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Good offers and discounts when we shopped during end of July. They held the furniture till mid-Sept , till we moved in. Really poor company Ordered something from the website that was supposed to come in working days Emailed after 2 weeks to see what was happening - no response Emailed after 3 weeks to see what was happening - no response Email from them after 4 weeks to say the order would not be dispatched Still no response after a further email to them AVOID if you actually want what you order. If I could give less than 1 star I would. Item not delivered.

Past from pillar to post to resolve an issue. Dragged their feet in resolving. More interested in emailing that picking up the phone. They have no empathy, sense of urgency. She is showering outside in a gazebo. The one we were using got buckled in the winds last weekend, hence the order of a new one. She cannot get upstairs to use the shower there so my dad and I put together this outside one for her. The gazebo provides some dignity for her. Order: Gazebo 3m x 3m Problem: Not delivered.

Average Joe's Pergola Depot

Apparently an issue with Yodel Resolve from them: investigation. No empathy. No sending out another, nothing. Problem 2: My mum cannot shower until we have a gazebo for her My Resolve: Can't wait for Home Delivery minimum it would seem 2 days to investigate, so have ordered another one through Amazon Prime. More expensive and still have to wait for it to be delivered. Phoned police and local paper about the issue. Why this investigation takes so long is beyond me. Everything is digital from the order to the signature which they haven't shown me yet, despite requests.

They have no compassion for the situation. Advice: Avoid using this company. Pay a little more maybe, but get a better service. Don't have anything to do with these people if you can possibly avoid it. They try to add delivery charges after you've completed an order and paid for it, then don't bother to answer e-mails. There are plenty of other places to buy from, so save yourself the grief, no matter how much you think you want what they're peddling! Then they charged 2.

Awful service. Good products, good service and good customer service Absolute joke of a company. Bed came for my son and had 12 bolts missing. Then realised two bars were missing and was promised all week they would be delivered the following day, they cane 5 days late! Absolutely no customer service from anyone I spoke to. How they are still in business I do not know!! I don't know why they are still in business,I waited in but no delivery then had to wait for my money back. Appalling customer service, brought and paid for item and received wrong items after waiting in all day.

Asked for refund told would have to wait until they had collected the wrongly delivered items. Sent me a wrong tracking number, then wrong dates. Not interested in dealing with me. Now I find my order is actually not available for days and not the days as promised before I purchased, Would never TRY to buy off them again Only gave a 1 star as 0 is not an option. Overview Reviews About.

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Write a review. Filter by:. It just looks easy to operate and easier than buying a gazebo-type canopy. It also adds some environment to a plain deck. A representative for SunSetter, who was a with the third party, came out. He was very nice, was easy to deal with and was fair. He also happened to be a contractor-installer with the third-party company. He and his team installed my awning.

They were excellent and the installation went very smoothly. They were quick and thorough. They answered every question I had and they also showed me how to operate everything which was a good thing because there was an issue with opening the door when the awning was extended. They fixed that. One of the guys even offered to install the hook for the motor on my inside door here so it would always be handy.

He did that voluntarily which was a little above and beyond. Our SunSetter awning came down with broken rafters. This has no reflection on the salesperson, but we've been waiting to repair and put it back up because of the rain. And it has not been done yet. It's laying in my garage. The thing that automatically recalls it did not work during a rainstorm. So, when I woke up in the morning, there was water on it, and it was standing about 3 feet above the ground instead of 6 or 7 feet up high.

So, I called and the guy that installed it came out. When they installed it, they put two bolts and two rafters on one side. And they only used one on the other side instead of two on both sides. So, we both felt that it was not installed properly. But he tightened it to see if he could get it, and I was in the house when he was doing this. And when he tightened it, I could hear this sound and all three of the rafters that it was hooked to cracked. They can be replaced and Dan and I had talked about it a couple of times. The last time I talked to him, I said, "I think I would just like to have my money back.

