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Worth every cent! It helps me a lot! Hoping it can scan longer codes soon. QSeer is the best app if you are an advanced couponer. Go ahead and get this app - you will be thrilled with how much money you will save. This app helps so much with clarifications of coupons. Have you ever made it to checkout, pulled out your stack of coupons, only to have some not work? Scanning with Q-seer saves time and money! Some coupons are incredibly vague, others very specific, which can affect the order in which you want to scan them. I use qseer every time I shop!

Its like an appendage at this point! My only negatives are like the fact that it locks up sometimes, but force close and reopen fixes it. Every so often, I do run across something that it gets wrong, but very rarely. It seemed like for a little while that the makers had sold out and were just typing verbatim what was written on the coupon, but thankfully that no longer seems to be the case.

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There are also ones that I scan that shut down the app every time. However, out of every scans, those make up maybe coupons. So, definitely still worth the purchase. Qseer, worked great when I first downloaded it!! I love the app but here lately every time I take a picture of a coupon the app completely closes!

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This app has only scanned a coupon once. It has access to my camera. The very first coupon scanned was incorrect. Incredibly disappointed and left feeling ripped off.

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I am a super couponer and this app has taken me to another level. It works perfectly and gives me all the information I need to use my coupons correctly. Occasionally my camera doesn't want to focus on a coupon but a quick flick away from the coupon resets the focus. It works as it says it does. If there are any negative reviews, it's due to the "coupon police".

Tells me everything I've wanted to know plus more! Best coupon reader app I've had so far!! My favorite!!! Extremely helpful in creating scenarios and getting the best deals! ETA: this is still the best app purchase I've ever made. It comes in handy every single shopping trip. I use this app to scan all my grocery coupons so that I know when they really expire and exactly which products the coupons are coded for. A great tool for easier and faster couponing prep.

When I first purchased this it worked great, now it won't scan anything at all and just crashes. Quite annoying. Love it! My favorite part is to know if the coupon is being tracked or not. I seriously use this for all my coupons. Highly recommend. I must admit I wasn't much of a coupon user because it was always so confusing.

This app makes it much easier. Kudos to the developer! This app has taken couponing to a whole other level! It makes my planning so much easier and it is also very easy to navigate and understand.

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Where have I been before I found this app?!?! It has changed the way I coupon!!!! It is very user friendly and helpful!!!! It comes in handy when I am preparing my shopping trips!!! Also, the developer is very hands-on and answers any questions in a timely fashion!!! Hands down one of the BEST apps!!! Love it!!! I rarely write app reviews, but this one deserves the cake!! Best app for saving money and really reading coupons! I have shared this with most all the people I know!! It WAS such a useful tool but something is wrong.

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  • It refuses to scan a coupon printed off the Internet. And I paid twice for this? Does not have the green brackets for coupons. Contacted developer several times without a response. Will be requesting a refund. I was so excited to download this app and start saving money. It read that "coupon" was for any item, though that wasn't the case when it came time for check out.. Do not buy! This app done really well until I upgraded my iPhone from a 5 to a 6 plus. Now it won't scan the coupon half the time. App doesn't work! Im using iphone IOS 8.

    It wont even scan at all. I've read the intructions but nothing! After pressing the scan Just nothing at all! Pls fix the bug or update! I want my refund to this app! Downloaded the app and tried to scan the first coupon I had. Crashes every time. Couldn't even find out any info about it. Try to scan another one, same results. The app closes and I'm at my home screen every time. Don't waste your time. Coupon binder was good for me until the subscription was up.

    Cheapism: Best mobile coupon apps let you put down the scissors

    Point the camera at the barcode of a product even if blurry and instantly compare the prices at thousands of retailers. Product information, user reviews, etc. Now also scan.. We get it.

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    Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you money for shopping, dining out, and pumping gas at thousands of merchants and brands nationwide. Start getting paid for doing the things you already do. Sort by:. Showing page 1 of about results 39 milliseconds. See also: Top 10 Apps like Family Dollar. KCL: Shop Smart. Save Money. Save Mon.