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There is a loophole, supposedly you can exchange aeroplan for Luftansa or United, then book with them for low surcharge, possibly on codeshare or non direct flights. Bonus if you get a US cc with United miles bonus or something like that. I did not look too closely. Instead I max out on cash back cards and collect hotel reward points. Hotel rewards can be nice and easy to redeem. Catch is if you do not stay at that hotel.

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The return is basically 1. It used to be really good because you could push a request for redeeming toward any travel purchase at that rate, which was really broad Parking, theatre tickets, VIA rail, gas on occasion , but have since reduced the return rate for anytime redmption. I bank already with them and the foreign transaction fee makes sense for the next while Look up greedyrates. I was looking at the Westjet one with the companion passes. I agree that it seems enticing. I think after reading for hours all the different cards I got a little confused Thank you all for the tips.

I get the aeroplan sucks part of it. That was the one reason i started collecting aeroplan in the first place was to do this one trip and it wasn't worth while using it. I also need another permanent long term history card because i eventually want to shut down my one oldest card for something more useful. I know not to do it right away. In order to use Aeroplan points without getting hit by huge surcharges Looking at you air Canada you have to google the list of companies that don't charge surcharges and plan your trip around the different flight offers.

There are also detailed guides on how to use the aeroplan and other carrier websites in order to find the flights that have the lowest surcharges. Redflagdeals is another Website you can use to track specials for both items and credit cards. They usually pick out the best credit cards offers with an associated website that offers a giftcard if you pass through their portal. Update: I received my new TD Aeroplan card. I plan to use this card to accumulate 30, miles. Get 15, for first purchase then 10, after remaining active for the first 90 days.

I called before activating and tried to argue to have the fee waived. No success on the first call. Tried again. Also, no success. I got a definite maybe on that one. Quote from: meghan88 on November 22, , AM. Gerard Handlebar Stache Posts: Location: eastern canada.

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Often free to sign up, and Amex points transfer to Aeroplan, and you get two points per dollar spent for travel purchases. Plus, they give you points for referrals. If you and a spouse are signing up, make sure one of you signs up first and refers the other one. Hotels and gift cards are bad A really really good use of points: long-haul North American return tickets, especially to less competitive destinations, with a free stopover.

Go with United or Swiss or Turkish among others instead. If you want someone to fly on your points, just book the ticket yourself. Take-away message: Any Canadian with good credit who's new to this should be able to score 70, points in sign-up bonuses Amex, TD, CIBC , and with a little work find some pretty decent trips to spend them on. Thanks Gerald, that is a great summary and exactly what I plan on doing. I realize the Aeroplan booking is a pain in the ass and they charge high fees but I want to subsidize a few trips so this is a great way to do it.

I cannot expect to get that deal every time. MMMdude Bristles Posts: I'm a big churner and typically our two vacations per year are largely paid for by these travel rewards. And as for Aeroplan sucking for flights - for the most part yes, however there are alot of resources online to figure out how to maximize the points for overseas travel. Prairies to "Eastern Europe". That was a good deal. Quote from: K-ice on December 04, , PM. Just signed up for the Amazon. No annual fee.

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Not better then other cashback cards. Will call and cut up when it arrives. US is certainly more lucrative but the Cdn game is worth playing. I quickly learned that even after a lot of reading, I don't always understand the intricacies of redemption. I made it work - but not for my original redemption plans. Still, I felt it was worth it and even kept the card for years until I couldn't convince DH to keep paying the annual fees we discovered the fun of churning. A couple of years ago, I got the Marriott CC and thought that was pretty worth it.

It's one I recommend to newbie friends because it is a very tangible value and its relatively easy to redeem and understand. I like the Starwood CC but the annual fee kills. I did suck it up and pay the annual fee this year because I was working on earning points for a specific redemption.

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