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DZone AngularJS 1. Google Home AngularJS 1. Findmore Consulting AngularJS 1. Tribetron AngularJS 1. Flat AngularJS 1. Zoosk AngularJS 1. I had to offer it in Bluemercury stores! I recently got hooked on this charcoal mud mask, which exfoliates and hydrates skin while clearing out your pores. I use it once or twice a month or when I get a pimple. Reactivating inactive follicles from the inside out. Apply once a day to regrow hair, restore body and revive volume. As for the knee -length vest? DKNY cotton trench vest; Our advice? Get into natural light and out of dressing room fluores- cents to best see what works with your skin tone.

Styling note: Add a belt in barely contrast- ing nude patent and skip heels in favor of me- tallic flats we swooned over these lace-ups. The chunky gold bracelet below dates from the s and inspired her to create a version in silver. Kosann knows what to avoid, like the mismatched bargain one-offs that most of us fall for. Her closet is organized with military precision except for the back of the door, which is collaged with mag- azine tear-outs of inspirational street style.

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I paw through a rack of silk blouses and note there is nary a patchwork piece in sight. All have wine-growing areas with the special attributes that make grape-growing regions so appeal- ing great climates, striking landscapes and food that en- hances their wines. Now visitors can make a circuit of chic hotels, charming local restaurants and tasting rooms.

Its best country re- treats, such as Cavas Wine Lodge and Entre Cielos, overlook vineyards and feature stellar restaurants. Even the emerging Uca Valley, an hour and a half south of Mendoza, is home to the luxury Vines Re- sort and Spa, a romantic spot that invites the guests staying in its 22 villas to join winemaker workshops.

But at Chile's Vina Vik, the monumental moun- tains are everywhere you look— from the suite above to the hotel pool left. In Uruguay, the Eour Seasons Carmelo, on the Rio de la Plata, sits in the heart of wine country, where days can be spent by the pool, on the golf course or at family- owned vineyards. But the property that has the whole wine world buzzing is in Chile.

They recently opened a sleek hotel in the middle of the vineyard. Activities include horseback riding, mountain biking and trekking, but guests may just savor the design, the food, the wine. And nearly every place, from Iran to South- east Asia to Italy and the United States, has its own version of this sweet yet never too sour infusion of vinegar, sugar and fruit. But drinking vinegar kind of sounds like a dare, and that may be why it took until now to start catching on.

Pok Pok uses honey vinegar in a cocktail with tequila and citrus and makes a slew of varieties to take home. We liked its Som Apple so much, we stocked it in our Food52 Shop, in addition to a few other brands and varieties of drinking vinegars. And though they sound vaguely scien- tific, drinking vinegars are simple to make at home. We dare you. Will my family be taken care of? Take some of the stress out Term? Universal Life? Variable Life? AXA can help take some of the questions out of choosing life insurance and help identify the right solution for you by breaking down the choices into small, manageable steps.

Can we help you take a small step? Contact your financial professional or an AXA Advisors financial professional at axa. Life insurance contains exclusions, limitations and terms for keeping it in force. For costs and complete details, contact a Financial Professional. One of the two female sharks or angel inves- tors on set, she's quick to identify poten- tially successful businesses— and equally quick to cut through the BS. If the sales- person is phenomenal, I'm going to buy in. I want someone who is confident, not cocky.

Tell me a personal story about over- coming adversity— such as the time you recovered from an injury. The more a per- son professes how passionate she is, the more I think she's a woman who's hot to trot for a new date. I'm looking for someone to stay married to the business for 20 years. Are they all of a sudden going to become lazy? You can't learn street smarts in business school. I was out immediately. His prod- uct was probably great. But he was wear- ing a white apron with grease on it. How did he go on national TV with a dirty apron? Being an average-looking man can't hurt you; being an average-looking woman can.

However, if a woman brings on a male pitching partner, she's twice as likely to get the money. Adults at this stage i are more likely than somethings to have i the experience, money and contacts to help them launch, I according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Your next business opportunity is more likely to come from a loose connection than from a friend. OK, maybe every- one remembered to update your email address when you changed jobs. It was easier to move on to the next adviser. You last spoke to Josie Blow four years ago.

