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With the knowledge that Vodafone and O2 share masts, in the last couple of months I've decided to bail and move four lines over to O2 for this exact reason, O2 were happy to negotiate and offered a great deal on those four lines, Vodafone wouldn't budge an inch from the website pricing. Asking Vodafone for four PAC codes certainly got someone's attention because within five minutes of asking I got a call back from retentions wanting to know why. I pointed out they were not being very flexible or rewarding my loyalty.

She asked what it would take to keep my custom so I told her what O2 had offered and asked her to match it. She pointed out the prices on the website are non-negotiable as they are already discounted. I pointed out that the same offer was available last year yet still negotiated a substantial discount on top. This is the reason we ended up with four lines on Vodafone, because the discounts were good.

She looked at my bills for the past twelve months, accepted what I had said was correct ,then she apologised stating there is nothing that she can do regarding the prices and wished me well on O2.

O2 - retentions deal or leave?

All utility companies now only seem interested in gaining new customers rather than retaining old ones. It no longer pays to be loyal, so I don't show them any anymore. If the only way to secure a good deal is to become a 'new customer' every year then so be it. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Search instead for. Did you mean:. Are Vodafone really going to let me go AKA does retentions still exist. View more options. Considered the Apple upgrade program? Means you never pay the full price for the phone and get the latest and greatest every year! Thanks for all the input guys.

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And maybe hold out a year or so and get the X when it may possibly of reduced in price. Wiggles love the photo!!! I was slightly sceptical, but all phones have turned up, and are fully working on They are only 12GB data, but as most of the times the phones are on WiFi, we find that is fine! Now that deal is no longer showing on the website, but we decided on a 5th phone last week, and called them directly.

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And they honoured the price. Ring up and ask for PAC code 2. Refuse offers for a new contract 3. Although some Black Friday deals are getting closer. Come on O2, there must be something you can do to ease this upgrade. How about a trade-in service, or a loyalty discount of some kind? No loyalty discount has been announced yet. It seems to me the problem is that the contract lengths and the expectations of iPhone buyers in relation to the product cycle are misaligned.

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O2 need to either do existing owners a deal, or re-jig their contracts — perhaps longer contracts with the possibility of a trade-in when a new device is released? O2 want longer than 12 month contracts but we want the new iphone every 12 months. Do you wait another 6 months for the next iphone or upgrade and miss out completely on the next model because of your new 18 month contract!

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  8. I have read all about the fact that the 3G was not subsidised and thats why contracts would have to be bought out. Also, have they thought about who is going to be queuing at their stores on the 19th June??? Lets face it in the last two years everyone who can afford to buy an iphone or is willing to pay the money for it already has one obviously with a few exceptions so who do o2 think is going to buy their new hansets if they alienate all their current iphone customers.

    How can o2 justify charging the full monthly amount x the number of months left on your contract? The full monthly amount includes the subsidy but also includes inclusive minutes, texts and data. One should only be charge the monthly subsidy amount x number of months left on your contract! I was abroad and then called another country and immediately hung up when i got put through to voice mail. You get charged by the minute and country to country calls are double the rate of country to home country calls even though the call is not routed via your home country!

    I think O2 are perfectly justified in charging the remaining contracted amount — that it what you sign up to when you take a subsidised handset. However, nicol is quite right that this is poor commercial nouse. O2 are pissing people off by not providing a better upgrade path.

    Would it not then be logic that i would have paid for the subsidised 3G handset in the first term contract therefore every handset after that would be paid from the previous contract?? What you need to know about the pricing of the iphone 2g against the the iphone 3g, is that although the customers who had the original iphone paid more for their iphone, the reason it was high was because o2 were NOT getting all of the money for the iphone sales.

    When apple released the iphone 3g ALL sales profit went to o2. Which is also the reason why if you unlocked the iphone 2g the warranty was void, becuase then o2 had no way of recouping profit. If you unlock a 3g the warranty remains active, becuase o2 have already recouped profit. I am sorry Matt but it is not fair to charge the full contracted amount — just because the contract says something and I signed the contract that is not the same as being fair or even legal. So just because an O2 contract says something does not its fair or right. I am happy to pay the amount per month that is the subsidy but not the line rental, inclusive minutes etc etc as I will be signing another O2 contract anyway so they are not loosing out on anything.

    What I am saying is that O2 offer existing customers an path to upgrade to the new phone that covers the 6 months of subsidy. No one looses and no one is taken advantage of. As they are not doing this I doubt I will upgrade this time and wait until June This means Apple loose out a sale of a Iphone3GS. Good point Nicol O2 are being stupid on this one.

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    The french government is not allowing iphone exclusivity because they feel there is no real competition in the mobile phone market. They have worked out the subsidy and profit based on the contract term and monthly payment. That may work, but it all depends on the numbers for O2.