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Needless to say, no one should have to go through that just to lose the fat around their body. We now use Vaser liposuction, which is an even safer and gentler form of liposuction than what was available in the recent past. This particular kind of liposuction, in fact, was built partially to be the gentlest liposuction. The key to Vaser liposuction is the ultrasound technique. The fat actually gets suctioned out of your body. Very tiny incisions are made that remove the fat entirely.


As this is ultrasound based, it gives the surgeon much more control over how your body is contoured. No two bodies are the same. No one is going to have the exact same kind of needs from liposuction as the next person. So, we make sure that you get the liposuction that perfectly fits you.

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We offer small liposuction, medium liposuction and large liposuction. Unlike traditional liposuction techniques, Smartlipo Triplex is a minimally invasive procedure that relies on innovative laser technology to achieve superior body sculpting results. The many benefits this unique system offers make it a preferred treatment choice among patients who desire significant body contouring results without the need for a surgical procedure. Smartlipo Triplex offers the following advantages:.

SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction, Los Angeles

Additionally, Smartlipo Triplex can deliver reliable results across a wide array of treatment sites that contain both large and small pockets of stubborn excess fat. During a consultation with Dr. Petti, she can discuss your needs and describe how Smartlipo Triplex may be able to help you achieve your goals. Smartlipo Triplex allows more complete melting of the fat using advanced MultiPlex MPX laser techniques, in which two wavelengths of laser energy are used for not only superior sculpting of the fat, but also, the biggest advancement in liposuction surgery-skin tightening.

Petti the opportunity to focus on skin tightening following fat reduction, and this produces smoother, more natural and superior aesthetic results. Smartlipo Triplex can be done under local anesthesia, and therefore patients are ambulatory following the procedure, with no downtime. This has been very rewarding for the patients, Dr.

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Petti and her staff. The Smartlipo Triplex is a minimally-invasive laser surgical technique, performed by using a smaller-than-a-fine-point-pen fiber optic laser. Therefore, the entry points in the skin are very small and leave an inconspicuous scar. The laser wavelengths close down the blood vessels, so the result is associated with not only minimal surgical trauma, but also minimal bruising, swelling and resultant quick recovery.

There is minimal discomfort, and Dr. The Smartlipo Triplex patients that have local anesthesia can drive the next day if they are off of pain medications and can return to their normal daily activities in one to two days after surgery, depending on each individual patient. Smartlipo Triplex can also be used to treat larger areas of fat accumulation or multiple areas of fatty deposits.

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However, in these cases the patient may need to have general anesthesia. It is normal in these patients for the recovery to be longer. Some patients may prefer to have several areas treated at one surgical setting. These patients are done in her private, ambulatory plastic surgery center under the guidance and supervision of board-certified and experienced anesthesiologists.

Individuals who are good candidates for body sculpting with Smartlipo Triplex are generally in good health and have one or several areas of stubborn fat they would like to address. Often, candidates are already close to their goal weight with localized pockets of fat that have not responded to weight loss methods; however, Dr. Petti may utilize Smartlipo Triplex to accomplish larger volumes of fat reduction in some cases. If you are considering Smartlipo Triplex to achieve slimmer, leaner body contours, we encourage you to contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr.

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Petti to find out if you are a good candidate. Patient Pre Operative Photographs. Petti is very advanced and on the cutting edge of technology. She has incorporated lasers in her practice since The details of your recovery after Smartlipo Triplex will depend on which areas you have treated and the amount of fat you have removed during the procedure. Compared to traditional liposuction, the recovery period after Smartlipo Triplex is dramatically reduced. For some patients, recovery can take a bit longer and compression garments may be recommended to aid in proper healing.

Before you undergo your procedure, Dr. Petti will describe the recovery, post-treatment care, and results you can expect so that you are fully prepared at every stage. Compared to traditional liposuction procedures, Smartlipo Triplex has considerably fewer side effects and is unlikely to cause serious complications. The most common side effects that occur after treatment with Smartlipo Triplex are related to the natural healing process and include discomfort, bruising, numbness, and swelling.

For patients who undergo more aggressive treatment plans, these symptoms may be more persistent; however, they should resolve on a predictable timetable that Dr. Petti can discuss with you.

Why prefer SmartLipo?

During the healing process, some patients may also notice some lumpiness in the treatment area—while this may seem alarming, this side effect is merely the tissue recovering and the area should smooth out once the final results are visible. It is important to note that Dr. Petti possesses a high-degree of skill using the Smartlipo Triplex system; her technique and expertise help to minimize side effects and promote optimal results.

If you are concerned about side effects, Dr. Petti can discuss these issues with you in detail and explain why Smartlipo Triplex can be a very safe and effective choice for achieving your body contouring goals. Typically, men and women who undergo body contouring with Smartlipo Triplex are very satisfied with the results they are able to achieve. In some cases, Dr. Petti may recommend multiple treatment sessions with Smartlipo Triplex for optimal fat reduction and skin tightening results. We invite you to explore Smartlipo Triplex before-and-after photos featuring some of Dr.

Body contouring treatments with Smartlipo Triplex are highly customized based on your needs and aesthetic goals, which means that the overall pricing for your procedure must be determined during a personal consultation with Dr. The cost for your procedure will be calculated based on a variety of important factors, including:. Following your consultation, you will receive a comprehensive cost quotation for the Smartlipo Triplex treatment plan Dr.

Petti creates for you. With the help of our friendly office team, you will learn about the forms of payment we accept as well as plastic surgery financing options offered through third-party lenders. Qualified financing applicants can enjoy low and no-interest loans and flexible monthly payments, which may make paying for your treatment more affordable and convenient.

When payment arrangements have been made, you can schedule your Smartlipo Triplex treatment and look forward to achieving the figure you desire. Petti and she will make a plan that is customized to meet their desired aesthetic outcome in a safe and nurturing surgical environment.

What Patients Are Saying About Smartlipo Triplex

Petti enjoys body sculpting and will always have the best technology, but it will be technology that works. In her hands, Smartlipo Triplex works and has provided superior body sculpting outcomes in a safe environment.

Petti welcomes anyone interested in knowing more about their options with regard to body sculpting and Smartlipo Triplex to seek a complete and thorough consultation with her about their candidacy for these procedures. Simply contact us today. You must be logged in to post a comment. Giuffrida, MD 38 comments. Giuffrida, MD After establishing a successful plastic surgery practice on the East Coast and accumulating over 20 years of experience, I decided to open a new office in Venice Beach. All stories by: Michael A.

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