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What this means, in a nutshell, is that whenever I shop at Sephora I earn points to be used towards various rewards. There are, however, tiers. The more you spend per year at Sephora, the more points ie.

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See below for an explanation of the teirs and benefits. Why does any of this matter? For those who want to practice winging it, this is the liner to work with. The setting powder is another fav. I like to mix it with a warm brown to set my undereye highlighter. Lastly, being able to sample lippies is a great way to try before you by. My vote, however, is for the color Lolita. Any other skincare junkies in the house? And Drunk Elephant skincare products have become a cult fave. This online-only option is available for a limited time so get yours while you can.

This perfume smells divine. Sign up HERE. Okay, so back to my Birthday. I live for Thai food, so if you have any other great Thai recommendations in the Boston-area please do let me know. I still need to plan for dinner.

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Hey, Boo! I hope you stay awhile! Sephora Beauty Insider is absolutely the best perk of being a sephora-aholic! I love my birthday treats and get so excited to use my points. This is such good advice, I let my birthday just be another day last year and it was super underwhelming. Definitely gonna remedy that this weekend and also pick up a few other things. Planning birthday stuff is always so stressful for me too much pressure i guess lol but yasss to free birthday goodies! Also, this post made me realize I forgot to go get my birthday gift from Sephora last November.

I love Sephora the quality of their products are top notch! I used to enjoy picking up my birthday presents too! Love beauty products. I LOVE my birthday! I celebrate AND accept gifts all month long! My favorite birthday pampering involves a facial and massage. So I say go with the skin care set!

The Jo Malone perfume sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip! Sephora has the BEST bday gifts! My local store had extra ones from last year so they were letting us pick two this year winning. Adult birthdays can be pretty painful and lonely sometimes if you fail to plan. I learned this the hard way a while back and since then try to plan early to make my special day, even more special! I love celebrating my bday. I LOVE birthdays! Especially mine. I make a big deal of it year and this year is no different.

Have fun…do something spontaneous.

Birthdays Aren't Just For Kids. Here's How To Make Your Next One Great -

Take a vacation by yourself…heck throw a mega party. Just have some fun celebrating you. WhyNot MoreLife. I look forward to my Beauty Insider Gift every year! Looks like an awesome selection! I love my birthday and this was the first year I was able to celebrate it in full fashion! I actually am not a beauty person, but I definately do love a good skin care routine.

I will have to check these beauties out. Their birthday gifts are my favorite thing to look forward to every year. Thanks for this post! Make plans early in case an appointment is needed. I celebrate myself every year sometimes extravagant and sometimes not. I also always put on a nice perfume. You just reminded me to try Drunk Elephant. My birthday is approaching on the 8th, need to add it to my wishlist. Thanks, Lisa! I can always count on your for skin care products and tips!

2. Get 2 free Sephora samples with every online order.

And yes, Sephora is everything! My birthday is in a couple of months. Time to start shopping at Sephora again! I think I can only pick one of these. Has Sephora changed the Birthday freebie to be different every month now? I thought it was the same options for the entire year. As for planning birthdays, you kinda have to. Everyone has busy schedules so you gotta get people together when they are free. I absolutely LOVE getting my free gift on my birthday! Hope you had an amazing birthday!!! Absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Birthday! Time for a plan and to treat myself! My birthday is next week. Time to look up my status and get some makeup and maybe find a place with a good margarita after! I absolutely love this!

I agree that birthdays should still be a big deal for adults too. Gotta treat yourself. I usually at least take the day off to do something I want to do, every year alive and well is one to celebrate, big or small not matter how old you are. Re: Birthday Gift So, here it is.

getting EVERY birthday freebie possible!

A Drunk Elephant set would be awesome. I was wondering the same thing! Early January bday issues, right?

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