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Affordable retirement living on Bribie Island! Spacious built in annex freshly painted new flooring paved undercover patio and car space and garden shed. Beautiful Handmade Chandelier 20 x 28cm. No need to pay to install it. Pickup Bribie Island, Strathpine or Caboolture. Postage available at buyers expense. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Home 1 - 24 of ads in Woorim. Filters List View. Grid View. Price Minimum Price. Maximum Price. Offer Type Offering Wanted 2. Top Ads near you. Caboolture Area Woorim. Most recent. He recommended building out to the side return which added an extra 1.

The layout of the kitchen came together quite naturally as we already knew we wanted the cooker and tall units running along the back wall with an island opposite. This would then leave space for a family dining table and a reading corner, and we could put doors to the garden along the side wall. Managing budgets I had quite a clear vision of how I wanted the new kitchen to look.

Bold ColouR sChemes Start with your key shade, such as the main wall colour or kitchen units, as this will help determine which colours to pair with it.

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Shades that sit diagonally on the wheel combine well for a bold contrast, colours that sit next to each other still have impact but work as a more subtle, softer combination. Saturated, vivid shades make a stronger impact alongside white backgrounds, making the room feel airier and allowing colours to pop. Then, while searching online, I came across the Wren Shaker kitchen in Midnight Blue, which Mark and I both loved, and which I thought might realistically stand the test of time better. That left money over for the flooring, and although we still had to be careful with our budget, we found a local contractor who gave us a great deal on the parquet-effect planks.

There was dust and rubble everywhere, and the small front room became our only area for eating, relaxing, playing and socialising. I was originally going to choose copper hardware to contrast with the blue kitchen units, but I wanted something less trend-driven. We decided to go for a more classic look, choosing stainless steel accessories such as the oversized Wayfair anglepoise-style lamp and the chrome pendant lights, which really finish off the room. The core material is a man-made synthetic called polyvinyl chloride resin PVC.

Standard rolls come in m widths, so you may need to suffer a join in big rooms. Vinyl tiles are rigid, and come in packs — some offer super-easy, stick-on. They offer excellent rigidity no wrinkles as well as insulation and sound absorption, and they work with underfloor heating. Thickness is a good indication of quality, for both sheet and tiled vinyl.

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Cheap sheet vinyl starts at 1. Go for at least 3. Sheet vinyl can be cut with a Stanley knife and is pretty easy to fit in a standard room. Hone your skills on a small area first.

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Vinyl tiles are installed similarly to ceramic tiles and many come with click-fit edges that slot together jigsaw style. Preparing a flat subfloor is essential and a leveling compound or decent underlay is worth the extra expense. Cleaning is straightforward with a vacuum and mop. Use vinyl-safe floor cleaner — nothing abrasive — and wipe up any spills straight away. Protect the floor from chair legs with felt pads or castors.

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Great for serving up nibbles, cakes or using as a chopping board. For a striking display above a breakfast bar, hang three of these chrome pendant lights. We moved here in march It was about getting the balance right with a limited budget! I also wanted try dramatic, dark colours in at least one room in the house.

Emma dared to go dark when it came to revamping her bathroom, and even had space for a luxe walk-in shower. The cupboard housing the water tank was the perfect place to squeeze one in, but doing away with that meant replacing the boiler, too. We shopped around a lot! I wanted at least one room in the house to be dramatically dark and the bathroom seemed like the perfect space to really go for it. Having looked at lots of ideas we settled on timber panelling, as it was cost-effective and we can change the colour easily with a lick of paint if we want to.

Prepare the area by covering the floor. If you have an acrylic bath, remove the feet or tape them up to protect them and turn upside down to make it easier to paint. For a matt finish, an eggshell paint is a durable option. What are the benefits of panelling? Besides looking fabulous, panelling is a quick-fix solution for uneven, patchy walls. In the bathroom it makes a warmer alternative to tiles. Does it have to be made from MDF? Can I install it myself? It depends on ability but there are plenty of panelling kits designed specifically for DIYers.

Things can get complicated if there are tricky alcoves and windows to work around so it may be worth hiring a local carpenter or handyman to ensure smart results — try ratedpeople. How high should it be? The top of the panelling should sit either a third or two-thirds of the way up the wall. Dividing the wall in half can make the ceilings feel lower.

Do work with existing architectural features — running panelling up to a picture rail is very effective — and think about the height of windows and sanitaryware. Any tips for a pro look? Most panelling specialists supply matching dado rails, which can be used to hide a multitude of levelling sins, leaving a crisp connection between panelling and wall. Installing skirting on top of panelling will do the same at floor level. This water-resistant tile alternative is an easy DiY project.

