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I have the other rare piece, AZ! Karen How much do you want for B and C? Hi Karen, I also have Did you get your C? Denise how much do you want for AY and BY? I need bw ew too!! How much are you willing to take for them? Please reply.

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Can anyone tell me about them? I have C. I need B. Don how much do you want forC? And I have C. Brad, do you still have C , did you get an offer and sell it? Anyone looking for CX? Do you still have CI? I also need DL. I have c. How do you get codes? And how do you scan the tickets and when should you..

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Codes are given inside game tickets which you get while shopping from any participating store. I mentioned all important details in the post. Please read it fully to know complete details about this thrilling game. Have CJ need CJ only willing to split prize. Please reply back if we want to make this happen!!! Hi Casey I am willing to negotiate with you , I have the rest of the pieces email me if you are interested. Need CJ or DI. Will pay!

What is the preferred way to pay money for a marker on this site? So deal with anyone at your own risk.

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We are not responsible for any kind of loss. I have been playing this game since the beginning. I get hundreds of tickets each year, and nothing! The odds of winning anything is getting harder each year? There are large number of buyers for game tickets. Does anyone have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Hi not sure if you still need ,, ,,, ? Hi I have Thanks, Jasmine. I have ay. Let me know! Please let me know!

Hi Talbot. Talbot, I assume you sold BY? I have DX if anyone needs it. Or if you have the other rare can figure out a way to split it. I have AY anyone have they are willing to sell or is anyone interested in buying my AY? Also have am looking for Not me! They only have so many prizes in each category to give away and just be aware that some people are selling rare pieces when that prize may be already gone.

I have bw. If anyone wants to buy. Hi, I need EJ! I have if anyone wants to buy! Please please please help me out!

I have AY. Or if you want to sell by? I can text you a picture and then transact via PayPal.

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Do the research, and let me know. The game is now broken. When I try to scan pieces for tokens I get an error message saying server busy. If I instead enter the codes online via PC I get a message that says it has already been used or some other customer has used it. Sent a few message to Customer Support and nada has been returned. I guess shutting down processing entries is one way to save monney.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Frugal Finds. Forgot your password? Get help. Table of Contents. Looking for CJ…….. I just need 1 in all the big price tracker…. I have all pieces accept ew, we can split the Hit me up.

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I have the B are you interested in making a deal? What r u askin for them , game pieces? Jaissen do u have for sale please call asap thanks.

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Just to be clear, once again, you must keep all of your game pieces , even after scanning. Do not throw them away. You need to the physical game tickets for redemption. As a result, any prizes you win, such as FREE products, discounts or gift cards, are automatically added to your Just for U account. Then, simply enter your phone number at checkout or the gas pump to redeem. This is a great feature, especially when you accumulate tons of smaller FREE grocery items. The discounts are automatically applied at checkout. Bryan did some sleuthing and we think this is a pretty good list for the rare game pieces.

Her post goes into greater detail about the ins and outs of the game, including the game board, game pieces, playing online, using the app and more. I currently wine a dollar gift card in March I sent it out a long time ago just wondering when I should expect it? Thank you Shauna. Shauna — I suggest you check with the local store where you turned in your game pieces and filled in your prize redemption form. You better redeem it soon, as the deadline is fast approaching — May I have all the tickets besides these. We can split the prizes.

John — The game itself ended May 7. However, prizes and coupons can be redeemed through May I am in the Southern California area San Diego. Email me or text me at if interested.

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I redeemed tokens and the food items were on my list in the app. I was trying to delete old items and I accidentally deleted all. Now my free items are gone. Are they still available even thuogh they are not listed? Or did I just lose all my free items? Or even ask are you sure you want to delete all? Just wondering ;.

Sucked for the kiddos they thought were going to get a donut. They had to leave them at the register because they only had money for bus fare. The cashier at this time kept the winning game coupons. I had a few issues at self-check early on and finally started redeeming the Monopoly food and in-store item coupons at a full-service register because the cashiers would always ensure I got the freebie.

I then tried the self-check again after the game was over when the store was crowded and lines were long and it did work, you just had to pay attention. Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary navigation Skip to secondary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer.

Search this site Shopping for more grocery sales? Sign up for our FREE daily just one a day emails. Please enter all required fields. Correct invalid entries. Comments I currently wine a dollar gift card in March I sent it out a long time ago just wondering when I should expect it? I Have BW. If anyone is interested, please reply.

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