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Just look at all the advertisements, gadgets, and methods out there for wrangling pubes. Should you nix your monthly wax? Are there benefits to having a bush?


So how do you decide what to do with your hair down there? Your hair will only grow to a short length. You can trim or shape to your liking using a dedicated pube clipper, trimmer, or haircutting shears. Pro tip: If you use scissors, disinfect them first. Designate the tool as your official pube cutter. This creates opportunity for bacteria to enter. Slather on a moisturizer and an over-the-counter cortisone cream afterward to counteract any irritation.

Avoid applying products around the vaginal opening.

The No BS Guide to Healthy, Well-Groomed Pubic Hair

Waxing and threading both yank hair out by the root. According to Friedler, this could expose the follicle to infections like:. A recent study suggests that waxing may leave you more vulnerable to the skin virus molluscum contagiosum. Burns from both DIY and professional waxing are also a concern, Buka adds. Just choose a reputable salon that follows proper protocol. Your aesthetician should have a clean workstation, wear gloves, and never double dip the waxing stick. They should also have you fill out a consultation form prior to your first treatment.

The waxing or threading table should be draped with a clean, disposable paper. Chemical depilatories break down hair so it washes away from your skin. Although convenient to use, they can lead to allergic reactions and irritation. Many people are sensitive to these products. Be sure to do a small patch test on your skin before trying on a larger area. Avoid using near the vaginal opening. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are different methods of long-term hair removal. With electrolysis, Buka says scar tissue is a concern.

When it comes to both of these options, Buka recommends finding a trained medical professional to administer the treatments.


Think twice before jumping on a coupon-code bandwagon without doing your homework. Although pubic hair has many modern purposes, it likely played a larger role in health long before humans had an array of undies or chafe-resistant leggings in their dresser drawers.

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These days you can do as you please: Keep it all, trim it up, or go buff. If you do decide to head to the salon for a waxing sesh, communication is everything. Clients can work towards their fitness goals thanks to five- or ten-trip pass or one-month access to classes like HIIT or antigravity yoga.

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