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Call us toll-free to book an appointment or send us a message online. The gas range is one of the most used appliances in residential homes and the foodservice industry.

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A gas range that is not igniting or not heating correctly can stop you from preparing food, which can cost you time and money. Our trained technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot the most common issues related to gas equipment. Your family depends on your stove being in a good working condition to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. The success of your recipes can depend on your gas oven working in the best condition. Appliance Repair Service has trained technicians that can replace any part of any brand of gas oven.

If your dryer heats up, but the tumbler does not spin, we can help. Your dryer needs a professional gas dryer repair technician.

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Unfortunately, the technician was unable to repair my LG refrigerator, however, he sincerely did all he could to find a solution. The unit was simply too old outside the warranty and it would not have been cost-effective to pursue other avenues without a guarantee of success. The technician was very professional, personable and sympathetic to our issue.

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Our gas oven was repaired by technician, Chris who was very pleasant and polite to deal with. I also spoke to Amy and Rona who were pleasant and polite, as well. Top marks for such good personnel. With locations near Yorkdale, in Etobicoke and in Mississauga, this appliance specialist constantly has major deals on big brand names.

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It also does price matching and delivers. Corbeil offers delivery, but the team here will also pick up your old appliances and get rid of them for you. It's been around since and offer discounts on pretty much everything in store. Faulkner's has been around for 60 years and offer in-store specials and dealer promotions on all of its appliances.

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It also has a clearance centre for even bigger deals. This family run business in Brampton stands out because it also sells parts and offers servicing on its machines.

Kam Impex features cheap delivery, warranties and wholesale pricing on many of the small to mid-size appliances in store. Find a mix of discount, wholesale and retail pricing on a huge range of name brand appliances at this Canadian-owned business on St.

Why is it so hard to find a good gas range?

Clair East. This used appliance specialist in Scarborough has a showroom open every day but Sunday. Call ahead to make sure they have what you're looking for. Though TA has a showroom in Mississauga, you'll want to check out their clearance outlet on Arrow Road. They sell all sorts of major appliances. Depending on your cooking needs you may prefer gas, electric, induction, or dual fuel models.

Gas ranges have been a favorite cooking companion for ages due to their powerful, uniform heating ability. These models feature open flame burners to surround the bottom of your cookware completely, evenly heating pots and pans. The burners on a gas cooktop range from 5, BTUs up to 17, BTUs, making it easy for you select the burner best suited for your favorite cooking techniques. If you prefer a sleek, trendy design in your kitchen, you may want to look at glass-ceramic cooktops.

Generally, electric smoothtop cooktops feature a four element range, some include a fifth element designated as a warming zone. When the surface is hot from usage or residual heat, these cooktop alert with a hot surface indicator that lights up red.

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The major downfall to smooth cooking surface is they limit the type of cookware you can use. Ceramic-glass cooktops scratch easily, so you cannot use cast iron pans, stoneware, or glass on the cooking surface. Induction cooktops do not use traditional open-flame heating or electric heat; instead these cooktops use electromagnetic waves to heat your pots and pans directly, leaving the cooktop relatively cool.

In order for an induction cooktop to work properly, you must use the appropriate cookware on the cooking surface. Induction cooking works through electromagnetic fields; when you place a steel or cast iron pot or pan on the magnetic element it creates heat producing vibrations to heat the cookware directly. Commercial-style ranges are fueled by natural gas, and typically offer at least 8 burners.

These powerful stoves are not designed for traditional home kitchens. They are best suited for large kitchens, where you cook large meals for your family on a regular basis. Since these units are not designed to fit a traditional kitchen layout, you may need to redesign your kitchen cabinetry to allow enough space for the installation of a large commercial-style stove.

A dual fuel range is perfect for your kitchen if you want to ensure even heating in the oven cavity and on the cooktop.