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The article is long and involved as New Yorker articles often are. Still, my marketing-oriented readers will be most interested in the glimpses behind the Hollywood marketing curtain, including the passages about playbooks, audience segmentation, and even the standard campaign layout:. Between seventy and eighty per cent of that is spent on television advertising enough so that viewers should see the ads an average of fifteen times , eight or nine per cent on Internet ads, and the remainder on newspaper and outdoor advertising.

The hope is that a potential viewer will be prodded just enough to make him decide to see what all the fuss is about. Like most long New Yorker articles, the writer wraps up a lot of loose ends at the finish, typically offering us one final often startling glimpse at the character, and this is no exception:. Many film marketers grow disillusioned with their jobs, with the lying and the cheating. Because owning the secrets of cattle mentality is not aspirational.

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I love my job, I love being a part of all this, of staying fresh and young. First, even non-techie micro-entrepreneurs quickly grasp the competitive power of the Internet. Thrilled by the idea that authenticity might actually become a competitive advantage. And often stymied by the technology. In simple terms, they wanted the whole enchilada, and they wanted it to work without creating a second career for them. By the end of the class, a small business would have a working, functioning online marketing infrastructure — one built atop technologies that empower a small business instead of trapping it.

Used to be I wrote for people who were playing in a handful of media channels. Today, even professionals are overwhelmed, and the businesses we serve are even more so. There are a lot of writers out there. They stand for Recency , Frequency , and Monetary. And they represent a simple, smart way to dramatically increase profits. And yes, a few of you just stopped reading. And I pity the copywriter who sits down at a meeting, wants respect — and then has to ask what RFM stands for.

Take a long list of customers and their data. The basic idea is to divide them according to their habits, creating a grid where each square holds customers that are distinguished from the customers in the other grids.

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Hint: You can use any grid size, so if your list is small, using scores from 1 to 3 is easier and still plenty effective. And so on. The top spenders get a 5. Keep it simple at first. Then you do the same for the Recency and Frequency. Divide those lists into five equal-length segments, assign them a score from 1 to 5 5 being the more desireable behavior , and viola!

You create virtual one by combining scores. I saw this procedure done on a casino marketing database that contained literally millions of records. Given the competitive nature of the casino business, how much of a monetary return did they enjoy through the simple act of segmenting their customer list? How about the big spenders who only showed up a couple times, then stopped?

Is it worth marketing to get them to come back? And how about the steady spenders who fell a little below your radar, then stopped coming? For that matter, you can target specific traits of specific groups. For example, you can identify the folks show up rarely, but spending lots when they do. What can you do to bring them around more often?

It mentions RFM in passing, but focuses on other email-specific traits. My take? There are probably easier fruit to pick.

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In the past, that meant a lot of my ad budgets were switched to less-glamorous media like inserts, card decks, etc. Today, the rush is on to find the most effective, affordable online media hint: online ad buys seem stagnant. And while coupons are regarded by many as a relic of the pre-Internet era, a New York Times Magazine story says coupons are back — especially online coupons:.

Its figures show that in consumers redeemed about 4. The number of coupons that manufacturers issued has gone up and down since then, but the redemption number fell steadily every year until last year, when it leveled off at about 2. According to the Promotion Marketing Association Coupon Council, less than 1 percent of coupons are distributed digitally — which seems a little surprising given that coupons-on-the-Web companies have been around for years.

But the take-away here is simple: in the face of a shrinking budget, the smart copywriter offers their client a cost-effective alternative. Remember, in a recession, clients are often scared. The problem? And yes, they need it coherently written. One of the hidden truths of Web 2.

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For almost 30 years I've worked as a writer most of it freelance. I'm also the father of two perfect little girls. The Underground reflects my interest in all kinds of writing and all kinds of writers though if you're looking for SEO advice, you're probably in the wrong place. Lots of time?

