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For more details and ordering information, see the Benihana Gift Card website. Good for gift card purchases through June 17, For more details and ordering information, see the Black Angus Gift Card website. For more details and ordering information, see the Bonefish Gift Card website. Bonus card is redeemable June 1 — July 31, Bonus card redeemable June 17 — August 31, For more details or to order your card see the Bravo Gift Card Page.

For more details or to order your card see the Brio Home Page. Good for gift card purchases today through June 16, Bonus card is valid June 17 — July 31, For more details and ordering information, see the Capital Grille Gift Card website. This is double the usual bonus.

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Bonus Card is redeemable April 26 through July 31, Special is good only for e-gift cards ordered online. The Bonus Card is good June 19 — July 31, For more details and ordering information, see the Firebirds Gift Card website. This annual special is good for electronic and plastic gift card purchases. For more details and ordering information, see the First Watch Gift Card website. The option to buy or sell gift cards is displayed clearly at the top of the home page along with a group of best-selling gift cards.

When browsing cards for sale, the value, price and discount is the first thing you see. If you don't want to buy right away you can easily add certain gift cards to your wish list, which is easy to find at the top of the web page as well. To sell unwanted gift cards you just have to enter the card's information and submit it.

An explanation of how the process works is written on the page in easy to digest paragraphs.

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You submit your card, get a response within 24 hours, set up how you'd like to get paid and get your payout in up to 10 business days. The payout for selling a card and the discounts available when buying them seem to fluctuate almost daily. On the other hand, if there is a high demand for a small number of cards, the discount will be less.

The gift card market is massive.

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Physical cards are growing at an annual rate of 6 percent but digital cards are doing the same at a rate of percent, according to CardCash. Jack said with so many people using gift cards, exchange websites like Cardpool can be very useful. She said opinions differ by retailer, but most are in support of exchanges. The RGCA was founded in , and its goal is to grow and preserve the gift card industry. At the same time, the group recognizes the risks associated with using third-party resellers like gift card exchange websites. In an official statement on the RGCA website, users are encouraged to educate themselves on gift card exchanges before using one.

It has several tips to keep in mind while shopping for gift cards to ensure you're getting a good deal and avoiding fraud:. Cardpool is unique in that it offers its gift card exchange service through kiosks. These kiosks are usually located inside another store, such as a Target, and you can locate one using Cardpool's online map search feature. Once you find a location, simply bring all your unwanted gift cards to that store and swipe them at the machine.

You can also exchange electronic gift cards. You can get up to 85 percent of the card's value at a kiosk, though your return will vary depending on the type of gift card you exchange. The kiosk prompts you to enter your personal information and then offers you cash in return for the cards. Finally, you collect your money from the store's service desk or at the kiosk if you have a reloadable Visa gift card.

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To use a kiosk you need a government-issued ID, cell phone number, email address and sometimes a credit card number. If you are asked to enter credit card information, Cardpool will never charge it without your permission. However, if the gift card you sell was obtained illegally, you could be charged. If you are used to using Coinstar kiosks you probably noticed some changes in recent years.

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Cardpool now owns Coinstar Exchange kiosks, so these machines can also be used for counting your change and giving you cash along with exchanging your unwanted gift cards. These machines are usually green. Gift Card Exchange kiosks are yellow and only work with gift cards. If you have unused gift cards, another company to check out is Zeek. This company will buy your unwanted gift cards and give you up to 95 percent of their value.

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You can also shop for gift cards at a discounted price. The London-based company works most effectively in the United Kingdom and pays you in Zeek credit, through PayPal or via bank transfer. You can use Zeek credit to buy discounted gift cards on the website. Zeek claims it takes an average of 36 minutes to sell your unwanted gift cards, after which you get paid.

Since launching in , Zeek has gained , registered users, so you have pretty good odds that someone will buy your unwanted gift card quickly. In alone, the company sold gift card brands. The website is easy to use, but it's not ideal for people in the U. The website's help center is useful for troubleshooting, if you run into problems.

If the companies we tested aren't giving you the results you want, try Card Kangaroo. This website had an inventory of about 1, cards as of March and has served nearly 59, customers. You can use this website to buy, sell or trade your unwanted gift cards or simply check the remaining balance of a card you found in your wallet.

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They accept major credit cards as well as PayPal. If you're looking to sell cards you simply select the merchant, value of the card and get an offer from the website. This company is unique in that you'll receive a shipping label and be asked to mail your gift card in, rather than simply providing the card's number and other information. If this isn't too much of a hurdle for you, CardKangaroo is a great gift card swap option. The offer is only redeemable at the time of purchase. All vouchers have to be used on a future visit and are valid through August Want more free food and food deals?

Here's our running list of all the free food you can get right now. You're welcome. Follow him dlukenelson.

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