Coupon stockpile organization

6 Organizing Tips for Your Couponing Stockpile

I always want to label everything in my house, like you have done, but I never know where to start. Any tips?? It would be super duper aprreciated!!! Thank you! What do you recommend for people living in small places with little storage space?

Display Stockpile On Shelves Like In Grocery Store

Under the bed storage can be great. You can either put your off season clothing under there in boxes or plastic containers and store your food in the closet or other way around. Also, think about going up, just make certain everything is secure. Thank you for all the great stockpile tips. I am definitely going to try to implement this for our family of 6 with 4 boys who eat us out of house and home! Your email address will not be published. Welcome to the Living Well Spending Less blog where we provide practical solutions for everyday overwhelm. A great speed cleaning routine can help you quickly clean the house!


Your house will look great is less time than ever! How to Create a Stockpile Coupons February Crystal L. Really, not much more to say, because that rightly sums it all up! Alaina Frederick. Are they FoodSaver? Becki Lusk. WOW - great list of where to request coupons!!! One pinner said. I just saved 80 dollars in coupons at Target last night and I am not even extreme about it" Saving for later!

How to create a coupon binder Keep those coupons organized! Extreme couponing for those just starting out. Step by step instructions to learn how to use coupons to save money and get things for free! Couponing Tips - Couponing Tips: Where to find coupons, how to organize coupons, how to use coupons.

Sturdy Shelves Are Important Because Of The Weight Of Stockpiled Items

The Danger Of Stockpiling: It Can Become Clutter Keeping a large amount of items in your home for future use can be a good stewardship of your monetary resources, but if you're not careful it can instead easily become clutter. It's a fine balancing act sometimes, but if you can't find what you purchased and then have to repurchase more later, or items expire before you are able to use them you've got clutter, not a functioning stockpile.

Therefore, before you begin organizing your stockpile, go ahead and first declutter your stockpile , as discussed further in this Declutter mission here on the site. Then, after you've decluttered you'll be able to take these steps to organize and manage your stockpile that are discussed below. But taking steps to organize it as you bring things in the door will help immensely!

Only Store Items In The Space You Have Available I think we've all seen an episode or two of Extreme Couponers, and a few of these people's houses look like a cluttered grocery store or a bunker to hunker down in case of emergency.

Coupon Stockpile Storage: Organizing my personal care items - Be My Guest With Denise

There is stuff stored everywhere. That is not ideal. You need to designate a spot, or a few key spots, for your stockpile and once those spots are filled, you've collected as much as you can keep in your home until you use some of it. Remember, there is a difference between having enough to use within a reasonable time, bought at a good price, versus hoarding such large amounts that you'll not realistically use all of the stockpile in the next ten years! If you find you have way too much of something please go ahead and donate the excess to charity or re-sell it before it expires or gets so old no one will want it.

Then, stick to the space you've designated for these items without expanding your stockpile out further. Shelves Are Ideal: Think Like A Grocery Store You won't have as much stuff as an actual grocery store, but the ideal way to stockpile, if you've got room, is to have a space designated with sturdy shelves that are secured to the wall where you can place many of your items.

Stockpile Organization: Personal Items

You want to group like items together so you can find them, such as all paper goods, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, personal care products, food items, etc. Line items in rows, keeping things neat and orderly. This allows you to "see" what you've got so you know when you have enough, and don't need to stockpile more of an item, and also to access it when you do want to use it.

If you don't have room for shelves you can also just use places like under beds, linen closets, or a shelf or two of the pantry. Typically in those situations you'll want to place the items either on a shelf designated just for that purpose, or put the items inside a container to keep them organized. No matter where you choose to hold your stockpile though, you need to think about the conditions. For example, basements can be damp, and that may not be ideal for certain food items.

Similarly, the garage can be a good place for some of your stockpile, but think about the temperature extremes, which can cause food spoilage, as well as access to different areas of your home by pests.

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Only keep items in a location where they'll not deteriorate in quality from being stored there. There is no point in accumulating a lot of items if your storage method ruins them before you have a chance to use them! In addition, ideally your stockpile will be in one or two locations instead of spread out all over the house. Some people separate their food and non-food stockpiles, which is fine.

But again, having just a few locations to check is important. I understand that depending on your home's layout and space available having just one area designated for your stockpile may not be enough. If you need to separate items into groups, try to make it make sense where you place things as much as possible, such as personal care products in the bathroom closet, or canned goods in the pantry, etc. What you don't want to happen is to stash a large quantity of something somewhere, and then completely forget about it.

That is wasting, and clutter.

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That's why the fewer places you keep these items the better to make sure you don't forget what you have. Rotation, Rotation, Rotation! Just like in a grocery store you want to stock the newer items in the back of your stockpile, so you are keeping everything fresh. This is even more important for food items, such as a reader, Meg's pantry, where she considered this exact issue with her can rotators, for example. But really anything can expire or just plain get old.