If you want something from your network, ask! But mimicking their habits could start you to- ward big sums. What will you do with all that money? Dream big. One study found that 44 percent of multimillionaires wake up at least three hours before work. The wealthiest people have the longest-term thinking. Source for 1, 2, 3, 14, Tom Corley, president of the financial firm Cerefice and Co. Another cool feature: You can send virtual keys to anyone, and you control when the keys are active— meaning the dog walker can enter at noon but not at midnight. August replaces the back of your existing dead bolt, so you do need tools, but installation is relatively easy.

A digital key fob is included; the lock will still open to your touch if the fob but not your smartphone is near. Installation takes know-how, since Kevo replaces your entire locking system. Plus, with the Z-Wave-equipped model, you can use your phone from anywhere in the world to check that your door at home is locked. Installation is easy; like the Au- gust lock, it replaces the back of your exist- ing dead bolt. The lock opens with a four-digit access code, and it stores 19 unique codes that you can change or delete at any time.

Installation is challeng- ing: Like Kwikset's Kevo, Schlage Touch replaces your entire locking system. Here, services that help you sift through the clutter. Free; google. The tabs, which are organized by subject line, sender or category such as shopping , allow you to delete thousands of emails in seconds. Mail- strom sends daily updates that show your deletion progress. While that adds yet an- other email to the mix, it also provides a sense of accomplishment. This high potency, clinically proven treatment significantly enhances skin clarity for a radiant, even looking complexion.

The laser penetrates the surface tP stimulate collagen and elastin production. Over food. It was so crazy. We both went from zero to 60 in 30 seconds over this meal that we were supposed to cook, a boiled dinner. After a long time, we started to laugh about it because we were so insane. I try not to drink too much. I color my hair. I do Botox occasionally. I wear a push-up bra and hope for the best. Oh my God, she got so old. Oh my God, I thought she was dead. I wanted to put something happy in front of my audience. Literally, my throat closed up, and it took me a longtime to get my voice back.

BetteMidler This interview has been edited and condensed. Yet according to Malika Saada Saar, the plight of sex slaves is just as bad right here by sharon cotliar H uman rights attorney Malika Saada Saar, 44, has spent much of her life working to make the world safer for women and girls. She has secured millions in fed- eral funding for at-risk families and persuaded federal prisons to stop shackling pregnant in- mates during childbirth.

Each year an estimated , children are bought and sold for sex in the U. What does the slogan mean? In the United States, it's often the giris who go to jail for these crimes, not the traffick- ers or buyers. Why is that? I think part of it is that we as a society have oversexualized our very young girls. When my daughter was seven, I remember working really hard to find an outfit for her that was cute and not sexy. But calling these crimes child prostitution suggests these girls have consented.

If we rename it child rape. It's the Lolita effect: We oversexualize girls and then blame them for being sexual at a young age. These girls are victims and survivors of child rape. This has nothing to do with vice or prostitution. This is about child abuse and sexual violence. Many people don't realize that children are being bought and soid for sex in the U. How are these kids recruited? Sex traffickers go to foster-care group homes and homeless shelters looking for children. They troll bus stops for homeless teens. They tend to be educated, middle-class, married white men.

What kind of impact do these crimes have on the girls? I remember meeting a group of girls from California who had been arrested for pros- titution. None of them was older than 15, so none was of the legal age to consent. One of the girls, Aviva, looked like an older ver- sion of my daughter. Her trafficker had kid- napped her. She says he forced her to sleep with many men, endlessly tortured her, de- nied her food and that she forgot she was still human.

She described herself as a dog. Months after meeting this strong, brilliant girl, I found out she disappeared. I think about Aviva all the time. I think about the girl I recently saw in a courtroom with the name of her trafficker tattooed on her face. Or the child who said she told every man who purchased her that she was just a kid and to please take her to the police— and how none of them did. You have two sons. What do you think we should be teaching our boys about women and respect?

I also think we need to be critical consumers of our cul- ture. Kids may like the way a song sounds, but we should talk to them about the lyrics— what do they hear, what do they think about that? Conversations like that allow them to become critical thinkers. What inspired you to dedicate your life to heiping others? My mother went to college when I was Part of my growing up in Phila- delphia involved going to school and then going to classes with my mom and watching her gain confidence and become a bet- ter advocate for me.

