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Reply I pray God Jesus Christ will take care of all of us seniors as we need all the help we can get. I am 73 and am tired of being treated so bad by my blood family. I pray that God sends you a true friend or companion to assist each and helps to fill up your day with no strings attached.

God bless you. I visit the sick from my church on Sundays after church services. There r ways 2 adopt a family even if ur blood family is missing n action. Reply Saying no time to pine, in this case is rude and hurtful. Your advice was good, up tho that point. Reply Very true Barb. I agree totally!!!! There comes a time when one has to stand their ground.

Reply easy 4 u 2 say??! Reply Great comments Earnie! Reply Make your will out leaving your assets to charity or a church, you owe your family nothing. Reply Hello Mrs. But I read your post about your family. But if it helps in anyway. Enjoy your self and know that GOD always answers prays. Love you and continue to?. Reply Jacquiline. Parents, 4 brothers, husband, so many close friends. I do have a small family left and 2 little dogs that love me always. I thank him daily. So my point is, you already have new friends on here. If you feel safe, share a text number or facebook.

I would check on you. Maybe you know a safe way we could just say hi. Reply Goodbye to pricey stuff! I wished that i lived near you, i would come to visit. Reply Me too! My family used to be VERY caring, but in the last 15 years they just forgot, me — starting when I bought a new home on acreage in the country. They used to visit all the time, now never.

I adopted a 3 day old baby at 60, and grow fresh produce for a food pantry nearby I am physicslly and mentally like I was 50 and I am almost 78!! You have to go on living. Take control of your own life, and live it to the fullest, doing for others. Keep on keepin on You go girl!

Sounds like you have little time to dwell in the valley of shoulda coulda woulda. Still trudging that happy road to destiny! Just plain Susie There are very few discounts in Rochester New York such as the grocery stores we have rite aid and Walgreens we need discounts in our grocery stoess here Reply Aw, I am sooo sorry.

Dianna Reply I pray God blesses you greatly Margaret! Reply Good morning Margaret! I only have 1 child, a son, 44 yrs old. They live about miles away from me. I also receive no gifts and not any pictures of my grandchildren. They said the money was to buy a house and they would make payments to me. I found out that the money was being used to pay their bills, but eventually a year later they mailed me monthly payments for 10 months. Not one penny for 10 years. I believe they bought their house on contract for deed, but am not sure.

Does anyone know how to see if he used my house for collateral? I just had the Dept. I am sitting her with a severe anxiety attack, tears, and big time depression. I am basically up shit river with no paddle. Sometimes I just want to give up. I pray several times a day, but nobody up there is listening. So sorry for sounding like a putz, especially when so many are so much worse off than I.

Reply Wow!


I do not know in what state you are, but you might check out doing Home Healrh care a few days a week for extra money. My mom-in-law does that, so she could buy a car. Check with the local Area Agency On Aging for help. Reply No debtors prison, but the Ed dept will take it directly from her SS check. It sounds like you are carrying this burden alone Mary. I empathize with you. I have a child that has owed me a few thousand for years and another who has an uncaring husband so she tries to appease him and I barely see them and their 4 children.

The children have been used as pawns. I also have illnesses that have brought me to a place of being cut off from the friends and church I have. Our finances are very tight now too since both my husband and I are disabled. He started Medicare this year. God is our provider so we trust in Him to help and to provide. He always has through the years! I too lost my best friend in July. My brother who truly understood my life was killed by a tree falling on him. He was the only one helping with our mom in a nursing home.

I hope that you are able to get out Mary and be involved with others. We all need that in our lives. We need purpose and we need to give whatever we can in any way possible. That goes a long way! Reply There are two things you can do. One, you can get a special rate of interest to fix up your home, Check banks and credit Loan companies.

Two, I know this will hurt you, but you gotta do what you gotta do I had the same problem. There is a site called Senior Abuse, Also. It makes us sick when we have done so much for them.

