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It appears that only one man was working and many customers were looking for attention.


It looked like it might be a while. Eventually, cars began to move. Driving with civility is not necessarily a thing here, but, really? My dad and I looked at each other incredulously. Then, he told me to hop out of the car and address this matter.

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Dutifully, I knocked on this drivers window, asking him to roll it down. Clueless, he was a bit irritated at the intrusion.

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Did he not see us? He explained that he had bought a coupon from an app.

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What happened to the guy I was just in the car with?! My father agrees. Both nodding and smiling in alliance. Scene fades out. I showed up in a blaze of emotion, instead of taking a deep breath and being more thoughtful in my approach. This was not the ending I had imagined. The traditional meaning of the Seven of Cups is having many options to choose from, believing in limitless possibilities and getting to pick and choose. This card suggests that when considering your future goals and ideals, decisions should be made with care. This shadowed silhouette is not the first nor will he be the last to fantasize about future achievements.

We all must have something to aspire to.

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In the Seven of Cups you are asked to look at your unrealistic ideals, flesh out your priorities and then to sideline that which is not worth pursuing. The Cups are the suit of love, emotions, the subconscious and that which is fleeting, transitory or short lived. Does an offer seem too good to be true? Do not make any hasty decisions.

Do you sometimes feel that life is at a standstill or that you are standing at a crossroads? Choosing the right path feels so weighted. What if you took a pause? You are encouraged to use your intuition and instincts to formulate that next action. There is a warning of excess and letting the things that matter most slide into distraction. Who are you trying to please? What are your currently doing in order to realize your ambitions? Would adapting or changing a current goal make it more attainable?

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There are so many fantastic decks out there to choose from, but I began to focus more on self-published decks after coming across the lovely mashup of vintage cards in the Deck of the Bastard created by Seven Stars at Tarot by Seven. I had looked around for vintage cards, and the prices just about made my eyes pop out of my head! When I found the Deck of the Bastard I was in love with both the cards and the price!

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If you have any sort of inclination towards things vintage and love tarot, this is THE shop for you! No sticky cards and they glide out of the deck like a dream! Deck of the Bastard.

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One of my favorite features of the decks she creates is the many custom options she provides. I also had the wonderful experience of having her read for me, and her reading was so helpful; it confirmed some intuitive feelings I was having but not totally accepting. It really helped set me back on track and helped me appreciate my situation more deeply. More about Seven Stars:. For years I was a street reader in Omaha now I read all over. I have been reading cards since I had a lot of things I wanted in a deck.

I wanted a useable, vintage deck that looked weathered, like it had been handed down for generations. And so, after a lot of work, I came up with the Deck of the Bastard — a compilation of several old decks that I put together in such a way as to make one contiguous looking set.