I don't really like the experience. I don't know if he's even reported this. I don't know how to proceed. I didn't realize how windy it gets out here. I only moved here about eight months ago. And I couldn't tell them that because I hadn't experienced a winter here. But now that I have, I don't think I want it up. It just doesn't fit this type of area. And the salesperson has been very nice, but he's offering to come out and make the repairs himself. I don't want him to do that. I want a professional contractor to do it because I'm gonna sell this house in about three to four months, and I have to be able to say it's structurally sound.

If it wasn't in this area, I would tell a friend to get SunSetter. They responded to me. It hasn't been an unpleasant experience. It's just that the issue is not resolved. Now, that I've not had it up, and after this long timeframe, I would rather just have my money back. It's not SunSetter's fault. I think they're good company. I used them because I've heard of them before. And in fact, one of the houses I almost bought in Riverside instead of coming out here had one of the awnings.

And I loved it. You just push a button. It goes out. You can pull it back if you want more light in the house. And that's one of the reasons why I did this. But, it doesn't work where I am. I'd recommend SunSetter to a friend. I researched this product quite a bit after trying other methods of shading our southwest facing rear deck with temporary and fixed structures which all had weather issues sails and canopies. A motorized awning with automatic wind protection seemed to me to be the best option short of a project to enclose a portion of the deck and modify our roof line.

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Awnings have some weather limits since they are not intended to be load bearing structures. But within those limits they could economically meet my need. To find out if this could work for you. Number 1 the website will contain the answers to any questions you will have.

SunSetter Awnings

Number 2 read as much on the web and YouTube videos as you can find. Number 3 look at your site and determine the size and model that would fit your needs, think about sightlines and sun angles to determine what is required. Number 4 after getting all the information decide whether you will need a contractor's help for install or if you will install or oversee the install. I am average at DIY projects and after some review of the mounting methods for the brackets was able to mount them in a couple of hours. The actual install takes a no more than an hour with a couple of extra hands to lift and clamp the mounting bar into the brackets and adjusting the pitch.

The product is very well engineered, instructions are very detailed and hardware provided is first rate either hot dip galvanized or stainless steel. Because I had vinyl siding mounted on a compressible foam sheathing board. This also meant I used lag bolts 1" longer than normal for the bracket attachments. Most of the complaints I read while researching revolved around the delivery process or a contractor install.

This is a large piece of real freight not a 5 pound FedEx box, the delivery process can take 14 days after it leaves the factory and someone will need to be there when it arrives and sign for it. You also need to be able to shield it from weather until install day. It sat in my garage on a convertible hand cart for a month until I had time and weather to install it. Contractors are a mixed bag, I wouldn't think of getting one unless they had installed the product you have on the type of wall you have and you have spoken to that customer on their satisfaction.

They are a little more than than some of the other options but can be purchased with significant discounts during low demand periods of the year and larger discounts to Costco members, often with common options included for no additional costs such as the wind sensor.

SunSetter Awnings

If a rain sensor was available I would be interested since I have low pitch installation but I can't find one yet. It gets hot here in Sebring. Last month, the thermometer in the backyard was reading over a So, I decided to purchase an awning. The people from SunSetter Awnings did a great job. Joe, the guy who came in, was a very nice man. He went over a whole bunch of stuff and he was very thorough. We looked at the book which has the material in it and gives you a good view of what the pattern actually is. It has colors that SunSetter's TV advertisements do not show and they should show all those colors because some people would like different ones.

I picked one out of the pamphlet and then Joe called me up a couple of days later. He said that they didn't have that color at the time, but it would take about three weeks to get it when you order it. A week later, he called me and said SunSetter got the color in so I could still get it if I want it.

I told him to change the order back to the original one we picked and everything worked out well. Joe, together with the technical guy that he had with him, also did the installation and I was very impressed with them. They even changed some things as far as the way they wired the awning to the way I wanted it. The only issue I had was they forgot the side curtains that came with the package deal that I bought, but it was no problem. I called them up about that and Joe said they got the curtains.