My son was caught with a gun. No license to own one, It was a 2 year sentence. I went to see him once a month. He owed me money too. But, guess what? He had aa lot of time thinking, When he got out and went to work, I got my money back. It is paid in full. He said he learned something in paying back this loan. It didn. He said he hated the clothes that I bought him when he went to school, While he was thinking, he realized how hard I worked and took care of him andhis sister, I lived with a very mean man, It took me 2 years to get my divorce.

He gave the office permission to send me an amount every month from his wages He said it wasthe best thing he did. Sometimes they get that wake-up call. Maaybe it will work. I hope so. True we need to assist others as much as we can Reply If you were married to your husband for 10 years you get his Social Security!

Go to a social security agency and ask the free question if you are available to receive it! More power to you it is free to ask them if they got a reverse Mortgage on your place! A lawyer will do it for a discount , ask for it and let him have the reins to do so! He can sue them for the 15, Since he was so upaty Tell him your situation , he may do it for nothing!

My sons live here on my property, I know their busy with their lives and are tired when they come home! My older son I had the most trouble with helps me more! Gold detecting is what you need to do! Get out there with a small sluce on Washington State beach and make your money of ,oo a day!

What Are Senior Discounts?

On the beaches of the great lakes look for black sand and scoop just that up and put it thru the sluice! You will feel better and get in better shape! God love you and bless you! Reply Call your county to see if there are any leins on your home. If he is on the deed of your home, then he can use it as collateral but he would need to have you sign the new note as well when he closed on the home.

This is required for him to get a loan by every lender. If he signed your name without your permission, and without power of attorney, then he has committed mortgage fraud which is a federal offense. He was most likely upset if you sell it as he may think he was going to inherit the home when you pass.

Look into doing a reverse mortgage and see if this is something that may benefit you. It is not for everyone, but you never know. Reply I understand because I have tried to rescue everyone from their circumstances. All I have now is social security,very poor health,and a mountain of debt. Seems like no one in this world cares about me, but I have good news for you. Jesus absolutely is listening and hears every prayer.

This situation on earth is only temporary. Those who wrong you and take advantage of you will be severely punished by God. In the meantime, the Bible tells us that we must forgive them, as he forgave us. If that seems impossible, ask God to help you. When we keep unforgiveness in our heart, it only hurts us, not them. I am 75 year old widow and mostly isolated from people at present.

God causes good things to happen as a result of circumstances that seem horrible to us. I have come to realize that God has me isolated for a reason. I have prayed to understand the truth about many things and God has shown me so much. I know that I am a blessed woman. We are living in the endtime and there is no hope for mankind except God. We must completely trust him. He hears every prayer and sees every tear that you cry.

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I feel your pain and have prayed for you after reading your words. Most people who have not experienced this do not understand what it feels like to have friends and family turn against you. Jesus has the answers, but we must seek him and have a communication with him.

Your reward will be great in heaven. I understand getting what you call nasty messages. It is best not to keep responding back and forth. The hearts of these evil people cannot be changed by you, only Jesus can change them. Keep praying. If you need someone to talk to, send me an email. Reply God Bless you, my heart goes out to you. I am in Idaho and got here most ago to bury my 38yr old daughter.

Now I am stuck. Reply FYI many student loans can be totally forgiven if you have a disability and there are also programs you can apply for that waive all or part of payments based on income. Good luck! I hope you are having a better day today.


I want to ask a couple questions I want you to ask your self. Have you ever let the family know how you feel. Like blind eyes. The other question have you reached out to your church for help on this matter. Please push your self with these two questions. Hopefully they will bring some brightness to your life.

Take care. Vicki Reply There may be a Legal Aid Society in your area where there could be someone who can help you get some legal answers for free. Also your bank can see the record on your property. Hopefully you do not have him on the deed to your property. I had a husband that did that to me. Gave 20 years to him who really turned out to be selfish.

Good luck. Reply Please never feel along. I have a small family on my mom side of the family however, I have large family on my dad side. I have one cousin which is like a big sister we talk almost every day. Maybe you should contact one family each week. That will open their eyes. You are not alone you have Gid always. And I will could talk to you if you would loke. Reply I know what she is talking about.

