purchase required!

Can You Use Multiple Rebate Apps (and Other Frequently Asked Questions)

The app also pays you to visit online stores, make online purchases and even watch videos, making it much more diversified than the other apps listed here. Working just like Ibotta, Shopmium has a ton of coupons that you can use right inside of the store. I had to contemplate adding this app to the list, but I decided to do it since most of us want to save money on our shopping trips, right? With ShopSavvy, the app allows you to scan the barcode of any product, and once you do, it will show you the lowest price offered by retailers in your area as well as online.

From the looks of it, while it works with technology products, a lot of people, reading the reviews of the app, seem to do quite well at local retailers like CVS, Walgreens, etc. To use, you download the snap app, find coupons at your favorite store and then click the link to use the digital offer. Rather, you show the coupon in person to save. To see the current offered being offered by the app, you can do so by visiting the official offer page.

To use, the app allows you to save in a variety of ways. Once you link your account and activate your offers, the app automatically credits your account in cash credits. If you shop at Walmart, then this an app I highly recommend as it takes very little work on your part. Once you create an account, you will then submit your Walmart receipt every time you shop within seven days via your phone, either via a scan or manual entry. Then, with this receipt information, Walmart will refund you, in the form of a Savings Catcher eGift card, if they find a lower price at a competitor on any of the items you purchased.

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According to the FAQ , it only works on eligible items from top retailers in your area, and if the Savings Catcher finds a lower advertised price, then they will notify you within 72 hours. This is an extremely easy app to use and requires no effort on your part. Make it a habit to upload your receipt and hopefully watch a few dollars roll in. Using these apps, a few questions came to mind, which I try to answer below based on my research I did on the web. Even the slightest blur could cause a hiccup as this was the case reported with many of the negative reviews for most of the apps I noted.

Since none of these apps work together with one another, I tested it out and found that every app gave me credit for the receipt as long as I followed the rules. For example, on the Coupons. I submitted the receipt to both and was credited.

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Just do not submit the same receipt more than once to the same app. If you do decide to use an app where you need to link your card, then I would recommend choosing one. This could change in the future, however. Not financial advice! They take any and every receipt and now are offering cash back for online purchases. I have tries several rebate apps, Ibotta is by far the best that I have come across!

10 Apps Like Ibotta That Will Pay You To Scan Your Receipts

Great rebates, bonuses, easy to use, money adds up quickly. Fetch rewards is my newest download and I can honestly say, it is my favorite! Right now there is a referral bonus where you and I both receive 2, points when you scan in your first receipt. These receipts can be on anything from anywhere. You have 14 days to scan in your receipts so no big deal if you forget right away!

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There are gift cards from anywhere popular you can think of! I highly recommend checking it out and if you do, please put in my referral code after the sign up screen. Love Shopkick!!! You get kicks for just walking in stores and scanning items.

Pros of Checkout 51

Use my referral code within 7 days of signing up and get kicks. BevRage is really good. They pay you via paypay.

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