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Sunday brunches at Bricktops are the best! As always, the food, service, and atmosphere lived up to our expectations! Great setting for a business meeting. We were seated on the patio. It was lovely out there and more relaxing than inside. The food was good but my blackened mahi-mahi was just a bit overcooked on the bottom.

Service was great. We always enjoy this restaurant! We only wish we could have sat out on the patio. They said they were understaffed and had to close it. Great food, good selection, friendly service. Love this place. Salmon was cooked perfectly and the Chilean sea was amazing.

We had a tuna sushi that was not on actual menu but recommended by the server. Hidden gem and next time passing through Franklin, we will stop again. The Bistro chicken was a bit dry this time, but otherwise, it was great.

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We eat there all the time. Love BrickTops. Always consistent food and service. The lobster bisque is the bomb!!!

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Food was excellent as usual. One of our favorite places to eat. Service was ok. Nothing bad or good. Did not get asked if our meal was good, if we wanted more wine, or anything. No engagement at all. Although I paid the bill, she thanked my husband. Not a big fan of this server. Wonderful restaurant!

Great service and ambience. Always a good place for business lunch. Kitchen staff was loud and there was a rowdy larger group near by. Distant cousins getting together to celebrate a 75th birthday. It was the perfect place for a relaxed reunion lunch. Thank you. Solid place for a business dinner. Ambiance was comfortable and food was good.

Nice selection on menu from beef to seafood. Pleasant servers. I cannot recommend this restaurant. The food was well beyond sub par for the price. The red snapper was overcooked,. The chicken was dry,. The sushi roles were meh, even the burger was overcooked and dry.. The dinner plates did not even come with the typical two sides or salad. At 25 dollars a plate you would at least expect a house salad to compliment your meal.

I don't regret going but I will never return. Sign up Sign in. Overview Photos Menu Reviews. BrickTop's - Cool Springs. Top Tags: Good for a Date. Special Occasion. Business Meals. See All. Commission is not paid on meeting rooms. Travel Agent commissions are paid on a maximum of 30 nights. Additional nights are not included in the commission payment.

Commission is paid within 45 days from date of stay. For commission issues, please contact the Travel Agent Commission Department at First, reserve your room with Drury Hotels. Next, book your discounted Enterprise rental car by following the directions in your reservation confirmation email. Weekly rates may apply depending on length of rental or for longer rental needs. Rates are as posted at enterprise. Discount may vary by location and time of rental. Offer may not be used with any other coupon, offer or discounted rate, including weekend special rates. Normal rental qualifications apply.

Vehicles subject to availability. Other restrictions, including holiday and blackout dates, may apply. Pick-up and drop-off service is subject to geographic and other restrictions. Void where prohibited. Community events are held throughout the year. Anchored by five department stores, the complex is surrounded by smaller stores and plenty of dining options! The Union Army took control of the acre plantation, cotton gin and surrounding homes in the five-hour Battle of Franklin Trust.

Today, the land, buildings and personal artifacts are preserved and guided tours are available.

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Visit downtown Nashville, where Ryman Auditorium, Bridgestone Arena, Tennessee Performing Arts Center and more than 40 live music venues all host weekly shows and live music. Keep left at the fork and follow the signs for West McEwen Drive. Turn left onto W McEwen Dr and take the 1st left. Hotel will be on the left. Turn right onto W McEwen Dr and take the 1st left. Sign In.

Forgot Username? Forgot Password? Join Now! Create your profile now. Exclusive Drury Rewards rates are now available! Interested in saving with our Drury Rewards member exclusive rates? Reservations Make a new reservation. Where are you going? Adults Adults '4';alert 'Please enter a valid value of View Hotel Policies. Hotel Information Number of rooms: Check-in time: 3 pm Check-out time: 11 am This is a smoke-free hotel. Please contact the hotel directly if you have questions or need additional information regarding the accessible features of the hotel or the property for guests with disabilities.

Parking Free during stay. For relaxation and rejuvenation, the luxurious spa offers body wraps, massages, facials and other specialty treatments. Our integrative wellness center offers comprehensive medical,. Munsch-Dal Farra. Medical providers are in-network with most health insurance carriers, and most accept Medicare.

