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At Calloway Fundraising, we have been working with our family-owned and operated business for more than 20 years and we take pride in being a truly original discount card organization.

We know fundraising as we have been helping non-profit organizations, schools, and sports teams raise much-required funds since Calloway Fundraising is one of the most experienced high school fundraisers in Arizona. In our website, you will see details about our fundraising campaigns that we develop and hone with perfection. Our fundraising campaigns are designed for raising valuable funds for every kind of group from schools to sports clubs, from churches to non-profit entities, and more.

We are one of the most popular little league fundraisers in New Jersey, offering highly profitable discount coupon cards.

We will offer you customized discount cards to help you raise a big amount of money for your organization. The cards practically sell themselves and people do not feel inconvenienced or bothered when asked to buy the discount card.

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Our local businesses see the value of being on the card as they benefit from increased business. Calloway does all the work calling the vendors and the sales are excellent every year. We have people who call us in the summer time to reserve their card! I highly recommend you use Calloway as a school fundraiser as it benefits not only your school and students, but also your community!

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Craig Hack and Alison Kurland of Calloway were very professional in designing our card and contacting merchants we had supplied them. The informational packet they supplied us was very helpful in organizing and promoting our two week campaign. We highly recommend Calloway Fundraising Discount Cards as a fundraiser! The cards sell themselves, we have repeat families contacting us, wanting to purchase new ones before the old ones expire. Great customer service, fast turnaround time, quick delivery and re-order process.

Extremely easy and profitable. This is a great fundraiser as it basically sells itself.


There is no inventory but a box of cards, and it makes lots of money! We are an experienced, professional team and have been successfully recruiting local and national businesses for 22 years. Return both documents to Calloway. A member of the Calloway Team will let you know which merchants would like to participate and the discounts they are offering.

Calloway also provides you with attractive customized flyers and a letter you can send to parents and other supporters. Your Name. Your Organization. Your e-mail address. Your phone number. Ask us how we can help achieve your fundraising goals.

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Contact us today with any questions you have. There is no obligation to sign-up and we are more than happy to help with any questions you may have. More than half of our current clients are return customers. All Rights Reserved.


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