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Work is just about back to regular pace so that will give me some time to find a 3rd job and my job at the market should be soon starting again. This will help with knocking the debt down faster as well as bring more produce into the house for winter supply. Jacobs Farmers Market today. Ah ok now I understand what is going on. Thanks for explaining it. What happens at the Maple Syrup Festival? Take some piccies if you can. In 3 years or earlier when you are debt free I hope you will share your success story on the blog with the fans.

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Good for you!! I know that many vendors sell maple syrup and because of the tourism, many other vendors sells their wares.

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Typically when people are done there, they come over to the St. At the moment, I need the gumption to seriously get looking but it will come.

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I think there are 4 round trips in total. Name Your Store: i. Do the above for each receipt you have then copy the template below and paste it to the bottom of your shop so we can see your results. We had a lot of fruits and vegetables to use up before they spoiled. Wow you are doing amazing so far. With planning and a keen eye for deals it IS possible. Have you considered lowering your budget before? I should go shopping with you. Does temptation ever get the best of you while shopping? Well done. Luckily my husband and I are both frugals, and enjoy the thrill of a bargain.

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Milk would be the biggest expense, if you had children. We splurge a lot when something is on sale.

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Instead we buy sales and reduced food, and then plan our meals. The first place I look is at the reduced food, then fill in the holes of groceries I need. When we get back to Canada May almost all of our groceries will be free.. I might write a post on can you grocery shop without a budget and still eat well. Would you mind helping me out by sharing your grocery shopping tips? I always find it interesting to share how people save money. Paleo Diet is my favorite diet ever! It allows me still to eat my favorite food compared with others that are strict making me feel to crave more.

What I only need to problem is the recipe, but I am glad there are many on the Web. Thank you Leona for this very interesting article!! I have heard of the Paleo diet but that is about it…. My husband has something called Amyloidosis and has issues with his body not absorbing nutrients properly as it affects his digestive system, among other things it affects. It is systemic and affects most of his organs to some degree or other. I will be looking into this much more now that I am curious about it…. I hope you find something that works to help your husband heal and feel better.

Thank you Leona, I will be going to the library shortly and I will be looking over what they have on this! That overage will be carried forward into April to get sorted out.


A combination of feeling poorly, running a fever and another wet weekend are forcing me to push back the US shop again! Thank goodness we still have some loaves of bread in the deep freeze that hubby can use! If our budget is truly sufficient, when we reach December 31st, the unused funds should still be equal to, if not greater than, the value of the points redeemed. I notice your SDM Optimum points are that high. Do you shop their often? Are you signed up to get monthly coupons?

I know you buy eggs there once in a while like we do since the price is the best around most weeks. Oh Mr CBB…wait til you see the overage next week. I get the coupons from SDM but our store have very little grocery except bread and milk. Those and the occasional loaf of bread are all that we buy there. Haha… You make me smile when you say that.

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I would have done the rain checks as well!! We love eggs so we try when we can to get a good deal. Meals are freshly prepared every week in our commercial kitchen. We offer several options for Paleo, Ketogenic and Plant Based diets. Can't commit? Order individual meals a la carte and try it all. Order by 2pm on Saturday for Sunday night delivery or select free local pickup at our kitchen every Sunday.

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The quality of the food is top notch and these meals taste amazing and have ingredients and concoctions I would NEVER try to make for myself let alone be able to come close to matching. To make it paleo, be sure to swap in coconut aminos for the soy sauce. Get the Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe. These small-batch paleo brownies are made with almond flour , coconut sugar and coconut oil , and fresh raspberries.

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