When it comes to your health, we have. Call to schedule a complimentary tour. We are aware that socially, culturally, professionally and in the areas of health the world of the emerging woman has changed exponentially. Revolutions are not only historical; we are living in two right now. In the area of the human body the least understood organ of the human body, the brain, has, through recent research, been shown to be a much more resilient and dynamic organ.

Just as the brain that is ravished with dementia can be seen to be physically damaged, so can the cognitively stimulated brain be viewed to be improved. The human brain through activity improves, grows and becomes more powerful. What we have been, or can be, is now not static but dynamic. The nature of the human being once categorized as non-. This has much to say about the emerging woman.

A mature lady capable of unlimited potential. The second revolution deals with the demographics of population growth that are more significant than merely the adding of more people. There exists a new population of mature adults that are not regaled to the rooms of assisted living or volunteering in the halls of menial repetitive service.

No, there is a new population of women who are physically fit and cognitively astute. These ladies can grow, reinvent themselves, start new careers, invent new solutions and build a fierce new population of Wonder Women, with evolving brains, and outrageously healthy and fit bodies. As health and physical awareness grows so does the population of talented mature individuals. New venues to better serve. Dr Katcher is presently Vice President of ABC Parenting, an organization that enhances parenting skills in a changing arena of raising children.

Katcher earned his doctorate from The University of Missouri in Columbia, has been an executive educational administrator, university professor and is an active educational and parental consultant. He has lifetime teaching certificates in Missouri in the areas of social studies, sociology, guidance counseling, school administration and full school superintendent certification. Please contact Ed Katcher at: edkatcher gmail. You know Missouri Baptist is a top heart hospital.

Doctors call it world-class medicine. Take for example a party I hosted over Christmas. The co-host asked for a beef main dish. Some menu items have been over-done e. Flavored olive oils and balsamics are a great way to vary and brighten up your dish. If you need a place to start, the December issue of Sauce Magazine has a great Vegetable Marsala recipe.

Gluten-free guests and lactose intolerant guests provide a whole different set of issues. Gluten-free dishes must be prepared on a clean surface that is free of any flour or other gluten substance. Lactose free dishes need the same consideration. Some guests have allergies so severe that even the smallest amount of gluten or lactose will set off an allergic reaction. Of course there are many other food allergens nuts and dietary considerations diabetics , but with a little planning your guests can enjoy a meal perfectly suited to their needs.

For more information visit www. An integrated approach to healing and wellness.

We began in with Sundance Spas hot tubs. We continue with this brand because it eases pain, promotes relaxation, has many massage options, helps you sleep better, is energy efficient and delivers the best massage. Relax and rejuvenate the new you! Kirkwood Rd. Some restrictions apply. At participating franchises only. Not valid with any other offers, discounts or coupons and for a limited time. Good at initial estimate only. When you sip your favorite coldpressed juice, do you ever stop to think about what happened to the produce that did not make it into the juice?

Angela Zeng did. After learning that some companies throw more than half of the plants into the trash, she decided to start her own juice company Karuna together with her husband Dr. Shawn Hu. Zeng says it is also absurd to make milk from products like almonds. Instead, Karuna uses fruits and vegetables that are naturally juicy, which preserves most of the plant and its nutrients. The use of nutrition-packed plants also means there is no need to add vitamin and protein powders made in the lab. The aronia berries in Karuna's Heal drink, for example, are one of nature's most concentrated sources of antioxidants, and the mung bean sprouts contribute to the drink.

Karuna also is challenging another industry trend: juices almost as sweet as sodas. Karuna's products are naturally low in sugar, because if you. Chinese dates, for example, are key components in one of Karuna's Hydrate drinks, as well as in blood tonics in Chinese herbal remedies. And the taste? Surprisingly delicious, considering the low sugar content, and refreshingly unique, because many of the ingredients only can be found in specialty grocery stores. Move over, carrot and orange juice.

Longan berries, aronia berries and monk fruit are here to stay. Karuna means compassion in Buddhism and it was compassion for herself, others and the planet that guided Zeng to create the company. It is also the root of everything that goes into the. The benefits of breathing correctly are immense. People who practice proper breathing technique report decreased anxiety and depression; a reduction in impulsiveness and cravings; better ability to regulate emotions and a surge of happiness and optimism. Getting our breathing back on track will improve life in so many ways.

As we get more oxygen in the body we get healthier, have more energy, and can begin to lead a more positive, painfree life. About Susan Karleskint. Everybody breathes, so breathing should be easy, right? It is, after all, one of the first things we learn how to do when we are born, and without breathing, we would not exist.

