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Maaco provide coupons for auto paint job, bumper repair and etc. Check for right coupons specials With more than 20 million cars serviced, Maaco is the 1 body shop in North America to help you turn the car you drive, back into the car you love. Submissions without photos may not be accepted. Power air fryer oven promo code. Lezhin coupon code. Trycuevapor coupon code. Chumba casino promotion links.

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Stepbet promo code. Lemonaid health promo code. Fastkey promo code. Hawksnest tubing promo code. Maaco 50 Percent Off Coupon - allspecialcoupons. Coupons On Paint - coupons4travel. Maaco Coupons mobile, online and printable discount May Auto Paint and Collision Repair Maaco. There are 4 areas of exposed metal. The minor body work, realigning the front fender and replacing the wheel well liner, was not done.

They painted my license plate. Since then, I have called both the corporate office and the customer service line to be told they will "take a message and someone will call you back. I was advised by customer service representative Adil, that he cannot provide the name of his supervisor. Adil further stated "for security reasons" he cannot tell me how to contact the resolution team.

I am really tired of getting the run around. These people are frauds. Never again, Maaco, never again. This was a horrible experience due to the fact of my paint has gray drips within it on both sides of my vehicle and most of my underbody was painted in the process.

I spent too much money for this to be the outcome. The worst part is I have a big truck and I picked bright white so this this bad paint job really stands out. This is an update of the review from 1 year ago when the rust on my truck was repaired. My original review was a 5 stars due to the great job they did. They cut out the rusted area and welded in a new metal area. The manager did not let me know that there was a gap between the original fender and the metal that they replaced would be a big area of concern that the rust would come right back.

If I knew, it would have sealed off that area myself. So basically I am out Unless you are having your vehicle fixed to turn it in for a trade; don't have it repaired by Maaco. I tried 4 times to ask Maaco to remedy this issue and after each time was that they won't repair it at their cost and maybe give me a discounted price to re-do it. My warning to you is not to do any rust repair at Maaco. They will just take your money and the rust will return. Save your money and go elsewhere and get a quality repair.

I would give it NO stars if possible. My story can go on for pages but I'm exhausted by this experience and called corporate to step in and handle further! Like, wow! My project totaled just around 1, with minor body work, so minor I even could've done it myself!!

They failed on doing that properly too! This location is horrible, really it is crap. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. For what I was paying, I thought they'd actually apply paint to the entire bumper. Not so They sprayed just enough paint to cover the 3" x 3" bodywork area they did blend that in well enough , then applied a single coat of clear coat to the entire bumper. Now all my little scratches and dings show up very nicely.

Oh, and they take no responsibility for over-spray that is clearly their fault. After taking off the wrap from my car it ended up peeling some of my paint off with it. So I decided to take my car to Maaco to get it repainted, big mistake. When I took the car there they said they would take off the rest of the wrap that was left on the car before painting it for more money, keep this in mind. I chose my color and they said it would take around a week to finish. My car ended up taking more than two weeks to finish and when I got it back they had painted it the wrong color.

I had asked for black paint and they gave me a weird almost black purple color. The overall review of the paint job is a 1 out of They had also left the inside of my car dirty and dusty. Extremely disappointed and will never take my car back there again. We aren't talking about a bad server that messed up your dining experience.

We are talking about something that cost way more money and if messed up ruins way more than a night!!! My car looks like a five year old painted it. My car is I don't know how many colors of white cause it took them a few times to make it the original color which is "pearl". They did the worst job I could've paid for and got me fired from a job that I told them I had to have my car back for.

They don't care how many spots get painted that shouldn't. They don't care about over spray. They don't care about detailing. They did the worst job ever. My paint is an entirely different white on one side. My car had an actual professional pinstripe company put them on not a BS Maaco. Including things they weren't supposed to touch. They keep your car so long that by the time you get it back you are desperate and don't notice all the mess ups. Don't bring your car here. They seriously have no idea nor care about the stress they will put you through!!!

My car needed body work due to someone backing into it and damaging the bumper.

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I called and spoke to Nico about stopping in and getting an estimate. The day I stopped in, Nico was working. He was very pleasant and had my estimate within 10 minutes. Because the person at fault recommended Maaco, I chose to go ahead and use their services. Nico quoted me days for repair. He also hooked me up with a car rental place and between the 2 businesses, I had no issues with getting my car dropped off to Maaco and picked up by the rental agency. Maaco had my car done in 3 days. The work was done exceptionally well. There is no sign of any kind of damage. They also had my car washed and vacuumed!

This was a very pleasant surprise. I had to take the truck to another company to have the problem fixed on the advice of a Maaco worker.

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After receiving my truck back I had a problem with my door. They actually referred me to go somewhere else!!! Your one star rating of the company says everything! I would suggest people to take your car or truck to another company if you want it done correctly. Took my Ford Freestar in for a paint job. There was no body damage, just a lot of stone chips. The job was done terribly, loads of overspray and paint runs. The emblems on the rear hatch were reversed. They re-painted it a month later and now there was more overspray and new paint runs.

The rear emblems were missing and could not be found. The management had been fired and a new operator in charge. He has been less than helpful. Has ordered replacement emblems for the rear he says. Don't be suckered by the price, find a reputable shop. We saved our money, we care for my 95 year old father in law, a war veteran The truck was a symbol of ten years of struggles, and Bill in Manchester, CT lied to me through his teeth after extensive conversations about our goal.

