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Asus has put a lot of effort in the keyboard layout, and utilizes the casing's entire width. Masculine hands benefit from the generous spacing because they can type comfortably. After some use, the lettering will probably be rubbed off. The right and left mouse buttons are integrated in the lower part where the drop is most distinct. The surface is matte, but relatively sleek.

It allows the fingers to glide fast and comfortably.

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The mouse driver does not offer any corresponding settings. Asus has installed an The screen is not AR-coated. Halos are not very visible on a black screen. However, the rather evolving contrast shifts, owing to the limited viewing angles typical for an inferior TN screen, quickly lead to unsightly color deviations and pale contrasts, when looking from the sides. Some competitors just barely achieve despite an identical maximum brightness.

This will very unlikely be the case due to the low computing power, as well as the low resolution. The competitors do an equally poor job. We examined the The DeltaE shifts are lower than we are used to from low-cost TN screens or this price range. A real calibration of every single screen would prevent any bluish cast.

The glossy screen does not make a particularly good impression outdoors. Images invert quickly when viewing from the sides. Contrast deviations will not distract the viewer quite as much horizontally; the margin is roughly 90 degrees here. This platform is used in most low-end convertibles or netbooks today. There is, however, a minor difference between the Atom, Celeron, and Pentium models.

The EeeBook XTA is predestined for undemanding computational tasks, though it can deal very well with simple parallel applications. Windows 8. The user could soon find the limits of the capacity. The reason for the extremely tight storage capacity is the recovery partition. The Atom comes in last in single-core rendering. The browser benchmarks show mixed results. Sometimes the X has the lead Kraken 1. More than 1. However, the X could keep the clock stable even in multi-core stress. We experienced an agile and fast system performance, which PCMark 7 also confirmed.

As long as no CPU stress test reduced the performance, we could switch between windows quickly, and run multiple applications simultaneously.

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The low storage capacity will be somewhat a constraint; only 14 GB is available in state of delivery gross capacity: 32 GB. Nevertheless, it easily outperforms the HDDs in the other competitors. The differences to HDD would normally be more pronounced. These buyers would be better off with an APU.


It is unlikely that users who do not care for games will have problems with the graphics core's performance. The image signal can be transmitted via micro-HDMI max. Nevertheless, we would not call it "gaming suitable" in our verdict. That is also the basic concept of the Bay Trail T platform. Consequently, we did not have to enter any rates for the review sample. The hard drive based competitors at least have a measurable HDD base noise, or a clacking produced by the read and write heads Aspire E3 fan-less.

Does the plastic casing stay acceptably cool despite the fan-less design? Acer's netbook is also the warmest of all named models while idling. We could only prompt the hot spots illustrated in the graph max. The speakers are on the device's front underside. Their sound quality is rather poor and codecs via tool cannot improve it either.

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The volume is not especially high. The latter 3. The XTA only offers the energy profile "balanced". Simple load via 3DMark only required 8. It is simply too low for the measuring device. The reason for this might be found in the power supply that provides the XTA with power via seven poles rather than two. Asus uses an angular plug for the first time ever. However, this rate is too high even for reading e-books because it was performed using minimum brightness, which is unsuitable for work. Asus allows a very dark setting in which almost nothing can be recognized even in darkness.

Does it leave the competitors breathless? The long battery life corresponds to the very low load and idle power consumption. Asus reduces the core properties of a netbook to a common denominator without forgoing a certain degree of quality and looks. The Bay Trail platform contributes to a decent office performance, which is slightly lower than in identically built netbooks. Highlights are the good contrast and exceptionally low power consumption.

The even lower power consumption of a Bay Trail Atom system during load and when idling.

5 things we love, hate about the ASUS X205 notebook

Lenovo S Celeron N , Euros. Best Displays , for University Students. Windows Laptop Bay Trail. Looks thin and elegant. But it's only plastic. Right: 2x USB 2. Front: no interfaces. Rear: no interfaces. Communication Asus uses an Accessories The manufacturer equips the inexpensive X with a Watt power supply. Warranty Asus includes a manufacturer's warranty of only one year with a pick-up and return service on the device.

Documentation in the box. Office for one year. Product registration. Product registration - what for?

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It has to be activated for buying a supplementary warranty. Asus Webstorage: 5 GB free of charge. Single uploads must not exceed MB. Webcam The webcam is very disappointing. Webcam pictures with x The pictures are faded, blurry, and useless. Input Devices. Keyboard Asus has put a lot of effort in the keyboard layout, and utilizes the casing's entire width.

Relatively wide layout and clear drop. The arrow keys are small, but separated. No halos, but early contrast shifts on the TN screen. X-Rite i1Pro 2. CalMAN Grayscale - light bluish cast. Minimum brightness, battery mode. Prime95 CPU 1. Cinebench R10 Sunspider Mozilla Kraken 1. Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. System Performance. PCMark 8 v2 Home.

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PCMark 7 Score. Storage Devices. CrystalDiskMark 3. Sequential Write: AS SSD. Graphics Card. Gaming Performance.

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May have light cosmetic blemishes in some cases. Buyer pays Return postage. They've utilised a technology used in the production of smartphone touch screens to give you a highly sensitive touchpad with accuracy. Suitable for multitasking, it is a good platform for working on Microsoft Office, watching movies, surfing the web or playing games. EeeBook X allows you to surf the net for up to 12 hours on a full charge. Windows 8. ASUS EeeBook X features compact dimensions, streamlined curves, a tactile finish and is available in four expressive colours.

A Pocket Sized Power Adapter. Even the adapter has been designed to keep you on-the-go. Measuring just 53 x 53 mm, the adapter of the ASUS EeeBook X is no bigger than your credit card and is small enough to put in your pocket. It even has a rectangular DC power connector jack that fits right-side up, or upside down. These high quality speakers direct sound towards you - fully immersing you as your favourite movies and music come to life.

Long Battery Life. To cater the needs of all customers, we offer two delivery options at checkout so you can choose one which best suits your requirements. In this option we will deliver your product free of cost but it will take 2 to 4 working days for the product to be delivered. If you want your desired product to be delivered next working day you will have to place your order before 3pm. This option does not include delivery on Saturday or Sunday. If you approved for a credit limit with PayPal Credit and use it for future purchase, the standard variable rate will apply.

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