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Succulent prawns in a panko crumb with mild curry sauce, pickles and steamed rice. A tempting combination of chicken, pumpkin and prawn katsu topped with tonkatsu sauce. Sweet, firm Hokkaido scallops in Japanese panko breadcrumbs with a creamy wasabi dip. Crunchy vegetable and soya filled dumplings with soy vinegar dipping sauce.

Chicken and vegetable filled dumplings with soy vinegar dipping sauce. Goes With Sauvignon Blanc. Aromatic duck filled dumplings with hoisin dipping sauce. Goes With Merlot. Teriyaki glazed chicken thighs, sliced and diced hot off the grill. Thick cut salmon served hot from the grill with a teriyaki glaze.

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Allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Fish and Soya. Osaka's No. Lightly battered dough balls with octopus, topped with mayo, bonito and lots more. Authentic Japanese cabbage filled savoury pancake, topped with mayo, katsu sauce, spring onions and smoked bonito. Hoisin duck with house pickled cucumber in a fluffy Hirata bun.

Nagoya's favourite crispy fried chicken wings served with lime. Spicy marinated squid, fried until crisp and garnished with red chilli and spring onions. Kimchi marinated salmon and pickled red onions in a soft, pillowy Hirata bun.

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Flaked salmon and seabass on steamed rice with an umami broth, fragrant shiso leaf and yuzu furikake. Sweet and sour Japanese style; tempura seabass and house pickled vegetables on steamed rice. Goes With Gekkeikan Sake. Slow-braised pork belly and daikon in an aromatic sweet soy sauce on rice.

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Crunchy fresh vegetables, edamame and rice stir fried with shichimi chilli powder and sesame oil. Goes With Aloe Vera Drink. Our Yasai Chahan with fresh grilled chicken thigh. Our Yasai Chahan with flaked salmon. Yakisoba noodles in a tangy sauce served with crunchy fresh vegetables.


Our Yasai Yakisoba with fresh grilled chicken thigh. The Izakaya classic! Potato, quick-pickled vegetables and karashi mustard mayo dressing. Allergens: Eggs, Mustard and Soya. Pods sprinkled with salt flakes and spring onion. Suck out the beans straight from the pod!. Crunchy fresh salad with a nutty goma-sesame dressing.

Poached squid with quick-pickled spicy kimchi vegetables. Allergens: Fish, Molluscs and Sesame. Kimchi grilled chicken thigh and crunchy salad in a sesame soy dressing. Allergens: Eggs, Soya, Mustard. Crunchy cucumber and toasted sesame seed nori roll.

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Allergens: Sesame Seeds. Yellowfin tuna and wasabi nori roll. Allergens: Fish, Mustard. Veggie heaven; tamago, inari, avocado, cucumber and carrot nori roll with teriyaki and mayo. Fresh salmon and wasabi nori roll. Crispy chicken katsu nori roll with shichimi powder and tonkatsu sauce. Surimi, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise nori roll with toasted black and white sesame seeds. Chopped yellowfin tuna, spicy sriracha and rayu chilli oil nori roll with shichimi powder.

Salmon and avocado nori roll topped with rayu chilli oil, sriracha, mayo and spring onion. Goes With Coconut Water. Allergens: Eggs, Fish, Mustard and Soya. Our signature roll!

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Fresh salmon, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise roll with orange masago. Duck, cucumber and spring onion nori roll with hoisin and orange sauce. Allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Sesame and Soya. Seabass tempura, onion, cucumber and wasabi sauce nori roll with citrus yuzu furikake. California roll topped with fresh salmon, shichimi powder and spring onion.

Tempura crab, Japanese pickles, sweet chilli mayo, yuzu tobiko.

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Prawn katsu and avocado filled nori roll with dried purple shiso yukari. Goes With Prosecco. Prawn katsu and avocado nori roll with purple shiso yukari and spicy tuna topping. Our freshest cuts of thick-sliced salmon, with mooli and lemon. Allergens: Fish. But not only this, because their are many special discounts and promotions available too.

And that's why we're here. To offer you these and more. So, if on your next visit, you would like to save some money of the bill, use one of our money-saving deals. You won't regret it. Japanese food has become an increasingly popular choice when it comes to fast food in the UK mainly down to the efforts of Yo!

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  • They have popped in towns and cities all over the UK offering delicious food and healthy lunch opportunities which will give you something a little bit different. Pop into one of their restaurants for an easy quick service, simply sit down, pour your own water from the individual taps and pick off your favourite plates from the moving conveyer belt.

    You can also order online and either pick up from the restaurant or in certain places, get your food delivered straight to your door. All rights reserved. EX23 8LT. Menu Home. Money Saving Heroes Home. Restaurants Holidays Fashion Tech Toys. Sushi Offers last updated : 19 February Sunday Specials! Blue Mondays!

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