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Users with multiple iOS devices want your pass on all of their devices, and iCloud syncs their passes across devices for them. If you email your pass to your users, they can forward the email and its pass. Updates are not guaranteed to be delivered, because the user may not have a network connection or may have disabled updates for the pass. Instead, update your database to indicate that the pass is invalid, and consult your database when the pass is redeemed. Suppose you own a coffee shop and your customers typically pay with a card that carries a balance, such as a gift card or store card.

Just as you did in the one-time-use pass, access information about the pass from a trustworthy source. The implementation is similar to the one-time-use coupon.

Looking for something fun to sew?

Give each pass a unique ID in the barcode, and then scan the barcode at the point of sale. Once this is done, the cashier completes the sale. If you need to verify that the person presenting the pass is actually the account owner, you have several options. Generic style passes include a thumbnail image. Other approaches are also possible, such as asking for an photo ID. You must push this update from a server that implements the web service API; however, it does not need to be the same server that was used to process the transactions.

Suppose you work for a museum that supports Wallet for its annual memberships. You want to let your members use the same pass for the entire year, with occasional updates to display current information about traveling exhibits. You could implement this pass similarly to the one-time-use coupon or store card—giving each pass a unique ID and then verifying the account against your server. However, in this case, it is also possible to store trusted information directly on the pass.

In this case, you want to store a more complex message in the barcode.

Optional embroidery

The message also needs to include a cryptographic signature for this information. Your scanners can then use the cryptographic signature to validate the information stored in the barcode, ensuring that it came from your servers. This approach works because the information stored in the barcode does not change.

When you scan the pass, you simply read the information. You do not update it. Both the one-time-use coupon and the store card need to update their trusted information each time the pass is used. For the coupon, the pass is invalidated after use. Introducing Wallet. Building Your First Pass. All rights reserved. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Updated: I think everyone learned a lot about installing both plastic, Kam Snaps and metal, SnapSource snaps during this blog series.

December was a busy month personally, as I made several Christmas gifts for relatives this year, including eight Set To Go Cosmetic Bag sets. They were a labor of love and they were well received. I gave them to my mom, sister, my five sister-in-laws, and one of my nieces. I felt it was very unfortunate how Craftsy handled communication with designers as they closed down several pattern shops and removed several patterns from the shops that remained open on Bluprint.

I will keep you updated on the ongoing changes as Craftsy continues to switch over to Bluprint.

I am hoping to be able to add the rest of my patterns to Bluprint at some point in Looking ahead to a new year is always exciting for me as I plan what is next for Uniquely Michelle. In , I plan to make more video tutorials available on YouTube - they are fun to make and a great resource for you.

Step 1: Prep Your Materials

I am planning on writing a blog series or two. I have more thoughts and ideas that I need to finalize before I share them, but I think will be an exciting year for Uniquely Michelle! Let me know if you have anything you would like have happen with Uniquely Michelle in in the comments below.

Today I am going to share with you a sewing adventure that I undertook that has nothing to do with a bag, but it did get something off my bucket list! Yes, I have a bucket list, but my bucket list looks very different than most bucket lists I hear about. My bucket list, on the other hand, is a sewing bucket list!

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I love to sew and I am pretty good at it, but I am always wanting to learn new things and improve so I have a sewing bucket list to help me do this. My sewing bucket list is ever changing and growing. I may never check everything off my list, but I love it when I can check something off and recently I was able to do that. A few years ago I decided I wanted the challenge of making myself a wool coat. I have made clothing for myself and my daughters mostly , I have made window coverings, I have made quilts and I have made bags of course.

But sewing a wool coat for myself was a challenge, especially since I wanted it lined and I wanted it to have a hood with faux fur trim. I am excited to say that my wool coat is complete and I love it! The pattern was easy to follow and I was really happy with how easy it was to sew with the wool. The silk was a little more difficult as it shifted quite a bit as I was cutting and sewing with it, but I like the way it turned out so it was worth a few frustrating moments. I followed the pattern almost exactly.