The Sorrento peninsula and the Bay of Naples is simply one of the most beautiful corners of Europe, with its outstanding scenery, tranquillity and sights. On this wonderfully varied tour we explore Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, plus some stunning icons of northern Italy and Switzerland. Call to book or for a free brochure or visit www.

Single supplements may apply. Subject to availability. Additional entrance costs may apply. Images used in conjunction with Riviera Travel. Use the pastry to line a 20cm greased, loose-based flan tin, leaving an overhang. Chill in the fridge for 15min, line with foil. Remove the foil and beans, then bake for a further min until lightly browned. Trim the edges and leave to cool. Mix together the mascarpone, cream and vanilla. Spoon into the case and spread evenly. Arrange the strawberries on top and sprinkle over the mint leaves.

Serve immediately. Designer Tom Dixon, together with Ikea, will be transforming a corner of the Chelsea Flower Show with a grow-yourown-at-home—style garden. To support this, Ikea has a range of products, starting with this genius plant holder with built-in light — great for herbs. Fill it with detergent once a month and it adds a little every wash. Operate it remotely via Alexa and it will order more detergent via Amazon when you run low. Dogs and cats? We love them.

Their tatty, fur-covered beds? Less so. Made from rattan, they come in two styles — a cool cocoon and a super-cute pet house in two sizes — both with removable, washable cushions. You simply walk up to your front door with your phone in your pocket or handbag and it will unlock. Brilliant for teens who are in the habit of losing their keys and strangely, not their phone…. Nuki Smart Lock 2. The new cordless Bosch Fontus is so much more than a pressure washer. Bloc Blinds has introduced a brilliant new design, perfect if you fancy a new look in a flash.

Hook-onhook fixings mean you unroll the blind, unhook it and simply hook on a new one. Store your fruit in this stylish wire bowl so it lasts longer. Squeeze this natty unit under the eaves or beneath a staircase. Get the kids to store their favourite books on this neat display shelf.

Stash your stapler, paper clips and spare pens into this smart set. Clear the lot out, buy a box to store it, label, and put in the shed or garage.

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We tend to take the beauty of letters for granted as they are everywhere we look; however, in her new book, Letter Crafts There are 35 makes to try, with step-by-step instructions and techniques including paper craft, printing, fabric and mixed media. Initials are ideal for personalised pieces — these neat cutout notebooks make fabulous gifts.

The Creative Craft Show is a buzzing hub for knitting, stitching, paper crafting, jewellery, dressmaking and more, offering a one-stop shop for the latest tools and supplies.

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  6. There will be plenty of industry experts on hand to offer advice and like-minded makers to share ideas with, alongside Make and Take taster sessions. Book tickets at ichfevents. The ancient art of paper folding is associated with Japan, but is now a global phenomenon and has also inspired a host of homeware designs, with everything from ceramic pots to plastic accessories taking on its folded forms. Double-sided origami paper packs are available from craft shops or choose a kit that includes how-tos on traditional shapes such as sailboats or cranes, before moving on to garlands, lampshades and even clocks.

    DiD you know that origami is an iDeal way to enhance minDfulness as it helps you stay in the moment anD improves concentration? Welcome guests with the heady scent of fresh herbs and flowers. Sheet moss Wire wreath base, Dia40cm Potting mix Fine copper wire Selection of lobularia and thyme plants hook, for hanging Galvanized wire, 1mm diameter. Cover the wreath with moss Soak the root balls of all the plants in water for 10min. Lay pieces of moss on a table in a circular shape, with the green mossy side facing down.

    Place the wreath base on top of the moss and add more moss to cover both sides of the base. Bind with Copper wire Push the end of the roll of copper wire under the wreath and twist it around itself a few times to keep it firmly in place. Wrap lengths of copper wire around the wreath, folding the moss over as you do so, to cover the base. Keep wrapping until the whole wreath is bound with moss. Make a small hole in the moss on the wreath and push the roots of the plant inside. Add more plants until the whole wreath is covered. As the plants grow, they will fill in any gaps.

    Hang from the hook with galvanised wire. Put handfuls of potting mix on top of the wreath, working your way around. Subtle Shimmer is a clever glitter additive — just mix into any emulsion for a hint of sparkle, while the handy ultra Shimmer aerosols are perfect for smaller projects.

    For interior or exterior use, these strips work best on flat surfaces. Simply add Bradbond walling adhesive to stick the Z-shaped panels to any structurally sound brick or concrete backing wall. Perfect for giving your outdoor space an instant refresh, there are five shades to choose from, including natural sandstone and natural slate.

