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A new sport-tuned Subaru WRX have 1. According to Swapalease. And be aware that although Subaru advertises ultra-low payments, they often correspond to less-popular base models. Examples listed here are for Denver, Colorado where Subaru is a top-selling brand and lease prices could be a bit lower in other parts of the country. Leave your comments below, share the article with friends and tweet it out to your followers!

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Skip to main content. Auto News. Subaru News, Pricing and Reviews. Subaru Crosstrek. The maps are not up to date and there are roads in the real world that are not in the maps. When driving, I have to use my phone 's speaker phone because people ask me to not call them using the car's bluetooth. I love my Forester XT. I would like the following in my next Forester: Better infotainment system with android auto or apple carplay Louder notifications from eyesight Lane keeping assist!

Or more self driving features to help me stay safe. More comfortable seats. Better remote starting range. Jan 19, One of the things I would suggest changing in future designs is adding more light in the rear cargo area. There is only one small light , which is located on a side wall under the window. It doesn't light the area very well. If there is an object on the side, the light is blocked. Most SUVs have the light above, set in the ceiling, although there can be challenges with that, too. Subaru could put lights on both side walls under the windows.

In the meantime, I keep a flashlight in the back to help provide more light. Oct 23, I am still learning about my new vehicle.

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I need to keep reading the manual to learn about features , some if which I haven't yet figured out. I think, as I go through the manual and learn more about the vehicle, I may even like it more. I still haven't figured out why certain screens appear , and probably need to be more technologically literate. The car rides well, is dependable, although a tire pressure light when on today and I need to figure out why? I like the Sirius radio feature which will be a joy on long distance trips and have extended the coverage.

The backup screen is a great addition for safety and gives a pretty decent view in the daylight.

Top Critical Review

All in all, the Subaru is what has proved to be the bast vehicle for me! Nice job, Subaru! Dec 26, I love my Subaru Forester, it is the first Subaru I have ever owned. There are a few features that do not work well at all that are a bit of a disappointment. The voice activated commands are horrible.

Especially the navigation voice commands. I also do not like the fact that the doors do not lock themselves when the car is put in Drive and unlock when the car is put in Park. The last 3 cars I have owned had this feature , I did not realize it was not a feature of Subaru. I also think the trim level I chose should include a built in garage door opener. It's something I just assumed my car had until I got home from the dealer. Another disappointment. Updated on Aug 22, Stock tires on Subaru forester are poor quality and do not last long.

Purchase all terrain tires to replace stock tires. Wish Subaru would get rid of all the black interior. Black carpet is horrible to keep clean.

2019 Subaru Forester - Deal Or No Deal?

Three complaints about my new Subaru Forester. Lots and lots and lots of rattles and squeaks and pops and scritches in the front interior of the vehicle. I've had a terrible time locating the sources of which there are many , so have't taken it to my dealer yet. Black always looks dirty and dusty. Gray would be much, much better. Third complaint is difficulty closing the back hatch with an arm load of groceries. Need a button or lever closer to the rear bumper so this old lady doesn't have to lift up 4 walmart bags of groceries above her head to push the "close hatch" button.

Very pleased with my purchase. I do not like the extensive use of black in the interior dash, carpet. The car does not necessarily feel as solid and well put together as I would like. I love this car, would have been really nice to have a light in the cargo area. Other than that it is one sweet car. However, I wish the doors automatically locked.

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Also, the lighting in the back of the vehicle is sparse and there is not much storage space up front in the center console area. You would think that the car would automatically lock when you walk away with the key fob too. Jan 23, Lots of safety features. Fun to drive. Nice looking car. Adequate cargo space. Surprisingly roomy back seats. Good handling. Back cargo area has no light.

Transmission hesitates too long before engaging. Forgot to get GPS system , a critical feature. There needs to an armrest for the driver, there needs to be cup holders for the rear passengers. The back lights are extremely dim and needs extra LED lights in the cargo compartment. The console is horrible and the change drawer that sits on top is a nightmare. Terrible design. Aug 21, Subaru's are the greatest car out there, super safe, best AWD out there, all the rest are imitators with unnecessary gimmicks.

The low center of gravity with the engine placement makes the car handle so much better in bad weather conditions. The AWD has saved my life a few times over the years. Once I drove a Subaru I never wanted anything else.

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  7. Do I pass bigger SUVs and trucks lying in the ditch? I've hauled more stuff in that little car, big inside yet comfortable to drive in the city. I've sold many neighbors on this car, we now have over a dozen in our development!

    Subaru Forester review

    I wish there was an option to buy a full-size tire on a rim instead of the donut. We live very rural, and the donut is not safe to drive on long distances, yet we are an hour from everywhere. Updated on Apr 20, Make MirrorLink updatable, allow people to connect their phones more thoroughly. Implement Android Auto. We have cellphones that can do more than a car entertainment system ever will. Make it so you can use the display to mirror the cellphone , so we can use Google Maps.

    Just like people use their own Bluetooth , they want to use their own navigation. Updated on Dec 3, Select Make. No results found. Select Model. Your Current Build Summary. Style Change Style. Gas 2. Color Preferences Edit. No Preference. Optional Equipment Edit. View Full Summary. TruePrice Discounted price you'll pay. How it works. Market Average. View Full Gallery. Top Positive Review.

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    View all Reviews. All rights reserved. Your new vehicle is sure to exceed your expectations without stretching your budget! Our finance experts have assembled Subaru lease specials that deliver top-notch quality at rock-bottom prices. Consider these additional benefits:. No other carmaker makes symmetrical AWD standard on all models, along with features such as four-wheel anti-lock brakes and a rear-vision camera.

    Visit our Englewood showroom and let our friendly and knowledgeable professionals help you find a Subaru that suits your needs and your budget. Call today to schedule a test drive.