One change that I made was to line pocket pieces with the silk so that there were not any raw edges on the inside of the pocket once it was sewn in place. I also wanted a slightly more fitted look, so I took the coat in at the waist by about a half inch. This coat took some time to make, but it was worth going slow and getting it right. I had fun challenging myself by making this coat! Are you wondering what else is on my sewing bucket list? Here is what is on the list at the moment:. Give only handcrafted gifts for Christmas one year this can include food items, crocheted items - all the gifts just have to be handmade.

Add some embellishment see wildboho on Instagram to a piece of clothing. What is on your sewing bucket list?

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Please share by commenting below! There are a couple video tutorials out there for making the ID window pocket and a couple of alternative methods form making the ID window pocket. With the ID window pocket getting all the attention, the envelope flap side gets overlooked. I decided it was time for the envelope flap side of the Kristine ID Wallet to get its time in the spotlight, so it is the star of the first Uniquely Michelle video tutorial.

In this tutorial, I go through each step in making the envelope flap side of the Kristine ID Wallet, including making the card pockets, the flap and the key ring loop. I also share tips and tricks as I go. Although I talk about installing a magnetic snap in the video tutorial, I go through the steps of installing a SnapSource metal snap.

There are a couple steps that need to be altered when adding a metal snap, so I make sure to highlight the changes as I am sewing and adding the snap. I hope you learn from and enjoy this first Uniquely Michelle video tutorial. I learned a lot as I made it and I am excited to make more video tutorials!

Stay up to date on the latest happenings at Uniquely Michelle by signing up for the Uniquely Michelle newsletter below! The Snap To It Key Fob adds some character to the Lindsay Wristlet and it is an easy way to keep your keys together with your essentials! For the pockets on the interior, I used Dimples by Gail Kessler in dark orchid. It is fun to see the pocket fabric on the Snap To It Key Fob since the only way you see this fabric on the Lindsay Wristlet is by opening it up. What an easy way to attach my wallet to my work bag Sidekick Tote! I love the idea of being able to hang my Lindsay Wristlet on a shopping cart, a stroller, or on a bag handle if I want.

Make sure to keep up with all the latest happenings at Uniquely Michelle by signing up for our email newsletter below!

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Nicole has the making of a Kristine ID Wallet broken down into two videos and she also has a third video related to the Kristine ID Wallet showing how to make a lanyard. This video includes the adding of the zipper tabs, the d-ring or key ring tab, and the zipper.

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It also includes the final sewing of the exterior and lining. Nicole chooses not to add the card slot pockets and envelope flap to her Kristine ID Wallets, so this is not included in her video series. I always love seeing or hearing different tips or tricks people use when sewing things and Nicole shares a lot of her tips and tricks in her videos! Nicole wrote a great blog post about the Kristine ID Wallet, why she likes making them and selling them.

Your can read her blog post here. Stay connected with Uniquely Michelle by signing up for the newsletter below! The Snap To It Key Fob is quick and easy to make and can be used as a key fob or as a wristlet strap for a wallet or wristlet. The snap makes it so you can attach your keys or wallet to a bag strap, stroller handle or grocery cart handle.

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  • Optional embroidery.

I think that one of the most fun parts of making anything with fabric is picking out the fabric! So when Alison Shaw, one of the Snap To It Key Fob pattern testers, suggested I make a coloring page for the Snap To It Key Fob, I thought it would be a fun way to play around with fabric colors and patterns before making one of these great little key fobs. Grab your markers, colored pencils, crayons, gel pens - whatever strikes your fancy and color away! You can also follow us on the Uniquely Michelle Facebook page and on Instagram uniquelymichelle.

How to Sew a DIY Coupon Wallet With Kraft-Tex

Sign up for the newsletter form below to keep up on the latest happenings at Uniquely Michelle! Since the release of this free pattern, I have made a few more - they are so fun to make and fast to sew up! I think it turned out so cute! I really like how the blue linen makes the floral fabric take center stage!