Then in about ten minutes, he called me back and asked me if he could bring the curtains the following week, which he did. It works fine and I got the remote control on it. It also does what they say it would do. The only thing you gotta do is remember to close it.

1689 SunSetter Awnings Consumer Reviews

I bought the wind sensor thing, but still, I have to close the awning because when it poured rain and it got wet, I hit the button standing there waiting for the water to come off, and the water came but the sensor didn't let me know it was coming so I got soaked. I was not happy with the light kit that came with the awning too. It has cords in between it that are kinda curled up like crinkly or curly fries. Those wires hung down and when I'd walk out there, they were about to touch my head. So, I called SunSetter up, talked to Joe and asked him if I could get some of the little plastic clips they have to hang with the lights.

He called me back a day later and said that SunSetter would ship me those for nothing. I told him I'd pay them since that was something I wanted extra to put up there, so the wires would be out of the way. He said, "No," and told me I could send them back if I want. He then gave me a phone number to call which I called really quick.

The rep who answered the phone was also nice. I was told that the clips were shipped the day before I called and I should have them the next day. So, I can't complain about that.

The awning's got a wind warranty on it as well so if anything goes wrong with it, SunSetter will fix it. I'd recommend SunSetter to everybody. We started out in the 80s buying an awning and their product is absolutely fantastic. Their flagpoles are resistant to anything and they are wonderful products. However, their downfall is their shipping. Where is it? Those were 12 feet long tubes and they lost two of them, so the summer was practically over before we got them.

We ordered an Oasis, a new product that's free-standing, and a regular one to be attached. I ordered them in June, but we got them in August. I ordered another one again and the product itself was excellent. And just recently, I ordered another one and it came through UPS. I called to say that there was a slice in the tube and they said that they took all my notes down.

Can you just order us a new one? I finally convinced them to create two new ones for us and get it within the two weeks that they promised. Within a week, the original ones appeared, so I quickly called them and canceled the second order. We are very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your SunSetter Awnings and your flagpoles.

At SunSetter, we take great pride in our product quality, our service, and especially in the satisfaction of our customers, and we particularly enjoy hearing from our long-standing customers. We apologize that you did not get to experience them at their best. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance. A year ago, with all of the SunSetter ads that I saw, I thought the awning was great and I would love it.

I like to sit outside whatever the weather is so the awning would be good for me.

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Even if it was raining, I could sit out there. I wanted to get one so I got in touch with SunSetter and they put me through to a local dealer, who came in and spent five minutes here. My one wall facing the sun is completely window and it goes all the way up to the edge.

He recommended I go to Home Depot and ask them if they had a tent that I could use. I lost that idea and did nothing more about it. However, I kept getting ads for the awning and just three months ago, I was thinking why they keep on reminding me of something that I really want but I can't have. I called SunSetter and asked them to stop sending me their ads. They put me through to another dealer who happened to be Patrick.

Instead of taking me off the list, he asked if he could come and take a look. He took one look and said he could put it in the roof easily, but it would cost me a little bit more. I told him that we could talk about it and see what we could do. We went from there and now I have my awning. Patrick had a lot to contend with as far as SunSetter was concerned, but to my understanding, it was the delivery people's fault. I'm not happy with the SunSetter service that I had gotten. They should be a bit more careful who they employ to transport their materials and they need to be on top of the job.

But Patrick bent over backwards to try to make things right for me. He went ahead and he gave me a deal because I had to wait so long. There was something on here that senses if the wind gets too strong and causes the awning to automatically close up. He had already been paid to receive the material and just did it for me. That was unfortunate, but I'm delighted with the job that he did. He does all kinds of work and as far as I'm concerned he's my permanent handyman.

