Magento upload coupon codes

How to Import / Export Magento Cart Price Rules (Coupon Codes) - Guide

On the General Information page, do the following:. Do one of the following:. To limit the number of times the coupon can be used, complete the following:.

Magento: How to Export a Unique Single Use Coupon Codes

To make the coupon valid for a limited period of time, complete the From Date and To Date fields. To select the date, click the Calendar button next to each field.

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If you leave the date range empty, the rule will never expire. Follow the standard instructions to complete the shopping cart price rule. This option is very convenient when you just want to implement a small portion of codes instead of the whole file.

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If you choose to do the latter, remember to separate the codes by either a comma or a broken line. After being imported, your coupon codes will be ready to use, just like the ones created with the usual coupon generator. Code importation is a great way to create coupons.

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Aside from this one, Better coupon also has other functions just as neat like a quick link builder and pre-applied coupon link. User Experience. Sales Motivation. Order Management. Best Sellers. Basic columns mapping by name is made by the tool automatically.

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You can link columns yourself clicking appropriate database field on the left and then column header on the right. Do not forget to select and assign identifier.

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  7. This can be rule name or ID for update only. This column will be used as basis for matches checkup. Moreover, in case you need to import Magento cart price rules from the files of the similar format pretty often, you can save used configuration settings for future uploads.