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There were about eight gates open each with about people in line. We had unfortunately gotten season passes online so we had to wait in an equally long line to have our photos taken. After you get your ticket you have to get into another long line to enter the park. The staff is not professional at all. It must have been extra horrible since we went on the weekend but it was so crowded you could barely breath. The majority of the customers are rude and scantly dressed.

There is also a lot of cursing and smoking. People were passing by talking about how they didn't care if they went to jail because they wanted to beat somebody to death. I mean at certain points I was starting to feel like what it would be like on a good day in hell. The staff is so slow and not very bright. I am sure there were a few that were nice but they wouldn't have much incentive to stay that way.

From the time we got within one mile of the park to riding one ride it took five hours. Needless to say we could not stand to be present in that misery for any longer. Once we finally got back to our car aroun 6 p. There were also questionable people hanging around looking into cars and there was no one around working so you could very easily get robbed and die and no one would notice.

Please save your money and go somewhere nice! First of all, the staff was very nice and the park was clean. That was the positive part of the review. A fair amount of rides were closed or perpetually breaking down. We had more fun at the waterpark but even there they kept shutting down the Tidal Wave pool. I did find the food slighlty more interesting than our home Six Flags Great Adventure. If you have a season pass you may not mind stopping by with the kids - if you don't have one - skip it. The park oversells season tickets and has no way of accomodating their customers to actually get their season passes without waiting in hours lines.

I waited 1.

A customer service employee told me I had to go back into the 2 hour line. I asked for a comment form so I could "suggest" they improve their process and was told the form could only be filled out there - I couldn't take it home to give a thoughtful critique. So, knowing that my comments would go straight in the trash, I guess I'm better off expressing my displeasure online in hopes that one of you readers will learn from my bad experiences. Several of the rides were not operating - and I've been to the park several times so far this summer.

I think they have trouble staffing the place, and I worry what they'll so as the season goes on and more people go to the park. All in all, I find this park dirty, dingy, sad, and pathetic. If I didn't live so close by I don't think I would go - I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Next year I know better than to purchase the season ticket; this is not a park I will ever go to again after this year.

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HersheyPark to the north and Busch Gardens to the south are much better alternatives. Plus, their customer service employees actually do their jobs and strive to make their guests feel welcome. The park has a great reputation for thrill coasters, so if that's what you're after, you might enjoy yourself.

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If you get enticed by the cheap season pass offer, think twice - this is probably not a park you'll want to visit more than once. My 5 year old son and I have been going to Six-Flags America for the past 4 years as season pass holders. We went more than 12 times in Here are my observations: The park is for the most part old and in need of structural repair. The food is terrible for the most part, and the prices are SKY HIGH, We always pack a picnic lunch, get our hands stamped, eat at the picnic area on the right across the parking lot from the water park.

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This saves us a lot of money. The park has several rides for small children, but most are very dated, and many are closed often due to maintenance or staffing issues. Near the beginning and ending seasons every year, several rides and attractions are closed. Personally, I think they are having trouble recruiting and retaining new employees.

There are a few rides that have never been open in the 4 years we have been going to this park. They always sight "mechanical issues" as the problem. My favorite area is the Gotham City area, where several modern, steel roller coasters are operational. Beware of the carnival games which lure you into paying high prices for trash prizes. Regardless of it's flaws, my 5 year old absolutely loves going to this park, and the season pass is well worth the price for us since we go so much. The season pass also comes with a booklet of coupons for food and merchandise discounts.

There are also some "bring a friend for free" coupons, and a few coupons offering discount admissions certain times of the operating season. Also, look for coupons from Wendy's Restaurants who partner with Six-Flags. No need to pay full price when you can get in cheaper! Bottom line: If you are looking for fun without any frills, visit Six Flags America, but keep in mind this park was not originally built as Six-Flags. It was bought in by Six-Flags parent company and became Six-Flags, so keep this in mind while visiting. Don't forget to pack a lunch, leave it in a cooler in the car, and use the picnic tables free.

This will save you a bundle! Six Flags is the ghetto park of America. It is a shame. I have always lived no farther than 45 minutes from the park. As a child I went when it was Wild World.

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I have not been to Six Flags since The last time I went I felt like I always had to be on look out and have an escape root just in case. Line cutting was very common. The people at the food stands always seemed angry. The rides there are good and because of the Superman, I would say I like the rides better here than at Kings Dominion.

We will not return to this park. Instead of traveling 45 minutes we will drive the 2 to 2. I would recommend this Park to Roller Coaster enthusiast just to try out the Superman.

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