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I go up the stairs all the way until that 1 item you can get. Then I turn around and walk down them to go barge in. So yeah like Ryushikaze I do both. Might seem stupid but I get everything in the game. Even if it is just 1 item I might miss.

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Flower Bell Veteran. One liners are against rules, just a heads up for you. I pick sneak in because I love hearing the conversation in the stairway. It's so hilarious.

Final Fantasy VII - Shinra Building - Part 1/7 - (PS1/PC)

It's the funniest part in the entire game. Plus, I love how Tifa snaps at Barret a few times, it's realistic but hilarious. But poor Barret. He's not a retard. But then, I really enjoy how Barret points out that Cloud has changed, and instead of not caring for anyone, Cloud was now risking his life for Aerith.

It's character development that is very much loved on my part. Sneak in - I'd be crazy to miss out on the going up the stairs bit, it's hilarious and one of the best bits in the game. Bambi Dark Knight Veteran. On my first play through, I snuck in, and it went on Time before last, I took the stairs, then went back down and went ion the main doors, fuck knows why I do rather enjoy the dialogue mind xD. Sum1sgruj Banned Veteran. I've only barged in one time, only to see what happens.

I prefer the back way tho just bc it seems the apropriate thing to do. And u get an elixer for walking up all those stairs n its fun to see Barret complain the whole way up.

Final Fantasy VII - Shinra Building Floor 63 Map - Android - By Crazyreyn - GameFAQs

Dishy Blue Mage. Trying to make logical in-game choices, I chose to take the stairs on my first playthrough. My friend who had never played Final Fantasy was there too, and it made for a very strange first impression. It was worth it though, for the reasons already mentioned. Since then, I've just busted in. It's funny trying to chase all of the scared employees around, and the dialogue with the Item Shop clerk is funny too. Plus, you get to see that cool video of Shinra's tech. Approach the door and find out how Aeris is doing to continue the story.

Choose to get some rest after that to keep the story moving. When Tifa asks if you can break out:. The doors to the prison cell will then open up. Walk over and examine the guard over in the corner.

Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) - Walkthrough Part 5 – Shinra Headquarters

Wake Tifa up and then talk to her after she approaches the dead guard. Follow the bloody trail back to the elevator. Save your game at the Save Point before you continue and then take the elevator up to the next floor. Go around to the stairs and proceed up to the next floor. Take the stairs up to the 70th floor.

The team will find President Shinra dead with a huge sword sticking out of his back. There is a doorway to the north that can be used to get out on the balcony area once the helicopter arrives. This is the first encounter with Rufus. Choose to remove their Materia when given the option to do so. Take some time to properly equip all three characters with the Materia that you pulled off Cloud and Tifa before you continue.

Be sure to equip them both with Materia such as Fire Materia , Ice Materia or Lightning Materia so that they can attack with Magic instead of regular physical attacks. Have Barret focus on regular attacks throughout the fight. Heli Gunner joins the fight as soon as Hundred Gunner is destroyed. The exact same strategy used on Hundred Gunner applies to Heli Gunner. HP: 1, Reward: Mythril Armlet. The story now switches back to Cloud on the roof of the Shinra Building. Use the Button to remove the Materia from your other party members and then press Button to enter the menu screen and properly equip Cloud.

Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) Recommended Article List

Make sure that you equip Cloud with the Mythril Armlet that dropped off Heli Gunner but only if you did not steal a Carbon Bangle from a Moth Slasher earlier in the game. The Mythril Armlet is strong but not nearly as strong as the Carbon Bangle. Both Rufus and his cat, Dark Nation, are susceptible to Poison casting Bio so you should cast it on both of them to increase the amount of damage done. Start off by taking out Dark Nation as the cat will continue to cast Barrier and MBarrier on both itself and Rufus while it is alive.

Rufus will take off and make an escape before you actually defeat him. HP: Reward: Protect Vest. Save your game before you speak with Tifa. Make sure that you load the rest of your team up with Materia - specifically Cloud, Barret and Tifa as they are about to be involved in another boss fight.

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  • Talk to Tifa and then, as you attempt to travel back to the stairs, the game will switch back over to Aeris. Try to leave through the front doors and Barret will come back inside saying that the building is surrounded. Tifa and Cloud will rejoin the team on the main floor. Cloud will come rolling down the stairs in a motorcycle while the rest of the team take off in a pickup truck.

    The next portion of the game is an entertaining mini-game on the roads of Midgar but note that the game gives you an opportunity to prepare for an upcoming battle as well by giving you access to the party select screen so you can setup your team. Read ahead for tips on the upcoming boss battle. The goal is to defend the pickup truck from the Shinra Pursuit Troops that follow. The bikers will go after just the truck full of all of your allies. The instructions for completing the game are given to you and are included in the screenshot below:. Some tips for this mini-game: Stay far back from the truck when you can.

    This will give you more time to react as enemy bikes pull up to attack. You can use your bike as a battering ram to take down bikers as well. The red bikes are much more susceptible to ramming. Use the video below if your having trouble. Some tips for the upcoming boss battle: The upcoming boss will attack your party from behind which means that team members in the front row will be placed in the back row and vice-versa.

    The team will immediately be tossed into a battle against Motor Ball at the conclusion of the Motorcycle mini-game. The easiest way to lose this fight or to make it more difficult is to enter into it unprepared or to have party members with low HP as the result of poor performance during the motorcycle mini-game. Reattempt the fight with more preparation if you are having difficulty against Motor Ball as this fight is extremely difficult if you are not prepared. Motor Ball is weak to Lightning-based magic so use your Bolt spell from your Lightning Materia as much as you can during this fight.

    Secondary to that will be regular attacks as other types of magic especially Fire are not particularly strong. You can strengthen the power of your Bolt magic spell by equipping the party member that will use that spell with a bunch of other Magic or Green Materia. This will increase their overall Magic power. Check out the Materia Stat Effects page for more details on how this works. HP: 2, Reward: Star Pendant. The team will decide that it is time to leave Midgar.

    Choose your two party members to join you on the World Map and then begin the journey northeast towards Kalm. The party members you select during this section of the game will influence the Gold Saucer Date side quest and obtaining the Best Bromance Trophy. Proceed to the reception area. Go to the second floor through the staircase. Proceed to the third floor and enter the elevator. The elevator will occasionally stop on other floors. Proceed to the 59th floor, fight three enemy Shin-ra soldiers to get Keycard Proceed to the 60th floor, sneak-in past the guards by hiding behind the statues when they are not looking.

    Proceed to the 61st floor, get the keycard from an employee in the lounge area. Proceed to the 62nd floor, talk to a mayor and reorganize books misplaced on the wrong shelf.

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    Speak back to the mayor and get another keycard. Proceed to the 63rd floor, pick up three coupons in various rooms and trade them in at a computer. You will also acquire a Star Pendant accessory, a four-slotted armor, and an All Materia.

    1.14: Shinra Building, Floor 61 and up

    Proceed to the 64th floor, save your game at the Save Point. Examine a vending machine and bang on it. Pick up a Phoenix Down and an Ether in the locker rooms. Proceed to the 65th floor, examine all chests and pick up Midgar Parts from each chest. Put all of them together to make the Midgar Model and get a Keycard from the last chest unlocked.