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From the moment you enter the Mortem Family estate and are greeted by Dmitri, the family patriarch, to the moment of your exit, you will encounter all that once lived in this giant mansion. Whatever you may fear, those who possess the power of voodoo will be sure those fears are unleashed to find you inside the Voodoo Bayou.

Haunt opens at Dusk. Location: Raging Rapids. Dark Shadows - The Shadows are everywhere. As your make your way through the pitch black setting, you will encounter the shadows of the night. The shadows play games with your mind, lurking around every twist and turn. Location: Kiddieland Pavilions. Kennyville Cemetery - Welcome to the most hallowed grounds in Kennywood Park. Haunted Ark - While Noah befriended the animals during the long journey aboard the Ark, the Phantom's presence has warped his mind. Donning the faces of his former four-legged friends, Noah and his family now ready for their next slaughter and sacrifices: YOU!

Location: Noah's Ark. Fear Fest - Step right up and enter our Festival of Fear. The finest, most demented clowns in the world will be sure to entertain you as you walk through this fun-filled festival. Our clowns just want to have some fun at your expense. Location: Kangaroo. Gory Park - A modern day zombie apocalypse has taken over this cityscape park.

At Gory Park, everyday parkgoers and public works employees have been turned into rabid zombies looking for their next victim. They will welcome you into their domain with only one thing on their minds…eating your brain! Location: Lost Kennywood. Death Valley - Go back in time with a trip to Death Valley. Hop on board the ghost train for your chance to mine for gold, or stop in town and visit some of the original inhabitants. They may have died a century ago, but their spirits never stopped guarding their town—for eternity!

How do I buy tickets? Tickets can be purchased online , at Giant Eagle, or at the Front Gate. When are you open? Fridays and Saturdays from September 28 — October 27 from 6 p. Click here for calendar.

An RIP ticket offers you front of the line access to a specific haunt or group of haunts on the night of purchase. Each haunt has a special RIP line, please enter and present your pass to the haunt grouping attendant. Discount days: September , October 7, 26, 27, Are the Haunts opened in the rain? As long as the park is open, the indoor haunted attractions will stay opened in the rain. However, when conditions warrant, our outside attractions may have to temporarily close until the weather improves.

Please note, Phantom Fright Nights can be canceled in the event of inclement weather. Cancellations or early closures will be announced on our website, along with the Kennywood Facebook and Twitter pages. Do you sell souvenirs? Souvenirs can be found in a number of gift shops and kiosks located throughout the park. Where can I find an ATM? Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

The actors will not touch you at Kennywood; however, they do get very close. Occasionally you may end up brushing up against their costumes or props. Are there any age restrictions? Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights are not recommended for children under If you or someone in your group become too scared to continue, there are many emergency exits throughout each attraction. Please stop an actor and let them know and you will be directed to the exit. Are the haunts at Kennywood accessible to Guests with Disabilities?


Yes they are, but please stop by our Rider Safety Center so they can answer your questions and give you more specific information. Is there fog in the haunted houses? Yes, we use fog liberally in Phantom Fright Nights. If you find the smoke or odors too intense, there are emergency exits throughout each attraction.

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Are there strobe lights? Yes, strobe lights are in operation in some of our haunted attractions. Can we be removed from the park? We do not allow line jumping, foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, or drug use. Upon review by our public safety staff if violating these rules you could be subject to ejection from the park. Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

The managers are the worst. Not at all.

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They barley do their job but we are always expected to do more than ours for sometimes less than minimum wage. They also work well with your schedule..

As the leaves turn and the days shorten, a darkness begins to fall over Kennywood.

Pays less than mimimum wage. Started working in the Parkside Cafe and was never even shown who my manager was or where anything i had to do was. They just threw me out into the seating area and told me to bus the tables. Thats an outrage. If you're feeling optimistic about working here as I did, don't. Working anywhere else would be better as they pay at least minimum wage. I operate three rides for the park. Safety is my number one goal. I makes sure paperwork is accurate, up to date , rides are safe to operate, and finally ensuring guests are enjoying the park.

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Just go work at Target. Sure, working in an amusement park is a blast. The novelty wears off. Then you're left with do-nothing management, rude customers and questionable non-existent training and staffing practices. Compensation is not commensurate to the work expected. Fun summer job.

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You make life long friends, and they work really well around your outside life schedule. Long hours but worth it. I don't think Ill ever leave kennywood. Its like a little extended family. Polite, productive, good attitude. Potato patch. The most enjoyable part about any job is the interviewe process, I personally like interviews only because ive never experienced a bad interview everyone was alwasy so nice and respectful.

The hardest part of the job to me is getting started because you have no idea where everybody is at, how fast they move, but I always catch on fast! Park side cafe. Cleaning, housekeeper dishwasher and busser. It was a very good job i enjoyed the exsperience i wanted to relocate because i wanted a full time job, i wanted more hours and better things to do. Enjoyable place to work. Kennywood is a great place to work. The atmosphere is amazing. I Enjoy being a part of the department responsible for maintaining a safe environment for all guests. Review this company. Claim this company page Review this company.

Want to know more about working here? Ask a Question. Overall rating 3. Questions about Kennywood Park What is the interview process like? For jobs in Finland, visit fi. admin