How well we breathe, however, is a different story. Most of us over-breathe using our mouths or our upper chest. These incorrect breathing patterns are caused by a number of factors, including trauma, lung capacity, anxiety and never learning how to take in a restorative breath and release it for maximum benefit. Instead, we should be doing all. The nasal passage is designed to breathe; it filters the air, warms the air and allows these small canals to get oxygen to our lungs. Due to the small openings of the nose, the lungs then are able to pull out the oxygen and send it to the rest of the body.

Breathing through the mouth not only bypasses so many important steps, but also re-trains the body to mouth breath when we sleep, which can lead to, among other things, snoring and sore throats. Susan is passionate about breathing properly. Every session will always begin with silent breathing; the tongue lies to the roof of the mouth, face is relaxed, lips are closed, the inhale comes through the nose and the exhale is longer than the inhale.

This takes practice and requires being mindful of your breath and body. But once you learn the technique, you can use it anytime and anywhere to reduce sudden stress and transform negative thoughts into positive emotions. To experience a class with Susan, sign up at www. The first is to drink more water.

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Adding more water will actually flush out the chemicals that are causing you to retain fluid. As your body adjusts, it will release the excess water. Plain coconut or aloe water is another great choice. Another tip is to take a break from dairy. As we age, unfortunately, so do our digestive systems.

Nobody likes to talk about it, not even our doctors. If you find that you experience uncomfortable bloating in your abdomen after eating dairy, consider removing yogurt, cheese and milk from your diet and replacing them with a non-dairy alternative like almond, coconut or cashew milk, yogurt and cheese. If your symptoms ease, it may mean that you have difficulty digesting dairy.

But that might not mean you have to give up your favorite cheese or ice cream. Some people are fine with certain dairy-based products, but have trouble with others. To determine your precise sensitivity, add milk-based foods back one at a time and pay attention to how you react. Starches, especially the processed ones like sugary cereals; white pasta, bread and crackers; candy and cookies all encourage your body to hold on to water. Replacing these foods with fiber-dense options like zucchini pasta, roasted root veggies, slow cooked oatmeal, brown rice or quinoa can help maintain balance.

Go for apples, berries or your favorite fruit to curb the sweet tooth. Throwing an extra sweaty workout class into your routine will have your skinny jeans fitting great in no time at all! Ed on Facebook at: Ernstrom Spinal Rehab. Some people use it as an opportunity to discount the power of a resolution. Others want to share their plans for the new year. Before you send an exasperated look toward the person struggling to figure out the treadmill, take a moment to reflect on a time in your life when you were trying something brand new—a time when you were totally out of the box.

Did you continue and find a new passion? If so, what were the hardest moments on your journey? Did anyone motivate you to continue? If not, can you think about the most discouraging factor? What drove you away? But choose the former, and we may be helping that person towards positive change. I, personally, love January 1. Although I use the first of each month throughout the year to set goals and plan how to advance my life in the coming or-so days, January is something different.

We have our greatest dreams in January. We will succeed in some and let others fall to the wayside. Regardless, we need each other along the way to celebrate or lean on! Try something new and uncomfortable— like going to the gym for the first time in many years — is SCARY! Remember, we are all connected! Jessica Rask has approximately 25, hours of yoga amassed over the past two decades. Louis realize his or her own health goals.

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Even though people exercise more now than ever before, and our nation has an obsession with dieting and eating less, optimum health and fitness have eluded the majority of Americans. Since the inception of The Exercise Coach over 16 years ago, we have created an evolutionary approach to exercise that aides in the improvement of overall health and fitness by focusing on Muscle Quality. Muscles have been called the windows to every system of the body. If we start with this premise we can see how transformative whole-effort exercise can be by requiring the body to make positive adaptations.

As we improve muscle quality we also positively affect neurological activity and the ability to recruit more muscle fibers, which leads to muscular growth and the ability to improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular function, stronger tendons and bones, better food digestion, endocrine system enhancement, and a slowing down of the aging process.

At The Exercise Coach we use advanced technologies to measure the unique muscular ability of each client and activate more muscle fibers with our Smart 20 Workout. Every one-onone workout is performed with the guidance of a Certified Coach and features real-time digital feedback. Enjoy Strength! Webster Groves W. High Intensity Interval Training designed with the yogi in mind. Come try the hottest workouts in town! For studio owner Jennifer Kasper, it has taken more than a decade to bring this vision to life and build a warm, safe and judgment-free haven for women.

