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I will be buying more!! Miss Vickie's 1. These are the best potato chips on the planetand not easy to find in the stores, The small bags make it easier to control the quantity also, which is a good thing since they are so tasty!! These are the best kettle chips I have ever had, and I have tried every brand I can find in every state I have traveled in, to try to get something comparable.

My problem is that I can't just buy large bags of them, I can only find them in snack size. I had to order from Amazon to even get just original chips. I can find a variety pack locally, but then it only has 6 regular bags and a bunch of bags my family will not eat.

Since I spend considerable money on chips every week my large family eats chips daily it is disappointing that I can't buy these in larger bags. For that, I have given it an average of 4. Thicker and crispier than your tradition potato chips with great taste.

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The salt seemed to be baked into the chips rather than sprinkled on which makes every bite satisfying without having a lot of salt rubbing on your fingers. This is not a good product if you want to snack in bulk as there are cheaper options if you buy larger bags.

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Each bag comes with around chips depending on the sizes Packaging wise it could use some work. The open-tab opens vertically which doesn't make much sense as you get disoriented from turning it to the side and having the text in This is my Wifes favorite chip and could only be found at the local hospital cafeteria or at one of the Casino's we go to. I found them at Amazon and she is very happy. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Currently unavailable. So many snacks to choose from!

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This arrived quickly and was packaged very well. When you open the amazon box you will find another box inside labeled snack chest. When you open this box you will be happy and excited to see all that the snack chest holds! There are so many choices of snacks in here! They are not tiny bags like I thought they would be either.

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Im sure I'm forgetting a few but the point is there is so much in here you can forget all the different kinds. These are name brand snacks. See All Buying Options. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Cinemas deserve to die out? Chris DeVoe , Jun 16, SandAndGlass likes this. Location: Alexandria VA. Oatsdad , Jun 16, Chris DeVoe likes this. The price for those who previously enrolled in A-List will stay without changing for 12 months after signing up.

I see two new films a months Cinema experience? Prefer a matinee.. Audience participation? Best for action films I find. I used to enjoy seeing movies in the cinema.

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Another thing I've been to rock concerts not loud as some movies! And the other thing If I want commentary, I'll wait for the damn movie to come out for home viewing and playing the commentary track. RockWizard , Jun 17, at AM. When did double bill features die out? Location: The East. I was on a business trip recently to China and had half a day with nothing to do before my return flight. That's USD Add popcorn and a soda and it's a day's salary!

Still China is now the biggest market in the world for these movies. They really love the movies! LivingForever and SandAndGlass like this.

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