I paid for a truck that is bond over rust, parts that were never installed, and they left a stucco racing stripe of dust on the roof where they did not paint it. He has an F BBB rating, and he is stringing me along They changed of price, from to , the manager very unpolite, he insult me front to employees.

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Is this an American company? No respect to customer. Be careful. Maaco ruined my truck. They said I would not see any paint on my trim. Every single piece of trim is partially painted. My grill, lights, bed liner and many under truck components all painted. They got white paint on my leather interior as well. I have never experienced a shop so bad with so little remorse. Despite a 5 year warranty I will not bring my truck in despite the fact a year later pint is peeling off.

Wish I could give these guys stars. Since August Josh was supposed to call to get a supplement. After calling and leaving various emails I found out from insurance he'd never called. Finally got everything sorted out or so I thought, took my vehicle in on a Monday morning. Come Friday I was told insurance still hadn't approved supplement, I went for my truck as they do not work weekends. Several of my sons belonging were missing, belongings that were in the glove box as well, they had no business in the glove box. We were not told to empty out vehicle as they claim and we didn't know they had thieves working for them.

At least 10 dollars in change, my sons baseball bat, his iPhone charger and a baseball bat flashlight. Instead of questioning employees they stated it was our fault for leaving belongings in vehicle. And it wasn't even worked on so it shouldn't of been touched, never again. Less than a year ago I had my Toyota Camry painted by Maaco. The paint on the bumper is has cracked with lines in it.

My husband went on the 24th of September and spoke with Omar, who stated to bring the car back on Monday and they would take care of the problem, as it is still under the one year warranty. We dropped the car off on Sunday, Sept. I asked him several times if he was confusing me with someone else, he stated no. I told him that they painted my entire car. I also, asked why they had not begun work. He claims they have tried calling my husband several times and he hasn't answered. I informed Irving that I spoke with my husband about an hour ago and he had not received any calls from them.

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He had no missed calls and that is why I was calling. Irving goes on to say that we have no warranty. I told him I would contact my husband and he will be calling them and that they need to honor the warranty. In the middle of my sentence Irving hung up on me.

Total lack of professionalism. I will never use Maaco again. Maaco gives you the runaround and do not stand behind their work. They make excuses and continuous try to charge you extra money. Lucky for me Maaco, I have all my paperwork, even the last one from Omar, so get it right or get ready. And I have no problem sharing this story with any and everybody on social media. Brought my older truck to get a paint job.

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It was a flat black with 3 small rust holes. We were told they cannot warranty the paint due to the current paint and they don't strip down. They did state it would be car show quality. To my surprise, they would not only not warranty their paint but they won't warranty their workmanship. Both the Fridley, MN shop and corporate headquarters would not correct or refund their workmanship flaws. The flaws include missed paint spots, paint chips like a tool hit the new paint and severe paint runs. When I pointed out the paint runs, one worker agreed these were paint runs and would need to be fixed.

The store manager argued these were flaws part of my car even though I have pictures showing a smooth body before their work. They agreed to fix the paint chip but really only applied some paint without the sealer or smoothing. For the paint chip, they literally gave me some touch up paint for me to correct myself.

When I pointed out the missing sealcoat, their solution was for me to use clear finger nail polish. It really shows me a company who really doesn't respect cars, know what they are doing and don't care for the customer. Think twice before using Maaco. Car was not ready on time.

Brought car back because the driver door and back door were not lined up as promised. Never got my money back. I had to take my car to another place to get the door fixed right. MAACO made car worse. Air and rain coming through. Received attitude and they lied and tried to blame me for the car door. I don't even have the tools to remove the parts.

They had paint on the door handle and a few spots where it dripped. I don't see the two coats. Rip off. I know it was because I was a woman. Another woman had to bring back her car because it was not done correctly. I brought my pick up in for some body work and a paint job. They told me it would take up to 10 days to finish. Two weeks later I went by to find out what was taking so long.

I was told that they needed until Friday to finish. Two days later Wednesday they called and said they were through.

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I went in to find that they had only painted the parts of the truck that were repaired and nothing else. I was told then that if I wanted a whole truck paint job that it would cost much more. I feel duped. I took my Buick Reatta to Maaco in myrtle beach for midlevel paint job.

When I picked my car up, paid the charge. Door jams are not included in estimate, that seems weird because how do you give an estimate for whole car with door jams not included and why not tell the customer that up front. Once I arrived home I noticed that two spots on front, not hood but that little piece at the bottom made of rubber or hard plastic it looked like they had painted over a spider web or something I immediately called and was told to bring the car back.

On Monday, I took my car back and was told that this is body damage and there would be an additional charge to repair. My question is if this was body damage, why would the technician paint over it, why was it not brought to my attention initially. This makes no sense to me.

After leaving Maaco, I stopped in another body shop to get a second opinion. I was told that this is would not have occurred if the car had been buffed properly.

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I filed a complaint with Maaco corporate office, received a phone call from Manager of Maaco here in Myrtle Beach who stated "I told you what I am willing to do. Went to Maaco in Laurel. They fix the problem but messed up my car, I took it right back. Mike went under my car because he knew what they had done and said they forgot to put it back. I only told him my car was making a noise and I thought it had a flat. He knew. Now they will not fix what they broke. Never go there! When I took my van to Maaco to get an estimate on painting it, the salesman quoted me a good price after he walked around it.

Then told me it will be ready in about a week. After a long argument, he told me he's going to check with his manager. He called me two days later to inform me the van is ready and they fixed the rear windshield.