She and my grandmother and my father taught me that to whom much is given, much is required. Al- though it felt like we never had much, they sacrificed to give me an education, and it was al- ways understood that I would use that edu- cation in service of others. Who are your heroes? When I was little, I was convinced Bobby Kennedy was my spiritual father. I used to make my grandmother take me to Washington, D. I would say a prayer at his grave. I now have the honor of being on the board of the RFK Center.

What do you want the world to look like for women and girls? I want a world where girls are safer, more cherished, more claimed and more loved. In a way, we often do live in isolation and segregation from one an- other. But we recently did an event on Capi- tol Hill where congressmen came together to talk about child sex trafficking not as power- ful lawmakers but as fathers.

To have them see these girls as their responsibility— that was transformational. While in the military, Martha McSally was as brave on land as she was in the air, standing up to sexism. Un- til you see her biker boots. It is one of her first days on the job, and McSally nearly walks into a boiler room.

She banks right and never breaks stride. But once a cadet, she decided to become a fighter pilot. Accord- ing to Air Force regulations, the five-foot- three McSally was too short to be a pilot. There was also the matter of the federal statute for- bidding women to take part in combat, but she assumed that was too retro to survive.

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The statute, however, was still in place when she graduated in , and instead of giving her a fighter plane, the Air Force sent McSally to study public policy at Harvard. Three years later. The reason? Although the feds had changed their combat policy, the Air Force had yet to do so. In she was chosen to be an Air Force legislative fellow in the Washington, D.

In that job, she delved into the abaya rule herself— and discovered that rather than being Air Force policy, it had been established by a two-star general in Saudi Arabia. McSally officially registered her objections to the rule. She was suddenly deployed— nonvolun- tarily and she doubts coincidentally— to Saudi Arabia.

McSally wore the garb- hut only once. She then began lobbying Con- gress to end the policy along the way she also filed a lawsuit against Secretary of De- fense Donald Rumsfeld. Her campaign succeeded; Congress changed the policy. McSally became a squad- ron commander and a colonel. In , McSally about-faced into civilian life.

Leadership was her passion, training and talent; where could she use it to best effect? Find out. Where is it written down? Is it policy? Is it folklore? There's a lot of folklore in bureaucracies. If it is policy, what is the reason behind it? Don't just rail. Do your homework. I'll do the handshake lines and let people say all sorts of terrible things about me. But you have to do your part and write a check. You need planning, strategy, communications, manpower, intelligence and psych operations. You need to get the message out. You need to lead in chaos. You need to stay focused on the mission.

He said she should go back to Arizona and build relationships with the lo- cal party. But she had no time for that— the special election was only 68 days away. There were so many reasons for her not to run.

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No experience as a candidate. No posi- tions on legislation. No money besides her Air Force retirement, which she needed to live on. And Giffords, a Democrat, was back- ing a former staff member who had also been wounded in the attack. Am I electable? Do I feel called to duty? Eight weeks later, she lost. But the regular election was coming up in a few months, so she had another chance. Election-night returns in showed that McSally was leading by 1, votes.

But the final tally re- vealed she had actually lost by about 2, Running again in seemed as quixotic as deciding to be a fighter pilot even though she was too short. And I am right. McSally emerges from the tunnel. Her cultural references are equally far-reaching. Rain, she tells us, has been a source of inspiration for artists as disparate as Emily Dickinson and Kurt Cobain. Such abundant details, spiced with irreverence and humor, are what make this book so delicious. Reading this book, we are witness to the profoundly fiawed, hubristic core of human nature itself.

It becomes impossible not to ask. What will become of us? Playful, gossipy entries— about going to yard sales or watching The Bachelorette with her husband— deepen into medita- tions on love, betrayal and the hugeness of one's own shortcomings, past and present.

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Packer has great compassion for her characters, with their ancient injuries, their blundering desires. The way she tangles their perspectives perfectly, painfully captures the tumult of selves within a family. Now, in her riveting mem- oir, Born with Teeth Little, Brown , Mulgrew tells of her journey from small-town Iowa to Hollywood, where the roles and romances came and went but one shadow intensified: her need to reunite with the daughter she gave up for adoption decades ago.