All this on top of being a Navy wife and the mother of two girls. In Jennifer opened Barefoot Yoga in St. Peters, where she taught yoga and belly dance classes and hosted monthly Red Tent gatherings. Through these activities, Jennifer quickly realized that women were finding their strength, power and confidence through movement, dance and community.

Her start-up became more than just another little yoga-studio-that-could in suburbia. It blossomed into a sanctuary where women could sweat out their prayers through dance, and where feminine movement became a medicine so powerful, it could actually heal their souls. Jennifer said her main goal for Sacred Movement is to encourage women to live in the space of sacred femininity and not become consumed by what she considers to be toxic messages that can promote body shame.

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Charles, which is located near I Today, Sacred Movement specializes in a wide variety of feminine movement classes that are suitable for all ages, abilities and body types. This constant focus on how we look causes us to disconnect from our bodies. When we invite our minds to listen to our bodies, it strengthens our intuition.

This is what will make us stronger and more confident, and rekindle our sparkle. So if it feels good, then you are doing it right! The classes taught at Sacred Movement are designed to be an alternative to traditional fitness classes that use more masculine, linear movements. Jennifer and her staff teach women the language of the feminine body in a way that builds muscle and strength while also acknowledging their natural curves. Another unique feature of Sacred Movement is the studio setting. To help clients focus on what they are feeling and not what they are seeing, many classes are held in rooms where the mirrors have been covered and the lighting dimmed.

We want you to leave relaxed, rejuvenated and energized, but also feeling open-heartedly feminine, clear-minded and very centered. Also, check out our ad on the inside cover of this edition for a special discount just for Yoga and Spa Magazine readers! At 9Round 30 Minute Kickboxing, you will not find a room full of heavy bags with one instructor at the front, yelling commands while working out himself, and offering little to no personal attention to the dozens of people in the room. You will not be stuck in the gym for an hour. You will not have to schedule your day around a class time, just to fit fitness into your life.

You will not get bored. Each round lasts 3 minutes and changes every day. As you work. Throughout the process, you are sweating, learning and, probably, smiling as well. And since the fitness puzzle includes nutrition as well as exercise, each 9Rounds membership also includes a nutrition program. Ultimately, at 9Round, it's all about relationships. Throughout the year, the club works with local charities to advance the surrounding communities, and attends social events together to keep members engaged and committed to personal success.

The truth is, 9Round is not a gym. Call or text for more information. S Iyengar inventor of Iyengar yoga are a few names that come to mind. The strength training one receives from yoga and the challenges for flexibility that yoga poses make it an ideal physical activity for men. Our men on the mat enjoy disciplines of physical fitness that can also be hard on the body, such as running and rock climbing.

Yoga provides them an excellent source of cross training, allowing them to improve flexibility and heal from injury. A licensed yoga instructor and lifelong gymnast, Stephan Keya Anantya has been drawn to movement his entire life. In he received his yoga teacher training from St. Stephan enjoys all forms of yoga, but he particularly enjoys Yin yoga — a slower-paced, more restorative style.

He teaches one yoga class a week at Integrity, the web agency where he works as a developer. Davin Rubicz bottom right Davin has dealt with considerable back pain due to his career as a cellist and teacher. His college cello instructor had studied the Alexander Technique an educational process that teaches correct posture and body alignment and encouraged him to try yoga. Davin experimented with a few types of yoga before finding hot yoga, the practice with which he connected instantly. He practices at Pure Hot Yoga St. March will mark his nine-year yoga anniversary. The incredible benefits of yoga have also led Davin to begin taking his practice off the mat and making other lifestyle changes.

He now also meditates and eats a plant-based diet. In addition to practicing yoga, Davin loves snowboarding, long-distance trail running, and electric skateboarding. A senior network engineer, Ken realized that his fast-paced job was causing him to carry a great deal of tension in his body. His wife, who has practiced yoga for many years, led him to believe that he too might reap benefits from yoga. Yoga has helped him to effectively manage and lessen his stress.

