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The gift card amount depends on which phone you buy. Go to Consumer Reports' Holiday Central for updates on deals, expert product reviews, insider tips on shopping, and much more. For many people, the retailer deals may work better than many of the deals being offered by the major carriers. Most of those require you to buy one phone at full price to get a second phone at a discount. But here's a warning: Many deals from retailers such as Best Buy and Target can come with the same kind of catches that the carrier offers do.

Be prepared to finance the phone with your chosen carrier over a period of two years or longer and commit to staying with that carrier for that amount of time. If you don't, you're on the hook for the balance of the phone's cost. And, as with any installment plan, you need to have good credit to qualify. ET the day before Thanksgiving and in store at 6 p. Best Buy's kick off in store at 5 p. The offers cover just about all the latest and greatest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. If you're a Consumer Reports member, make sure to check out our full ratings before you buy.

But there are catches.

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First of all, this is an in-store only offer, which means you won't be able to get it by shopping at home in your jammies. And, you'll need to be an early bird. Store quantities are limited. Cancel your service before the phone is paid off and you're in the hook for the balance. The same three carriers are involved and similar financing deals are required.

Best Black Friday 2018 Apple iPhone deals

Target also has a limit of two phones per shopper. In terms of the carriers, so far, Verizon is the only one with notable deals here.


But, in addition to agreeing to pay off the phone over a two-year period, you're going to need to add a new line. Don't need a new line? Both of these offers run all weekend. Phones in good condition dating back to the 6s are acceptable.

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And the deal comes in the form of 36 monthly credits, so you're going to have to stick with T-Mobile for three years. Leave early and you'll have to pay the phone off. As with the T-Mobile deals, the free phone comes in the form of a monthly credit.

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And you'll have to either activate two new lines, or activate one new line and upgrade an existing one. The same conditions apply. The same rules for both retailers' above offers apply here too. This deal, which starts online on Thanksgiving, runs through the end of Friday. The retailer doesn't have any offers for the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. But if you sign up for one month lease of an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus through Sprint, that carrier will give you a second one for free. Just like with Sprint's XR deal, the discount will come in the form of a monthly credit, and you'll have to activate two new lines—or one new line, plus upgrade a second line.

When combined with a super-sized gift card, that could make for a great deal. Older iPhones Looking for something priced more like a stocking stuffer than a major investment? Here are a few more options. Cancel early, and the balance is due.

The iPhone 6 was launched in And access over 8, products and services rated. Of course, you'll have to agree to pay off the rest of the phone over a period of two years. Leave Verizon early, and you're on the hook for the balance. But, you'd better hurry. This is an in-store only deal at both retailers.

Deal: Buy an iPhone XS or XS Max and get a free $200 Target gift card (AT&T and Verizon only)

Target has a limit of two phones per person. Most of the conditions that apply to both retailers' Apple deals apply here, too. You need to have good credit, finance the phone with the carrier, and keep your service until the phone is paid off. Or, you could get your Note9 directly through Samsung's website, or at Best Buy. The credits stop after 18 months, and you'll have to activate a new line of service.

Where to find Black Friday deals on Apple products

The same conditions apply here, too. And T-Mobile's offer of a free phone also applies to the S9. You're going to need to activate two new lines of service and agree to stay with the carrier for 36 months. All of the other restrictions still apply.

Target Black Friday deals 2018

Just like with Sprint's Note9 offer, the discounts go away after 18 months and you'll need to activate a new line. Like last year's iPhones, these phones have also come down in price this year, boosting the potential for a bargain. Other Samsung Phones Looking for a Samsung phone that's a lot less expensive? There are deals for you, as well. While its camera is nothing special, the J3's battery lasted an impressive While it doesn't have a lot of flashy features, the J7 Prime's battery made it more than 30 hours in our testing.

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