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Read more local news from Across America. You're now signed up for local updates. Daily Newsletter The latest Across America news delivered to your inbox every morning. Let's go! It may not have the fancy name, but this X optic is definitely good enough to win long-range benchrest and F-Class matches. On a value-for-money basis, then, the Sightron x60mm makes sense for competitors on a budget. The money you save vs. We like that PPS M2 pistol. It is the carry choice of our System Administrator. This 2. The exterior is constructed of D PVC coated polyester fabric on top, and D PVC coated polyester on part of the bottom, making this mat highly abrasion resistant.

When not in use, the mat conveniently stores in the zippered storage pouch. This is a good choice for varmint hunts, or any application where you need to move around with all your gear. If you shoot long range, you need a scope level. This Discovery scope level is fully CNC-machined to close tolerances for a good fit. Though relatively inexpensive, the TSN is used by many top marksmen.

At these prices, you can outfit the whole family, or donate a few sets to your local youth program. The RCBS Quick Change Powder Funnel Kit features five 5 adapters that match case mouth diameter for specific cartridge ranges: caliber, caliber, caliber, caliber, 40 caliber and higher. The Funnel Kit includes a handy 4-inch drop tube.

This is a very good, thickly-padded mat, with unique features — twin side wings for gear. The left wing has a zippered compartment while the right wing has a large pouch that can hold ammo box, rangefinder, or other gear. Up front is a handy bipod stop. The mat rolls up into a convenient package complete with adjustable shoulder strap. With a Lifetime Guarantee , this mat has earned very positive user reviews — 4. The added wing area has plenty of room for ammo, elbows and miscellaneous gear. It has two sewn-in bipod stops and the padding is just right. It is very well built, love it!

Just add barrel, buttstock, trigger group, controls, and your bolt carrier group.

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  • Army chief: You want a new pistol? Send me to Cabela's with $17 million.

Note: This Kit will work with the. If you want to shoot a 6. This is optimized for use in bolt-action rifles. Test lots have proven reliable with much better than average ED and SD and solid accuracy. Though still very affordable, this GECO. If you are looking for a reliable medium-power zoom optic for a varmint rig or hunting rifle, check out these bargains: Sightron x42mm Plex and Sightron x42mm Target AO Plex.

With ballistics far superior to a. Now you can get a reliable, name brand 17 HMR rifle for a very attractive price. That includes two 2 comb units and a FREE padded carry sling. FFL required. At yards the high-contrast black diamond centers provide precise aiming points. We found this pack of target spots on Amazon at a rock-bottom price. Got patches?

1. Cabela’s honors advertised sales a day before prices go live.

For 6mm rifles, we actually like the 1. Choose either round patches or square patches in most sizes. We generally like round patches for use with spire-tip jags, but some shooters prefer to wrap their patches around a jag or brush and square patches work better for wrapping. Between shooting, motorcycling and mowing lawns, I probably have Max plugs in my ears days a week.

This is a very good price for a bulk pack of 50 pairs plugs. And if you act soon, you can get free shipping to boot. Midsouth Shooters Supply is now carrying the advanced Labradar chronograph. This unique unit allows you to measure your shots without having to set up a tripod and skyscreens downrange. You can also purchase the Labradar from Bruno Shooters Supply.

NOTE: Very soon Labradar plans to offer Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to control the machine remotely with your mobile device. This functionality will come via new software — the Bluetooth transceiver is built-in to all current Labradar units, so you can buy one now and use Bluetooth later when the software is released.

We like the relatively compact Special 5 press for most reloading duties. Eventually you may want to add an additional, large heavy press, but this will get the job done. The machine-engraved receiver features a polished blued finish, and is glass bedded into the stock. The free-floating barrel is high-gloss blued, hand-chambered and finished with a target crown. The stock is a high gloss AAA maple with rosewood fore-end and pistol grip cap.

These are very nice rifles that any shooter would be proud to own. This Editor has ordered one as a gift to a family member — that should say something. This Plano X2 Range Bag System combines a plastic ammo can-type container with a two-pistol hardshell case, both enclosed in a durable, padded fabric cover with many pockets. This handy system lets you keep pistols in a separate locked compartment while still accessing ammo, muffs and other gear from the main compartment, which can also be secured with a padlock.

This is a clever, versatile design, and owner reviews have been very positive:. It comes with a nice gun case, more pockets than shown, plenty of storage for earphones, several boxes of ammo and room to spare. Would buy again! This is an ammo can with pockets for all your other gear. Everyone can use a round case of 9mm Luger Ammo. Rated at fps, this 9mm ammo was very reliable, and the boxer-primed cases are reloadable.

Army chief: You want a new pistol? Send me to Cabela's with $17 million

For basic work, such as viewing pistol targets, or spotting hits out to yards, this bargain basement Simmons should suffice. Read the owner reviews — they have been surprisingly good. This scope will also work for general recreational use. Hard to beat for fifty bucks. These 34 dB NRR earmuffs provide excellent sound protection without being too heavy and bulky. The lower section of the muff is trimmed for a narrower profile — that helps with rifle and shotgun stocks. The headband is adjustable and has comfortable padding. NOTE: These fit pretty tight.

If you have a very large hat size you might want a different brand. Reloading Manual. Our Forum members have rated this as the best Loading Manual for starting hand-loaders.

This 50th Edition, the first to be produced in full color, includes more load data, and covers more cartridges than ever before. New Cartridges Include: 17 Hornet, 6. Even if you have a good set of calipers, you may want to get one of these Neiko A Digital Calipers. The 1 best-selling digital caliper on Amazon.

Amazing DEAL: $229.88 – $50.00 Rebate = $179.88 Net Price!

With over customer reviews, this product has earned an overall rating of 4. Every rifle owner should have a handy, portable workstation like this. It is great for barrel cleaning, bore-scoping, trigger-tuning, and general maintenance tasks.

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The large forward compartment holds bolts, large parts, brushes, and tools. That said, these types of gun vises are not perfect. The front cradle will NOT fit rifles with forearms wider than 3 inches. And if your butt-stock is very shallow vertically from comb down to toe, it may not fit the rear clamping system very well. Right now Cabelas.

This XPR is offered is a wide variety of chamberings including:. The rifle has nice controls — two-position safety, bolt-release button, and cocking indicator. The action comes drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The ergos are good, the action runs smoothly and feeds reliably.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guns & Ammo Deals

Winchester wanted their piece of the pie in the entry level rifle market and they seemed to nail this one. Shoots sub-MOA with cheap factory ammo. Every Monday morning we offer our Bargain selections. You could pay that much just for a barrel. The crisp trigger adjusts down to 3 pounds. With a weight before optics of 6.

We like this rifle. We attribute the reduced drag of the new grainer to an improved hybrid-ogive bullet shape along with smaller meplats and we believe pointed tips. You may want to pick up powder and primers too. The L-N-L bushings allow fast die changes. Need a reliable, high-magnification scope for your benchrest rifle, but on a tight budget? Then look no further.

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These Weaver scopes are renown for their repeatability and precise clicks. In addition, all orders are eligible for free shipping. Yet, be sure to check out their other sales and promotions—you could be enjoying a cigar or free one-year NRA membership. The Mako Group is the exclusive importer and U. Basic Instruction. Bray Memorial Scholarship Marion P. Our list of great sales within the hunting, firearms and outdoors industries. Comments On This Article.