In addition to practicing yoga, Ken strength trains three times a week. His other hobbies include astronomy, photography, and playing guitar. Before you know it, that need for a change of pace has turned into a lack of direction. When that small voice whispering about the need to refocus becomes a shout, a bit of structure might be just the thing to get you up and moving. Pilates and Yoga For Life offers mat classes and private lessons seven days a week. You will get out exactly what you put into your practice each day and with each breath. We look forward to helping you focus on your health, fitness and overall wellness goals!

Regular workouts can make all the difference in building flexibility and strength, both mentally and emotionally. All good things, right? Yes, as long as she channels it in the right direction. Or remains single. When the alpha female gets married, she becomes the only thing she knows how to be: an alpha wife! An alpha wife is in charge of everything and everyone. She is, in a word, the Boss. You can find her at the office, or you can find her at home with the kids.

What matters is. Think of a battery: one part is positive, and the other is negative. In order for the battery to work, both energies must be present. Masculine energy is gruff and hard, and it wants to be in charge. Feminine energy nurtures and verbalizes, and it wants to be loved. The male acts, and the female responds. You stopped being the receiver and started being the aggressor. You took control. Yes, many do. Gateway Neuropsychology is a clinical neuropsychology practice, providing comprehensive services to help identify psychological problems and pinpoint behavioral solutions.

Schedule your appointment, today! Urban Nectar is a St. Louis based company with an apiary in Innsbrook, Missouri. Our nail polish is inspired by honeybees and the plants they pollinate. Dissolve 1 or 2 cups of Epsom salts into a warm bath. Add your favorite essential oil for added effect.

Luckily, there are ways to de-stress, restore balance to hormones, lose weight and regulate the immune system. Here are a few to try at home:. Besides being a great stress reliever, being outdoors can improve mental clarity and raise Vitamin D levels. Plus, outdoor air is much less toxic than indoor air! There are few things we control, but we can control how we deal with stress. Although addressing all three components of stress chemical, physical, and emotional is paramount, reducing emotional stress can start you on a path to a healthier you!

It is important to note that there are many different kinds of stress, including chemical food, toxins , physical pain, infection and emotional deadlines, work, school. Rising levels of the stress hormone cortisol can dampen the beneficial effect of other hormones like melatonin, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. One of the simplest things that we do on a daily basis — breathing — can literally change our physiology.

Most of us breathe with our chest, but using your diaphragm to breathe initiates the relaxation response and triggers your parasympathetic nervous system to rebuild and repair tissues, kick start your immune system and ease your mind. Stress reduces your ability to burn fat, makes your cells less sensitive to insulin, causes hunger and sugar cravings and increases the rate at which you store fat. This can be a vicious cycle.

Depleted immune system There are over studies showing the stress and immune dysfunction connection; in one, people under stress were found to be twice as likely to get sick. Certain kinds of meditation can be extremely beneficial. In particular, Transcendental Meditation has been shown to increase telomere length aging gracefully , radically decrease medical expenses and decrease blood pressure.

Epsom Salt Baths Epsom salt baths have been shown to relax your nervous system, increase circulation and aid in detoxification. Is now the time for you to open up to the energetics of joy? Joy fuels enthusiasm and strengthens the life force. It creates passion, new creative ideas and purpose. Invite joyful and harmonic frequencies into your consciousness. Then it is only a matter of time until it manifests physically. The body responds positively to good vibes and pleasurable experiences. Feel joy in your bones to both uplift and heal the body.

Embody joy. To locate and express this joyful bandwidth, first find it inside yourself. Share your happiness with others. Joy is contagious. Smile often.

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Lift your gaze and make meaningful eye contact. Remember that even in our lowest moments, when we question life or feel alone, things can be different. It is important to switch the channel to discover higher vibrational levels. Sometimes this requires letting go of limiting beliefs and moving your habitual emotional set points. Choose to consciously elevate your mood, particularly during stressful times.

All the benefits of health and well-being make joyful expression a worthwhile practice. Each shift builds on the next to create deeper sustained joy. Scientific research indicates that laughter is the best medicine for recovery from illness. The Institute of Heart Math reveals that dropping into your heart to experience self-compassion and gratitude creates coherence in the body.

Music therapy reveals that music soothes the soul and lifts spirits. Exposure to light, sound, movement and colors offers the ingredients of joy. Here are practical ways to increase the joy in your life: 1. Give yourself sunlight infusions. Light is therapy. Plug your body into inexhaustible energies from Source.