The same thing is happening to me. My heart goes out to her and the other parents living the same. God Bless. Reply I totally understand. I guess she forgot all the travels, beautiful clothes and especially all the love I have always had for her. Oh yes, there was all the free babysitting for 5 years! Reply I bless you Margaret! I am a Cancer survivor, l have been twice divorced, l lost 3 pregnancies, l have one sibling left in my family and he lives in his own world.

I wake each morning with the joy of the Lord! Jesus Christ has kept me all of these years through all my trials and tribulations! I pray for the mighty love of Jesus for you. His love makes everyday sweeter than the day before! Be encouraged Sweetie! Accept Christ and serve Him. He will satisfy your lonely heart and even touch your family! Just Believe. God bless you! Reply Margaret I agree. God said he would never leave or forsake us. I have found as he retire and get older family gets farther away but God draws closer. Reply I understand Margaret.

I want more time with them before I have to go to heaven. Reply Margaret C. Yes we do need help from our families, i imagine there was a time when you supported them and did for them. I will pray that God gives you a extra special blessing to make up for your family. GOD says what you do to the least of these you do to me!

All we have is our family here and our heavenly family with GOD! God Bless you and keep you Margaret. Know that you have a lot of folks out here that are thinking of you and wishing you well!! I hope that wherever you are, something wonderful happens to you today. Big hug to you Margaret! Reply Im not family but god bless you have a wonderful day. Im in fl its beautiful outside. Hope you have a nice day. Love, a new friend in N. Reply Hi may god bless u. He loves u and will never fortget u. Pray for your family so they find it in their heart to.

Reply Margaret, I know how you feel. I do not hear anything from my family. No calls, no visits, and not even a Christmas card. I am myself. It is hard at times.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Receive a Senior Discount?

I just hang on to my faith. God is all I have. I will have you in my prayers. Reply God richly bless you abundantly with love from your friends and family. This is my prayer for you. Hang in there. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Reply Awww Margaret, I am so very sorry for your family and how alone you must feel.

I hope they have second thoughts and that maybe you can find a family that may not be your family, not by blood but by friendship. Oftentimes they understand you more than your own real family and are there for you thru all the times you need someone. God bless you, sweet lady, and know that you mean more to others than you can ever realize. I have run across this with other people too. There are so many people that would just love to have you as a mother, grandmother, or friend. I would be happy to help you. Where do you live Margaret?

I live in California. I would be glad to write to you, we could share thoughts, ideas, what is going on with us, just things. Hope to hear from you soon. Reply God bless you dear. I am blessed to have three sons who take care of my husband and I when we need help. I had wonderful parents to. I was just remembering that the scriptures say that the fathers will turn against the child and the child against the parents.

I see this happening so much all over the world. You are not alone. Seek help from the Lord and then a lawyer. Reply I can relate. God help me! Reply Hello Margaret I am here to talk to you, to laugh with you and just to see how your day went. My friend thats here is 75 years of age we work out together, go to breakfast and talk. So whenever you feeling lonely love yourself and change the way you are feeling about your family and make yourself happy.

Love yourself and get to moving. Loving life!!

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Reply So totally understand that is all I ask too. I do buy milk there at times. But most of my money goes to Walmart. It is terrible when we old people have to choose between Food and Medicine! These suckers sitting in Washington, DC can make these dumb laws but nothing is done for the seniors, I have insurance with Tricare for Life.

They can do that when WE pay all their medical bills for them while they become millionaires! Reply Boyers in Hazleton PA. Has senior discount on Tuesday. We make very little. Thank you State and Federal taxes. You just take and take and take. If I had known my Education courses would amount to nothing in my retirement age.

The attys suck the blood out of your body in Family Court. No rights for Fathers in USA. Reply So true. So sorry. However my heart goes out to you as my mother is facing the same. The CEO of the places make millions a year and pay less tax percentage-wise. Both sides in Congress get lots of payoffs by the lobbyists who work for big pharmacies, corporations to vote for the companies.

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