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This allowed consumers with even the most basic cell phone to engage in the campaign.

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The entry mechanism was three-tiered, to guarantee consumer re-engagement and interest throughout the campaign. The first tier awarded customers with a coupon for free chicken pieces, burgers, sodas, or ice cream. The second tier was unlocked when customers redeemed their tier one coupon at a Hungry Lion location.

A second coupon was immediately issued via SMS while the consumer was still in-store.

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The second coupon prompted users to spend R30 or more in order to get free cellular airtime, upgrades in sizes, and free burgers and drinks. Due to the instant gratification of the mechanism, many redeemed their second coupon during the same visit they redeemed their first. Because the second tier required consumers to buy a meal, it contributed to the Hungry Lion sales goal. Users who redeemed the second coupon unlocked the third tier, which entered them into a R, grand prize drawing.

Using advanced cellular tower triangulation techniques, customers could also find the closest store, even on non-GPS-enabled handsets.

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The integrated campaign put mobile at its center, and ensured that all physical, digital, and print media displayed a unique USSD code, making it possible for the brand to measure the success of each channel via a real-time interactive dashboard. Analytics on engagement with the codes allowed Hungry Lion to make real-time changes to campaigns and advertising schedules, and even to position the bucket men more effectively.

Data was also collected on in-store coupon redemptions, showing which stores customers visited to redeem their coupons, where sales were increasing, and also which media channels contributed to the success of the campaign. Hungry Lion, the third-largest QSR in South Africa, has been creating innovative mobile marketing for years, and it used its past learnings to optimize the Lucky Bucket campaign.

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The campaign drove hundreds of thousands of consumers into Hungry Lion outlets countrywide, resulting in a 37 percent increase in overall brand engagement and double-digit sales growth. It delivered over 2. In total, the Lucky Buckets campaign issued more than 1.

Hungry Lion set a goal of 15 percent coupon redemption, and exceeded it substantially, achieving an overall redemption rate of 25 percent. By issuing unique USSD codes for each disparate channel, Hungry Lion was able to track, with granularity, the performance of each isolated channel:. The redemption rate for tier one coupons was 26 percent and This was the biggest contributor to the sales target increase, since all users who redeemed tier two purchased products valuing at least R We seek to find the freshest products and the highest quality of ingredients.

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We are proud to serve a verity of wing styles, savory sauces, and fresh homemade sides that are prepared daily. Tossed in 19 different house-made sauces, your choices can be endless. The WingBucket mission is to provide patrons with a new and different twist on chicken wings.

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Amazing sauces! Clean and courteous staff as well. Hot sauces ar Hot sauces are very hot just like I like it. Now, when I want wings, I'm going to have to fly to Dallas! No other wing restaurant will su No other wing restaurant will suffice.