KM: It was time. I was ready. It was scarred on my heart, and I had been pulled into sadness about the loss [of my child] many times. After 40 years of being an actress, I wanted to be known. It was the moment to reveal me. KM: I was lucky in that she ap- proached me with strength and clear eyes. Right from the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I knew that the pain I felt was part of the deal.

KM: The idea of happiness is absurd and overused. I was raised with old-fashioned values, but I was not about to let that eclipse who I was as an artist.

Success is very threat- ening for a man, especially if that success is in his field. Balance without guilt was al- ways a struggle for me. KM: I never had any insecurity about my looks, in part because my parents never admired me for them. Eltahawy's furious insistence that the struggle for regional democracy must in- clude equality for women is aimed not only at conservative patriarchs but also at modern revolutionaries who put off addressing so-called women's issues.

She makes it clear that Arab feminists aren't looking to be saved by their Western sis- ters; she writes not in hope of rescue but so that we can all link arms. Words are weapons to "fight silence, alienation, and violence I am the daughter of the taboos and silences from which I fought to free myself. And here I was, two years later, plunging to earth at warp speed with a pound man tethered to my back. Tandem skydiv- ing as a year-old widow can be surpris- ingly therapeutic. But in the end it turned out to be adrenaline, that rush to my heart and to my head, that would soothe my soul.

There are times I catch myself and reel it in, tone it down. We were married for 21 years and to- gether for I keep coming back to wondering why I should be happy and starting off on this amazing rest-of-my-life when he is not. I was with three other African-American women I met at our church almost 10 years ago. We served in ministry to- gether, organizing outreach events and working with new members and people coming to be baptized.

We prayed for parishioners who suffered all sorts of traumatic life events: marital problems, death of loved ones, stints in jail, substance abuse, belligerent children, health scares, thoughts of suicide, loss of jobs, loss of homes. Once there was a young man who came in to be baptized, but when we saw he was wearing an ankle mon- itor, we hesitated; submerging him in water might cause the alarm to go off. We wanted to help the fella— his faith was in peril, after all— and from what he explained about his past, he needed an intercession.

So we called the authorities and alerted them to what might happen. Then my husband searched the church for duct tape, which he wound around the ankle monitor to seal it off. It worked. Mia was the catalyst. In she came to a church meeting with pamphlets about white-water rafting on falls graded from three to five in terms of difficulty Niagara is a six. Opposite: Skydiving in Michigan.

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But once she was safely back on the raft, we laughed so hard, we nearly fell over the side. But with each success meaning no one dead or injured , we became more determined to be daring. We rented Kawasaki motor- cycles to earn our cycling licenses. And let me tell you, that was love.

Next we powered down the mountains of Aspen, strapping on skis for the very first time when we were well into our forties. So when my mother asked whether I would jump off a cliff if my girlfriends did? My answer was yes— off a foot cliff into the Gauley River in West Virginia.

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Of course, there are other African-American women out there who like thrilling esca- pades. The Olympics have had some golden exceptions: Vonda Flowers powering her team on the bobsled, Jackie Joyner-Kersee blowing everyone away with her long-jump maneuvers. Gabby Doug- las dazzling crowds with her gymnastics moves. But these women appeared to be superhuman. And they were not 40, and certainly not pushing 50, like us. Even with a lifejacket! You do know my sister-in-law broke her collarbone and got a inch gash on her thigh when she lost control of her mo- torcycle.

That big ole mountain? I actually jumped? I was awak- ened deep in splendid slumber on a Sunday at 4 am by what sounded like a broken water pump in the base- ment. It was an odd noise, like wa- ter rushing through pipes. I reached drowsily over to my husband; inves- tigating strange bumps and thuds in the night had always been his job. If my husband had died anywhere else— at the office, in a car crash, in a freak acci- dent on the eighth hole of the golf course— I could have rationalized that bad things can happen when you leave the haven of your home.

The Dare Divas were the first to the hos- pital, and they visited my house for days afterward. First, I feared that I would be next, or- phaning my son, 18, and daughter, And before long, my youngest would be off to college. These coupons allow people to make the right choices and save big every time.

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