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Do you have any tips? Janet, rest assured Home Depot carpet installation prices are fair. Because Home Depot and other large home improvement warehouses compete to have the lowest prices, they usually offer good deals. Most Home Depot stores offer excellent customer service, but here a few things you should know about if you are getting carpet installed from them. What is the lead time? Ask the associate how long you can expect to wait from the time you set up for a carpet measure until the carpet is installed. This is especially important if you have an event coming up that you need new carpet for.

A lot of times the lead times Home Depot advertises is for the time frame carpet takes to get installed after the professional measure. Ask who to contact if you have questions or problems. The measuring guy was supposed to test baseboard paint for lead but did not. I took my time selecting a color and install was set for a week after ordering. Could have been sooner but I had other commitments and was not under any time constraints for the holidays. The three man contracted install team, Delgado from Keller Interiors, came 30 min early. Asked me out to the van to check carpet and pad color, style, quantity.

We reviewed the rooms to have old carpet removed and new carpet and pad installed. They began work at 9am took up old carpet, cleaned up old pad residue, laid new midgrade Odorban padding, installed carpet and was finished, vacuumed, old carpet in van at Two bedrooms and a hallway.


I have one seam between a bedroom and the hall. Now I get to see how it stands up to a two middle-aged, childfree, no pets, non-smoking, household. Sadly, I did not read the carpetprofessor website, which warns against big box stores like Home Depot for carpeting. I had a higher end carpet installed in I used Home Depot's contractor. Within a week it had wrinkles all over, but I didn't do anything because of the hassle of moving furniture and lack of time.

In the process of preparing to sell, I had a stretching company come in. The installation was incompetently done, bent wood nails where there was cement, far more seams than there should have been, and the carpet was delaminating like a zipper. So why two stars and not one? Because when I called Home Depot with this, they always promptly responded and were courteous right up to the point where I learned how poor the warranty was. Having a whole carpet install by Lowe's in Carlisle, PA was a huge mistake.

Don't ever attempt to do it. We finally purchased the carpet on March 5th. Purchasing the carpet alone was a nightmare and should have been my first clue. We struggled to get the padding that we wanted because according to the salesperson , their systems are too antiquated to recognize the need to vary padding from room to room. We wanted a higher grade padding in our high traffic rooms. When finally ordered, we were told it would be in within two weeks.

Misled again, it took 3 weeks. We were notified when the carpet arrived and told that the installers would be contacting us. We waited three days with no call. Called Lowe's and they said they would contact the installer. Waited three more days with no call. Called Lowe's again and they again said they would contact the installer. Waited three more days with still no call. I called the installation department at Lowe's only to find out that my contract had never been sent to the installer so they had no idea that they needed to call us to schedule an install. Carpet install day arrives and the installers arrive with the correct carpet for the upstairs but the wrong carpet for the downstairs.

They were able to install the upstairs carpet but the downstairs carpet had to be re-ordered. Have to add that my husband lost a vacation due to this. They could not even order the correct carpet until the manufacturer received the wrong carpet back. So I called them. Nobody could tell me the status of my carpet. I call them. My house has been in disarray since before the 1st install date because we moved the majority of the furnishings to our basement and garage.

It's the upstairs padding that the installers could not take back to the store because they only had room for the bad carpeting. I have also paid for half of the carpet by now. The only upside so far has been that the installers did a great job upstairs. We are a trade only carpet showroom. If you have any incident with a purchase you've made from us one of us will give you the proper instructions necessary to resolve the problem.

I have used both and Lowe's is by far the better. The challenge with a Lowes or Home Depot install is you can't speak for the entire company of installers. They are all subcontractors. They are sometimes local to the store and sometimes just local to the region. And in the case of busier stores there are more than one Their materials are a completely different story I personally would only buy and install from a big box store if a good friend had their job done a ta particular store I use them for my rentals.

I always talk to Mike. He is very knowledgeable about the many manufactures and quality of the carpet Home Depot carries. I have been very please with them. Good luck! As stated above, a lot depends on who the installers are. As in every trade, some are good, some not so good. Retail stores have "good" installers as they don't want after install problems. Also, a better under pad always helps make a cheap carpet feel better. Often carpet remnants can be picked up for bargain prices at retail stores. I have recommended Home Depot before for runners, etc. Don't do it! I know this is an old post, but still.

I've been waiting for 1. I've been through the executive support line to no avail. The only thing that really caught their attention was submitting a CC dispute. Honestly, just run. They will ask you to steam clean a brand new carpet at your own expense before they will even begin to discuss remediation steps. They are trying to force me to drop the CC dispute before they will offer a refund or do a reinstall. I would imagine a retailer the size of Lowe's is keenly aware they cannot ask me to drop a dispute, nor am I able to drop a dispute once a ChargeBack has been processed.

