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There were very few truly hot deals toward the end, and the deals that were posted were not policed. There are plenty of places for that, but not a place that is for deals. Ideally, posts have value to the group, rather than a person asking a question to the forum which is easily googleable. FW had a long history which meant some threads started years or a decade ago. It also often times showed first or second on search engines which meant new people showing up ever so often. I wish Phat will combine with Fragile. I survived many forums. I raised this issue during the dying days of FW.

Basically, for a forum to last, some basic ingredients:. I like it just the way it is. One thing on merging with PW. If they close down for one reason or another, they are welcome to join the community. I appreciate the effort that is being made here to keep the flame alive. There are about 20 topics on the front page, and the first 2 are sticky and never change. The Suggested Topics at the bottom of threads are always the same.

The thing I liked about FW was I could look at the forums page my landing page and see the top deals and the top topics in FWF, and they were different on a daily basis. Some sort of page that shows trending topics - topics that are new but getting a lot of activity - I think would be a good addition to this site. When FatWallet started 18 years ago tomorrow actually it was a different environment. I know I go through periods where I am active and times where I am pulled away or just bored of it.

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And unfortunately during the BF time, neither site could hold a candle to SD for hot deals. FWF had the membership to handle that come-and-go involvement. Hopefully Fragile can do the same. Of course that further limits involvement in either. What this site is missing compared to FW is the front page that shows the 5 hottest topics from each category.

I miss that. I try to read most of the Finance section. Sometimes, less is more. Where did all the fatwalleters go? I hope you are doing well. Deal site FatWallet FW will soon be shutting down. I had written a thread then, but decided not to post it until the news became official. Please feel free to share your thoughts regarding this news. I actually had an SD account that is years older than that, but I can no longer remember it.

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Both FW and SD have been major parts of my life. Slickdeals rules note: FW is or was a major competitor to Slickdeals, so I'm not certain if this thread is allowed.

OT - Good sites for "hot deals" besides here and fatwallet?

However, I suppose if FW is shutting down, it doesn't really matter. A moderator may remove this thread if he or she sees it, of course. Thank you. Take care, Tofu Vic. Add Comment Reply. If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

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Deal site FatWallet will be shutting down

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L6: Expert. Quote from Switching2Geico :. New User. L3: Novice. FW had the absolute best mobile website ever. When they changed it I left.

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Despite numerous complaints from me and others about the change the would not budge on the horrible decision. They refused to listen to us and they drove themselves out of business. Companies need to listen to the consumer.

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