    S hooks are perfect for hanging planters and the zinc finish resists corrosion. Bathroom storage can be a real head scratcher, especially in rented homes, and drilling into tiles can make even the most confident DiYer uneasy. Kit glue dries in 12 hours and provides residue-free removal on surfaces including tiles, glass and wood. When it comes to moving, simply remove with no damage and take with you! Forked out a fortune on a phone and smashed the screen?

    My TV has broken, given how cheap they are, is it worth getting it fixed? If your TV is more than eight years old, it is probably not worth repairing. Repairing an old-fashioned CRT television boxy, not flatscreen is hugely expensive these days. Modern sets can often be repaired — like a computer, parts can be swapped in and out — so call a local repair shop or the manufacturer for a quote. For more investment buys, check out buymeonce. Steer clear of unofficial thirdparty repair shops, however cheap, to avoid invalidating your warranty.

    What about DIY repairs? Is gadget insurance worth it? Check your home insurance as some policies include gadget cover. You can ask the retailer for a repair or refund, but only within the first 30 days of purchase. If they refuse, contact Trading Standards. Pimp your burger! Try a new quickcook Itsu kit The Asian-inspired takeaway restaurant has already launched a number of supermarket home-cook dishes, and a new kitchen cupboard range has hit the shelves at Tesco. Three new meal kits — Teriyaki Chicken, Chilli Sesame Tofu and Miso Salmon — come with rice, sauces and garnish to help you create a delicious dish for two.

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    Just add cooking oil, protein and veg, and your restaurant-quality meal is ready in a flash. Line and grease 3x20cm cake tins. Cream the butter and sugar together until soft, add the eggs and milk, then fold in the flour. Divide the mixture between the tins. Bake for 20min, or until risen and springy to the touch. Leave to cool in the tin for 5min, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool. To make the filling, whip the cream with the cordial and icing sugar.

    Put the bottom cake onto a plate, spread with half the jam and top with half the cream. Repeat with the next layer before adding the final cake on top. Make the topping by mixing the icing sugar with the cordial and pour it on top, letting it spill over the edges. Add flowers and serve. To make the sauce, put the tomatoes and garlic on a baking tray with the oil and roast for 30min. Squeeze the soft garlic from its skin, then whizz in a blender with the tomatoes and sugar.

    Dust the chicken strips in flour, dip in the egg and coat with Parmesan, then lay on a plate. Heat a pan with the oil and fry the goujons for 3min on each side until golden and crisp and the chicken is cooked through. Serve with the tomato sauce and salad. Put the mince, onion, garlic and Cajun seasoning in a bowl, season and mix together.

    Shape into 12 mini burgers. Brush with oil and grill for 5min, turn, put bacon under the grill and cook together for a further 10min. Lightly toast the rolls. Spread with mayonnaise and top each one with lettuce. Layer on the burgers, spread with chilli jam or ketchup and pile on the tomatoes, avocados and bacon.

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    4. Sandwich together with the roll lids and secure with a cocktail stick. Whizz the chicken, zest, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, olives and basil with black pepper in a processor. Form into 12 balls around skewers. Brush with oil and brown in a non-stick pan. Transfer to a tray lined with baking paper and cook in the oven for 10min. Roll out the pizza dough, top with the sauce and mozzarella. Transfer to a baking tray and bake for 10min.

      Serve with crunchy salad and the chicken lollipops. Bake the potatoes on a tray for 1hr. Cool slightly, then cut each potato in half. Heat a non-stick pan and fry the chorizo over medium heat until it releases fat. Add the onion and cook for a further 5min.

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      Scoop out the potato and put in a bowl. Brush 8 of the skins with oil and transfer to a muffin tin. Crisp these up in the oven. Mash the potato with the butter and two-thirds of the cheese. Season with black pepper, then add chorizo and onion. Remove skins from the oven and divide the filling between them, sprinkle with remaining cheese and cook for min. For the ham and tomato stars, spread 4 slices of white bread with half the ketchup.

      Top each with a slice of ham. Using a small star-shaped cutter, cut a star out of the centre of remaining slices of bread and spread over remaining ketchup. Place these ketchup-side down on top of the ham. The Vintage Brush. Space is Enter coupon code. Coupert: red heart store coupons laptop deals online today Red Heart cashback discounts can be earned just by clicking through to Red Heart and then shopping exactly as you would normally on their website. Build A Bear Coupons. Top online Red Heart promo codes in November , updated daily. Welcher Discounter Hat Vodafone. Increase your reputation aldi nord angebote der woche online bestellen by red heart store coupons posting useful answers to people's questions and earning positive votes from trusted members of the community.

      Art Events. Issue 9 Issue 8. Arts Events. Red Heart Store Coupons. February promo Red Heart offers free shipping. Treat yourself to huge savings when you shop this special offer from You won't find this quality and price anywhere else.