Save yourself the headache and purchase your carpet from a reputable local store. I've been waiting since January 18th for Lowe's to finally finish the install of my carpet, and I would imagine I will be waiting a bit longer. I recently had carpet installed and they did not remove my old carpet. I was told that someone would pick it up. A week later I called again and was told that someone would pick it up.

A week and a half later I was told that it smelled like pet urine and I would have to dispose of it myself. Now I have to find someone strong enough to drag the carpet out to the street for the city to pick up since the installers did not put it in an easy place for the city. It will take the city several weeks to collect all the pieces. This could have been avoided if they had put the carpet out front in the first place.

But the lack of communication and the run around was unacceptable. It should be said upfront and the installers should tell people the truth. They can do better than that. I was planning on having hard wood put into 2 other spaces but will call someone else. The install is everything. HD installed carpeting in 2 bedrooms and ruined my just-painted baseboards and walls. I'm talking huge black marks from their shoe bottoms. After repeated calls, and personal visits to the store manager painting invoice in hand to prove date That would not have been the case if I had used a carpet store. Never again.

Visit warehousecarpets. You'll be glad you did. It took 30 minutes in the store to find someone to help me only to be told I could have ordered a measure on line. Yes that might be true but I needed to be there to see and pick out my caret anyway so I preferred to get it all done in one step. They advertise they can install in 5 days. The employee that helped me didn't know for sure if my carpet selection qualified but said she thought so not including holidays and weekends. I am a month out now since they charged me and measured for the carpet.

They showed up at about day 10 with the wrong size carpet so it had to go back, the installer measured the room and reported to the store but the store insisted they had to send yet another person out to measure. Mind you it was a brand new house and there was nothing in the room, how in the world can you get an incorrect measurement with a lazer measuring tool with nothing in the room! They sent another person to measure I heard nothing so I called the install dep and they said they see that carpet 14X12 was ordered but had not arrived to them yet.

What are you kidding! They then said they needed to do some investigating and would call back, they never did. The store and the measuring division apparently do not apparently communicate with each other. I took off work the second time and will NEVER try them again and am sticking with a local flooring company that has in house people to measure. She specifically asked me what kind of floor we had there now. I told her we have carpet which was installed over tiles so I was requesting they remove the current old carpet and replace with new.

So far, so good. Once I paid and they came out and did the estimate there were some comments about the tile on the floor under the carpet which already had tack boards installed for the current carpet. I called the estimating company which is sponsored by Home Depot. They told me in no uncertain terms they do NOT install carpet over tiles. She repeated it several times so I would have to spend hundreds or perhaps thousands to remove the tiles and glue under them.

Had I known this I would never have gotten the estimate. I've called another supplier for an estimate tomorrow and verified beforehand that they WILL install carpet over tiles. I purchased a laminated floor from Home Depot a couple of weeks ago. The flooring guy, Steve was great!

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I set up the installation and received a call the day before to confirm they were installing the flooring the next day. I took the day off from work and I get a call at a. Terrible Service. Very disappointed that Home Depot uses such unprofessional installers. Vacuumed weekly and cleaned every 6 months per instructions. Carpet looks like it's already yrs.

Really disappointed with carpet. We used Home Depot because of convenience. The install date was Oct. They arrived and could not speak English. Told them if they had questions I'd be in the kitchen. A shelf with 4 screws was in the way. I could have removed it in 5 min. The installers had left the house and never told me because they could not speak English. I fought for a new date requested English speaking appointment 2 days later.

First scheduled time am, no show, they call, arrival, no show, I call them, they don't know, they arrived at to do a job that will take 4 hours! They rescheduled. My mom is 87, house bound, on oxygen. Without a phone line she loses her "First Alert" and any help she would need. I had tried to reach her the next morning and put me into a panic! If she had fallen or problems.

This entire event was a disaster with management that had no compassion or concern. Inadequate installers can't speak English. I even think he was tired of hearing from me. This all took over 20 phone calls. I'd rather pay more for good service. We are retired and it's just the two of us in the house with two cats. We decided on the PetProof Whirlwind I carpet line.

The measuring and installation went fine. The installers took out the old carpet and cleaned up before installing the new carpet. There was very little extra carpet, so the measuring was right on. In July of a yr. The carpet gets vacuumed two to three times a week. Upon closer looking it appeared the carpet fibers were opening up and "fuzzy". The carpet came with a warranty that covered texture retention and was supposed to cover its ability to retain its visible shape and not burst, bloom, open or lose twist.

