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Maybe a smile for someone having a bad day, holding the door for someone, picking up something someone dropped, etc. You never know when that small act of kindness will be the change in someones life.

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We love Dude be Nice because they are standing behind making kindness cool! What a strong message to kids and adults alike! I also just wanted to mention that I even have gone and ordered more of these shirts myself to give out as gifts. I highly encourage everyone to get a t-shirt, they have a lot of styles, more since I got our T-shirts!

About Dude be Nice. The idea of DUDE.

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Hubby got a baseball type one and he quite likes it too. They also wash quite well and so far are keeping their shape. I like comfy but cute shirts like these! Visit with Dude be Nice online and be sure and fan them on Facebook and follow on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest. We love to travel when we can, try different food and activities all over the world and enjoy being together.

My passions are writing, travelling, creating new recipes, encouraging people to adopt not shop and just to enjoy life while we can. This is a great way to say things and it sounds cool to wear too. I had not heard of this before. Thanks for the information. And you are so right, the world definitely could use a little more kindness!! Thanks, also, for the heads-up on the sizing of the shirts. It will certainly help when choosing sizes to order! Being an old flower child, I simply adore the message and motivation to make this a better World by being kind to one another.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I love blogs because there are so many things out there I would other wise not know about. I like these shirts because they are telling the reader to be nice. I do think the younger generation does need to pick up a bit and be better these days. Everyone is into the vampire shows and devilish programs so hey, what can it hurt to throw a little love out there in the universe. I love this message!

Seeing a homeless person who needs some help or is hungry I help them as much as I can. Like you said if everyone was kind this world would be a better place. Love the message these shirts send out. Thanks for the review. I like the positive uplifting message and gentle reminder to be nice. Everyone could use that in their lives. I also like that there are styles and sizes for the whole family. I like the idea of the whole family wearing something similar, very cool. The shirts seem cute and well made. I think these shirts are great. Right now my granddaughter is being bullied in school and is the perfect time for her to have one of these shirts.

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I love the fact that you mention the sizing in your post. The worst thing about buying online is sizing because your never able to try it on. I really liked that you. I always believed that pictures can say a thousand words, In this case its very true! The shirts looked very nice on all of your.. I have my fingers crossed that I am the lucky one!!

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I love how all fo you are wearing the shirt in different style or colors. I was browsing through the website and they have great shirts! I love what it says on the shirts. I love these shirts and love the message even more. Thank you for sharing! For the last few years, my daughter tries to find something she really likes and then makes me buy it for presents for her friends. These shirts would be perfect. They can all wear them and look alike but be just a bit different. Thank you for pointing out the sizing differences because I will y definitely pay Chrisattention to that when I go to order some.

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These would be great as a Christmas present. Kindness should be a cool thing. T-shirts are a great idea to spread the word because everyone loves t-shirts. I have been saying for years that the world would be a much nicer place, if everyone would just be polite. Find your local FaceBook or MeetUp group to do that in. Constructive criticism and feedback of the DoorDash platform is encouraged, but keep it professional. And nuggets Just checked the app myself to be sure. Nice dude. Has it picked up more again recently?

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