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So he set about writing a documentary on the Krogers' entrapment which appeared on BBC television in But the story still haunted him. Whitemore said in an interview in Boston, where the show played for three weeks before moving to Broadway's Royale Theater.

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Like the Searches, or the Jacksons, his family were solid members of the lower middle class, ''decent, honorable people, living a bland, uneventful suburban life. Whitemore observed. Bit by bit, Mr. Whitemore decided to go back to the spy case and ''use the theater to show what happens when ordinary people are caught up in a moral and emotional dilemma.

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  • He kept the factual details of the Lonsdale affair, but in a nice twist, used his own parents as the model for the Jacksons. Search three times, but I knew Gay very well and I knew enough to realize the families were very similar,'' he explained. View all New York Times newsletters. I just had to ask myself, what would have happened if it had been my parents.

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    When ''Pack of Lies'' was showing in London last year, his parents came to see it ''and recognized themselves, with some pleasure, I might add,'' Mr. Whitemore said. The playwright, who is 48 years old and a former actor, seems intrigued by deception in the heart of domesticity. This week is an important one for Mr. To Mr. Whitemore, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Lonsdale affair was that Barbara, the housewife, actually outsmarted Helen Kroger, a trained spy and a colonel in the K.

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    In real life Mrs. Search almost cracked and gave away the secret to her friend. It was at Christmas, and Barbara wanted to put a warning message saying ''Go'' in a mince pie she had baked for the Krogers.

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    • But she didn't. Whitemore omitted the episode from the play.

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      Morris Cohen had grown up in the Depression, fought in the Spanish Civil War and became an antiquarian book dealer as well as an ardent member of the Communist Party. He moved to London at the age of eight, when his father began working for the KGB. He then went on to study the history of art at Christie's in London. He has lived in the UK ever since, and became a British citizen with dual nationality in Circulation tripled immediately to , On 26 October , the i newspaper was launched, the first national daily newspaper to be launched in the UK since The Independent in , at a time of falling newspaper circulations and title closures worldwide.

      Lebedev takes a hands-off approach to the commercial and editorial management of his papers, as is evident from their diverse endorsements at British general elections. He is a strong supporter of press freedom. In he launched The Journalism Foundation, to promote "free and independent journalism throughout the world", although it was closed down after a year. The papers have been described as "progressive" in The New York Times. Some of the editors in Lebedev's newspaper group are unusually young; Rajan and the i editor, Oliver Duff , are both in their early thirties.

      In February , it was announced that Independent Press Ltd had reached an agreement to sell the i to Johnston Press , and that The Independent would become digital-only from March Lebedev travels widely as a journalist and has interviewed global leaders including Hamid Karzai , Ismail Haniyeh , Mikhail Gorbachev and Alexander Lukashenko. In he interviewed the Ku Klux Klan at their Arkansas headquarters, while in he investigated the drug wars in Mexico. Lebedev is the chairman of the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation , which was founded with Mikhail Gorbachev in , to help children with cancer.

      Lebedev has spearheaded a number of campaigns and fundraising appeals run by the Evening Standard and The Independent , including the Homeless Veterans Campaign in ; the Space for Giants Elephant Campaign in ; and the Child Soldiers campaign in Lebedev is now a patron for Space for Giants, an international conservation charity. If flying into Gatwick, either get on the coach or purchase a one-day travel card for all London zones. It works wonders on buses, tubes and most trains. This is the cheapest option, and it saves you 95p a pop. You could try hop-on-hop-off tourist buses The Big Bus Company or get on the 52 from Victoria to see Harrods and other treasures from the top of the red double-decker like true Londoners.

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      Why not discover the city on foot? Many of the famous sights such as the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace patiently await you and your camera in the very centre. Walk through regal areas such as Primrose Hill, Holland Park, Westbourne Grove and Chelsea and mingle with businesspeople, spoilt spouses and their posh poodles.

      They offer high discounts 65 percent percent on hotspot restaurants, bars and other hip London events. The half-price booth on Leicester Square also sells half-price West-End theatre tickets for performances on the day. To compensate for walking around, hitch a ride on the Ghost Tour Bus, especially around Halloween.

      Food-wise you can be creative. Certain eateries offer student discounts.