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Redeem 1 point for every 1 pretax dollar spent! What people say about us Been to the store? Rate and Review your experience. His aggressive moves not only resulted in tens of thousands of arrests and convictions each year, but it also began in earnest the process of militarizing law enforcement personnel trained for domestic service. States responded to these aggressive federal government actions towards non-violent drug users by implementing less harsh drug legislation within their own borders.

Politicians and other prominent public figures began admitting casual drug use, particularly that of marijuana and cocaine, and even President Obama openly admitted to both cocaine and marijuana use when young. However, even though Obama has said he would reform drug laws, he has yet to shift the focus from tough enforcement or stop aggressive funding of the drug war.

Marijuana was deemed to have no medicinal value by the U. Congress in at the beginning of the drug war and efforts at research were consistently stifled by the war on drug mentality. However, medical studies and reports on marijuana as an effective medicinal drug did occur through various medical organizations, peer-driven studies and even outside world government programs. Proponents of marijuana use believed that it safely and effectively aided patients experiencing pain and nausea associated with cancer, dementia, glaucoma, AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and others as well as their treatments.

New research even shows promise in marijuana preventing certain kinds of tumors and protecting the nervous system against other diseases. Those opposed to its use cited that marijuana was dangerous and, therefore, not approved by the FDA and that legal prescription drugs made it unnecessary. The argument against using marijuana medically also included that it was addictive, leading to the use of harder substances and that it caused lung and brain damage, compromised the immune system and was a prominent cause of infertility.

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Although the battle rages between opposing sides, the growing demand by patients and the voice of medical advocates has caused state governments to increasingly allow marijuana use for medical treatment. Over 60 prominent health organizations based both in the U. Currently, 23 U. Some states require medical marijuana to be prescribed by a doctor while some allow a limited number of plants to be grown for personal use.

A list of states currently allowing limited marijuana use as well as associated guidelines can be found here. The use of marijuana as a medical treatment, although legitimately promising, is also quite complex. Research has shown that two chemical compounds within the plant are beneficial for medical purposes.

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The problem lies in the fact that marijuana contains a large number of other chemical compounds more than , some of which assist with a mental high and others that do not. When marijuana is smoked in joint form, the high burning temperatures release these chemical compounds that are inhaled into the person. Many hundreds or even thousands of chemical byproducts can be produced by the original inhaled chemicals, some of which are believed to be carcinogens that encourage cancer cell growth.

Other research tends to reveal that the carcinogens contained in marijuana are as much as 70 times more than in tobacco.

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Opponents of medical marijuana insist that such results automatically insinuate that smoking marijuana will significantly increase the chances of acquiring lung cancer. However, the research on that subject is still lacking and inconclusive. The bottom line is that those who support marijuana use as a medical treatment acknowledge that smoking as the method of delivery to the human system is a problematic issue.

However, only a relatively small amount of percent of the active ingredient is absorbed into the body making such drugs both ineffective and unpredictable. Medical marijuana allowance has gained momentum and is making headway throughout medical, governmental, legal and societal elements. However, a second wave of marijuana support is following in the wake created by those fighting for its medicinal qualities.

Leisurely smokers of marijuana also herald the abuse of harsh laws and aggressive punishments that have been the common theme of the war on drugs and are calling for its use on a personal scale. Americans favoring marijuana legalization stands at around 58 percent, according to a Gallop poll conducted in That stands in stark contrast to a mere 12 percent favoring legalization in just prior to the official start of the war on drugs.

Consistent efforts finally produced results as Colorado became the first state to pass legislation allowing controlled marijuana sales to adults in November Washington State followed suit the same month. These back-to-back moves by the two states provided a testing ground for other states to watch and see if legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana would have a positive or negative effect. It is much more economical to buy your own pot and roll it yourself.

Unless it is advertised as friendly, meaning it's ok to smoke inside, toking inside your hotel will result in a charge for at least one extra night, as they need to air out the room for other clients. The same goes for Airbnb. Since they are operated by the federal government, it is illegal to smoke inside any of those areas.

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