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Don't panic if everything is sold out online. Here's another reason to request a quote from AutoSlash: If our system doesn't find any results, our team gets an alert and we'll take an extra look at your request with the aim to find you something that will work. Sometimes a slight adjustment to the time, car size, or location can reveal options that were hidden. Don't feel pressured to buy insurance on the spot. In a hurry to pick up your car?

How To Find a Last-Minute Car Rental Deal

You might not have had time to research your insurance coverage. Keep in mind that rental agents work on commission, so they're going to recommend that you buy insurance from them. Just know that if you live in the U. Need some additional protection? AutoSlash has partnered with Sure to offer deeply discounted collision coverage—and you can even buy a policy the same day.

How to search for cheap rental cars

Do check walk-up rates as a last resort. If there really isn't anything available online, try walking up to the counter. Sometimes the reservations department will shut down online bookings to avoid overselling, but the lot will not actually be completely empty. Many rental companies compensate their employees for walk-up rentals, so the person behind the counter may be highly motivated to get you into a car.

Agents often have some flexibility on the rates, so try not to look too desperate or eager. Just politely ask what is their best rate—which signals to the agent that money is an object for you. When you hear the rate, feel free to try to negotiate or ask if there are any discounts available. Conversely, if you are truly desperate and willing to pay through the nose, tell the agent you want the collision coverage with your rental.

Most rental agents work on commission, and insurance is one of the biggest opportunities for bonuses.

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Letting an agent know that you want insurance is as good as waving a fistful of cash in front of him or her. Do stand your ground if you have a confirmed reservation. It doesn't matter whether you booked your rental car 30 minutes or three months ahead: a confirmed reservation is guaranteed, and major rental brands have official statements to back that up.

Here are some of our favorites:. If you wanted an SUV, but there are only Economy cars available, could you accept that instead and save yourself a few pennies along the way? Many car rental companies prefer drivers that are aged over 25, and will either not accept, or charge a premium for, a younger driver. In return for your stellar company, awesome Spotify playlists and on-point navigating skills, of course.

Many companies will also charge a premium for returning the car to a different location than where it was collected, so if this was your initial plan, consider whether you have the flexibility to instead return it to its original location. It may also be worth adjusting your pick up and drop off times, as this can make a difference both to what cars are available, and the price.

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Most car rental companies rent their cars out in 24 hour periods, meaning that you will be charged the same price for a rental of 25 hours as one of 48 hours. Renting a car at the last minute can be pricier than in advance, so try to keep any other additional costs to a minimum. The good news, is that this is the kind of thing disgruntled customers are very likely to write a review about — so make sure to look out for them before committing your own hard-earned cash. For Enterprise customers, a USAA membership will allow you to avoid the under 25 fee for drivers from Try not to book under your name.

If there are others in the group over 25 years old, ask them if they would be willing to rent the car in their name. If everyone is splitting the cost, it will benefit everyone.

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Discover other key tips for renting cars under Businesses frequently run promotions as a marketing tool to get new customers and beat the competition. If you have already gotten to the end of the purchasing process, a car company may not make you aware of any promotions.

10 BEST TIPS for SAVING ON RENTAL CARS - How to Rent a Vehicle for cheaper auto rates 2018

Be sure to ask what the current promotions are. If you do not ask they will not tell you.

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