We decided to put in a claim. We've discovered several things. Even though all the marketing says "The Home Depot warranties provide peace of mind with every carpet purchase. We had to get the carpet cleaned using a very specific technology, before they would consider the claim. Send them lots of pictures before cleaning and after. After 5 months of back and forth, Home Depot is saying that the carpet is suffering be crushing and it's not covered in the warranty.

Basically the warranty only covers manufacturing defects. I'd never recommend this carpet for any kind of traffic area, or steps.

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The step down from the kitchen is now showing the same issue. Scheduled an install through Home Depot. Installers then took up my existing carpet and then cut the new carpet to be installed into 4 pieces BEFORE consulting the diagram which showed it to be installed into 2 pieces.

So they left me with an apology and exposed tacks for 3 months for my children and pets to navigate. I was told by HD that they no longer make the carpet that also matched my attached rooms and that they could send something close enough. Installers came back again and left me with another unfinished job and unfinished exposed edging in a doorway and glue on the floor. Home Depot can not control the installers they use. You get what you pay for.

Installers even asked one of my children to sign paperwork and left me with an unfinished job before I got to see it. It's been 5 months since I ordered, and I now have a mismatched piece of unfinished carpet installed as the result of Home Depot's installer unethical business practice. I will start by saying we were able to get our house tiled by Home Depot and it was affordable.

I'm grateful for that. Also there are some very good workers who are helpful and respectful at Home Depot. Unfortunately they have been few and far between for me. We ordered plus pounds of tile and mortar etc to get our house done. I clarified many times the items would first be delivered outside and someone would bring them in the house. They tried to get out of bringing materials in the house last minute. They told me to ask my neighbors for help. Some boxes of tile are close to 60 pounds a piece. I'm pretty sure I'm not asking my middle aged neighbors to do this for me.

It was a nightmare of phone calls and rude managers dealing with this. One manager acted like a rude high school kid. Well I'm sorry friend that is not on me. I was told by more than one person you would bring it in my house. Being disabled I was extremely careful to make sure materials are brought in my house. I calculated the total weight of all the tile, versabond and other stuff over pounds. Finally I called customer service and same day they were nice as pie and had someone bring all the materials in the house as agreed. Thank God someone in customer service must have cracked their whip on this guy.

Generally speaking many of the workers have been so rude. I just have a bad overall experience. Today a guy was just so rude I couldn't wait to get out of the store. I hate conflict so I just ignored it but I've had lots of bad experiences like this. Try calling Home Depot sometime When I have returned things customer service are not on same page. It really depends on who you get if a return is going to be easy or hard.

I've tried to return plants under the 1 year guarantee Target also does pretty good.

Is it really cheaper to buy your flooring at Home Depot?

I would make it top priority to make sure workers are friendly and all on the same page with respect to returns etc. I dropped 13K on tile installation and was constantly buying plants from Home Depot. Is it too much to ask for people to be friendly. I can't handle the incompetence and general rudeness at Home Depot. Maybe another Home Depot would be better.

But here again this is why training all workers uniformly is crucial. I've dropped a lot of money and Home Depot and been blown away by how badly I've been treated. However there are also SOME extremely kind and good workers there. I'm thinking of Tish in flooring department But I've only met a very small few and not enough to want to keep shopping there. By the way I take no pleasure in writing this. I wish no ill on Home Depot.

Home Depot could not install the laminate flooring we purchased there, the reps at Home Depot said we could do a vinyl floor. We were told it would be an easy swap and return of the laminate. The installers were great. Vinyl floors are in. Unfortunately we are still trying to get our refund from the laminate.

Home Depot will not return our calls or show us an itemized bill. We had paid for the laminate and we were told we be refunded. Still waiting almost a month now. So very frustrating. Starting a new business.

All was agreed to. Paid in full 2 days later. This was first only mention of a problem. Base molding was being installed when measurement guy came out to assess the job, said no problem. People at Home Depot and Romanoff Flooring were rude and unprofessional. Canceled order. Ordered High end carpet in June of Paid for it also at that time. Month later carpet arrives. Crew shows up at pm to install. This is suppose to be a whole home install.

All furniture moving. Tear out and disposal of old Carpet. We paid extra to have platform bed taken apart. Day 1 carpet installed in basement but not complete. Day 2 upstairs carpet installed except bedroom not complete. Day 3 complaint to Home Depot no action. Day 4 said they had to order more carpet. New installer arrives. admin