As far as the materials and the way the awning works, SunSetter did excellently. I love the awning and it's making a big difference to my life. I can sit out there all afternoon and read very happily. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I recently purchased a Motorized Retractable Sunsetter Awning. It worked beautifully for the first 3 weeks. Then I ordered a wind sensor. It operated beautifully for about 10 days. Since then the pairing of the remote, awning, and wind sensor have been behaving badly.

The awning will now occasionally go out halfway, then retract. I tried reprogramming the remote, etc. Today I called customer service and was told I needed to install new batteries. The customer service rep was lovely and helped me as best she could. I think my biggest complaint is the the website is sorely lacking for an e-commerce site. As it is, it operates like a website from the year Spend some money and step into this decade.

Technical information and help should be easier for consumers. Meanwhile I will continue on my own to address these issues. I live in the country near Palm Springs and this was a huge improvement to my patio. However, we got a few summer month's use, and then fall and winter came. The first warm day I tried to open our new awning and there was no response. I spent the next several weeks troubleshooting based on their website, and then through Customer Service and apparently the motor was dead—after one season!! I explained that I am a 68 year old disabled woman living in the country and customer service assured me that I could—and would HAVE to—replace the motor myself.

All I had to do was stand on a ladder and remove it from the end. I now have the motor and instructions in hand, and it clearly states it requires 4 people to remove the awning from the supports, remove the end brackets and replace the motor—then lift the pound awning back up to reinstall it on the mounts. I looked up the price of the hood I had to get on my SunSetter and it was an individual price. The rep told me I was getting certain things free, but I can see the prices on there.

I paid for it. I said no and he said it didn't matter. In other words, the coupon is another deception. I also needed a side panel and it was the only thing they gave me. They never gave me the hardware that goes with it in order to install it. It took me months to get that from them. Overall, I will never recommend SunSetter to anyone. We have a patio in our backyard and it was next to the back side of our garage. The sun just beats there constantly and I thought of an awning. SunSetter is what's sold around here and there was only one man listed for awnings so that's why we called him.

Our experience was perfect. They did a great job. My husband had concerns with the wiring 'cause it's electric and they did everything nicely behind the siding. The installation didn't really take long. They came first thing in the morning and they were gone by 2 o'clock. However, we didn't get any literature with it. Now, summer is hitting here so we've been trying to put the awning down with the remote thing and it wouldn't work.

I assumed it was the battery so we were trying to find the battery around here for that. My son-in-law ended up ordering off the internet. I was playing with it today 'cause I kept thinking the battery can't be bad. I kept playing with the buttons and finally, it opened. The awning is really nice. We're happy with it. We like the color and we don't have any complaints. I'm trying to get my neighbor to buy one. SunSetter Awnings seemed like a good choice, and they were. We liked the design and the guy who came to the house in the fall gave us a good explanation of everything.

He's straightforward and we liked what he had to say, so we decided to get it from him and it was done in the spring. The installers were in in the morning and they were out by lunchtime. They explained everything well, and everything was flawless the rest of their stay. All in all, SunSetter did a fantastic job and they have very nice people to work with.

They did things quickly and very professionally too. The sun came in my porch and it kept heating up. I got a SunSetter awning for that. Their customer service was fine and the installers were good. They came out, put the awning up, and off they went. They were not there for long. The awning is motorized and has a wind sensor.

It has the shade down the front. Everything was great and I would tell my friends to buy one. I like my SunSetter awning very much, including the way it operates. It's a very nice quality product and the installation was very good. I open the awning when it's really sunny and hot and I close it when the weather starts to get windy or rainy. I'm very pleased with it. I've also recommended SunSetter to a friend who saw and liked the awning very much. We got a Sunsetter awning as I thought it would be a good addition to my backyard.

It seemed like a good value. I've been happy with the company who installed it. The installation took longer than anticipated, but there's no problem. It was an under-soffit installation. So, I guess there's a little more involved. We are still waiting for the free winter cover and it is a little annoying.