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Visit my writing site here. Or my marketing site here. My Interviews With Successful Writers. Working Writers interviews focusing on tools and workflow. Did you? Paulson [the Wall Street operator who made billions out of the housing crash] to bet against it. They all knew it was going to collapse.

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The media are cheerleaders for the stock market. The media have not done a good job in educating the American public. Have we? Obama has saved you. Look at how bad you are. Obama saved the banks and Wall Street, not the economy. From until today, the economy has grown by 2 percent, but the top 5 percent of the economy have got all of that growth. Employment is up, but wages are continuing to fall.

The debt ratio for most families is rising, not falling, especially for student debt, for mortgage debt, for automobile debt. The default rate is continuing to rise. Last time around it was housing debt or housing loans that blew everything up. Have the loans you just mentioned been turned into speculative packages similar to the infamous collateralized debt obligations [securities based on housing loans] of yesteryear? No ratings agencies are going to stick AAA labels on consumer debt where arrears and defaults are soaring.

That is, you can make in dividends or interest more than you have to pay. Only the big chains are surviving, and even the chains are closing down, Sears and others. Entire shopping malls are going into default. But we keep being told that this is because people are shifting to online shopping. Is that not the case? The Federal Housing Authority now guarantees government mortgages up to 42 percent of your income. Assume that 40 percent of your income goes for housing. Maybe 15 percent of your income is taken right off the paycheck by the FICA [Federal Insurance Contributions Act] for Social Security and essentially pre-saving for Social Security medical care which provides the government with enough money to cut taxes on the higher brackets.

In addition to paying the mortgage debt, people have to pay bank debt, auto debt, and credit card debt. Economic textbooks talk about a circular flow, where the workers will get paid wages and they buy what they produce.

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Now they only have a little bit to buy what they produce, and the rest of their money goes to the banks and to the government to give tax cuts for the top 10 percent. People are desperate to go to work. But if you look at where the jobs are, these are minimum wage jobs. Most of the jobs are in retail, trade, or in other low-paying jobs.

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You can see this particularly every two years when the Federal Reserve publishes a survey of consumer finances. As of February this year it stood at The government is on the hook to guarantee American mortgage loans as well as student loans. A large portion of the millions of homes that were foreclosed have been bought by hedge funds, often for all cash — because they can make more money renting them out than they can make in the financial markets.

So this real estate is not debt leveraged.

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The debts were left in place, and continue to grow not only by compound interest but by arrears and penalties compounding. The proportion of national income paid as interest, insurance fees and economic rent is rising faster than the economy is growing. Banks lend mainly to other financial institutions. They lend to other financial institutions. The whole economy has turned into trying to make money on speculation and arbitrage, not on producing goods and services, not on hiring people to actually do work. The economy therefore is very fragile.

The whole economy at the end of the road is going to look like Greece or Spain or Portugal or Italy.

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In other words, people have to pay either so much debt or they have to have forced saving, like pension fund saving, that the economy is shrunk for financial reasons, for putting more and more of its money out of the real economy of goods and services into the financial sector. It all sounds like a ghastly inevitability. There are a number of things. One of the things that Trump had suggested in the campaign was to remove the tax deductibility of interest. The tax system subsidizes the financial sector and subsidizes going into debt. It would be best not to give the favoritism to the financial sector.

For example the real estate sector since World War II has hardly paid any income tax at all, because it has fictitious deductions. Only the industrial sector and the workers and the middle class have to pay taxes. Rent is unearned income. The landlord gets rent simply for inheriting or somehow being able to buy property and then gouging the renter for whatever will bear.

Or rent is what is from natural resources. A rentier is someone who used to be called a coupon clipper. The original meaning of rent was to own a government bond in French. Rent is somebody who earns income every month or every quarter without doing any work at all, just by ownership privilege, just by inheriting wealth or somehow acquiring wealth and getting money without any work or any real value being produced. Do you see any sign of that happening? From the June issue. From the March issue.