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Phone Valley Cab at Please have a team contact reach out directly to the USSC office at to receive a discount code to identify your group.

Camp Details

Campers may then register through the website at their convenience and apply the coupon code during check-out. Campers train on campus at the new eight-lane track facility and reside in the school dormitories along with the Loomis Chaffee coaching staff. The facility is designed for teaching: boasting three shot circles, a discus circle, four separate jumping pits, and separate high jump areas. The facility was also recently fitted with lights, enabling us to conduct evening training sessions. This form is required to be filled out accurately, signed by the parent guardian , and brought with you to the first day of camp.

Yes, campers are supervised by the coaches and staff. Staff members reside in the same dorms as the campers and provide supervision during instruction, dining times, evening activities, and in the dorm. All staff members complete criminal and sex offender background checks before working the camp. When you register for the camp, you have an option to submit a roommate request. If you would like to add a roommate request after registering for a camp, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We accommodate all roommate requests, made before 2 weeks before the start of camp.

Campers who do not submit a roommate request will be placed in a dorm with other runners, similar age and same gender. We welcome individual campers and teams. If you come to camp by yourself, we place you in a dorm room with another single camper, similar in age. It's a great place to meet new friends who share your enthusiasm for the sport and to have FUN! Hopefully, you will not have to cancel, but if you must, please do so early so that those on the waiting list can be notified.

For those who have Cancellation Protection: Cancellation Protection entitles you to a full refund of camp fees deposit or full payment if you cancel for any reason before June 1st. If you cancel after June 1st, , we will issue you a camp voucher for all camp fees paid, valid through Your camp voucher is transferable to family and may be used for any Nike Running Camp.

For those who do not have Cancellation Protection: If you have to cancel, for any reason, we will issue you a Nike Running Camp voucher for all camp fees paid, valid through Your camp voucher is transferable to a family member and may be used for any Nike Running Camps. Cash refunds will be given only with the purchase of Cancellation Protection and who cancel on time.


I enjoyed doing workouts with the distance runners, especially the VO2 workout on Tuesday and the pace workout on Wednesday. I also had a lot of fun playing Capture the Flag on the football field on Tuesday and Wedsday.

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I liked learning about the college process related to our sport. I also liked learning about how to personally better my event.

The highlights for me were definitely working hard and being pushed to do our best at all practices while still having fun. I would recommend this camp for anyone who wants to get instruction and improve their performance. You will learn a lot about stretching and different workouts that you can do. I think it is a great experience to learn, have fun, and better yourself as an athlete.

Nike Track & Field Camp Loomis Chaffee School

Loomis Chaffee Running Camp has been a wonderful experience for our son. He has attended for four years in a row now and this was his first time staying over night. He had never been to overnight camp anywhere before and absolutely loved it. We felt so confident that he was taken care of and had no doubts the coaches would look out for him. His running improved and he built more endurance over the week. I loved this camp a lot. The people you meet are amazing and the counselors work well with kids!!

Camp was great. I lettered as a high school freshman and thought I knew everything. Camp taught me sooooo much. This camp was very encouraging for my son who is just starting in this sport but showing huge potential, they introduced him to events he had not previously tried and worked with him to improve those he was already competing in.


The staff is very helpful and every session is an instructional one always teaching you something new that will benefit you in the future. The staff themselves is very inspirational people to look up to which makes the camp experience all the more enjoyable. I enjoyed meeting people that I didn't know. I learned so much. The coaches were awesome.

I'm so excited for the track season after this camp and have a ton of stuff I can work on during the season. They provide great coaching, evaluation of technique; there is great intensity in the camp, and have an awesome staff. The camp is just nonstop fun! From the intense track sessions to the friends you meet, you will love this camp.

The staff is great and provides expert insight to your running technique. They are so good that even after a hard week of training I ran a PR in the The grounds are pristine and after track sessions we often played ultimate Frisbee in the courtyard. There is no question that I am going to return next year. This camp is the best; you have so much fun and meet a ton of people that you still stay in touch with throughout the year. You learn so much! The coaches are excellent and you will learn tons of new stuff to improve your events everyday.

It will definitely make a difference. Our only complaint is that she wished it could have been longer! Very nice, friendly, supportive vibe at the camp! I learned tons of different workouts I'd never heard of before. The instructers were polite. They explained workouts and stretches in a detailed and easy to follow manner.

I liked that they took a vidio of us running so we could look at our form. From the wonderful staff to the exiting workouts Nike Track Camp was the best experience ever. I would love to come back and as an overnight camper next year. The coaches and staff at Loomis Chaffee running camp are so welcoming and personable.

My son loves it and has returned five times!!!!! The camp really helped me.

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I had the chance to practice my favorite sport with new friends. The coaches were really good. You know they want to help you. Everybody wants to help you! I was from another country. English is not my first language, but everybody helped me. It was the best experience and the best week of my life!!!!!

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