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Free fitness apps are iOS, Windows and Android compatible, and there are downloadable dashboards to help you monitor your progress on your PC and laptop. You can access activity charts, record workouts and earn badges to help you keep on top of fitness goals. Back to top. Title Mr. First name. Last name. To show you Currys PC World stores local to you, all we need is your postcode.

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The slimmer design and new bands help make the Charge 3 much more comfortable, which will be a boon to your wrist while you're sleeping. Not only that, but Fitbit has added waterproofing for swimming with swim tracking , a touchscreen display and week-long battery life. Plus, it's the debut of Fitbit's new fitness tracker operating system. Herat rate tracking is a given these days, and the Charge 3 is one of the leaders.

That's not all. The Charge 3 also comes with a relative SpO2 blood oxygen sensor. In the long term, this will hopefully let Fitbit identify conditions like sleep apnea. The big thing for the Charge 3, though, is that it's the best option for sleep tracking. It blows away all its rivals as improved heart rate technology can take a look at your deep, light and REM sleep - thanks to Sleep Stages and Sleep Score features. Sleep Insights will also compare your data to other Fitbit users in your age and gender. Sleep Schedules will let you set alarms and nudge you so that you don't get into any bad habits as well.

Read our Fitbit Charge 3 review in full.

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If you're looking for more features with less of an emphasis on design and a cheaper alternative to the Charge 3, the Mi Band 3 is a solid option. Read this : Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - what we know so far.

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The app experience is a bit clunky sometimes, but if you're looking to get the most tech for the least money, this is your best bet. Thankfully, it's now also available outside of its native China and a lot easier to get hold of. Read our Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review in full.

Looking to get into shape? Snag one of these excellent fitness trackers

If you want the best tracker for the pool, things don't get much better than Moov Now. It's waterproof to 30m, but focuses on coaching. Start a swim session via your smartphone in the locker room, and when you return you'll get feedback on your stroke type, rate, distance and efficiency, as well as lap times and an overall indicator of your pool stamina. The only real downside is that there's no built-in screen to view performances in the pool in real-time — for that you'd need to look at something like the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro , but there's a trade-off in accuracy.

Moov Now also works as a discreet all-day fitness tracker, it has great training modes for running and swimming, and if you are interested in heart rate monitoring in the water, take a look at the Moov HR tracker that slips underneath your swimming cap to measure heart rate from your temple.

Best fitness tracker track steps, activity, sleep and cardio | T3

Clever stuff. Read our Moov Now review in full. It may not look as good as the now-retired Alta HR, but Fitbit's latest fitness tracker, the Inspire HR, is a great option for those who want something a little bit sleeker to track sleep with. It boasts all the same sleep monitoring tech as the flagship Charge 3, only in a lighter and thinner body. And though it also comes in a regular equivalent, you'll need the Inspire HR if you want to receive Fitbit's Sleep Stages - the feature that brings light, deep, awake and REM insights from your night's sleep.

As this is essentially replacing the Alta family, it's not just the design that's been tweaked. Fitbit's Inspire range offers a swim-proof design, step tracking, notifications and automatic workout tracking. It takes all of that and puts it on a device with a touchscreen display - one that can go the distance, too, with around five days of battery life.

Read our Fitbit Inspire HR review in full. Check out our top waterproof bands How to buy a fitness tracker Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and more - here's what to look for in a lifestyle tracker Heart rate is now the biggy for trackers Turn your tech trinket into habit changer. As far as the device itself goes, the key thing here is the accuracy of the heart rate monitor, which in our testing was a top performer.

But the fact that it's combined into such a beautifully designed watch, and still manages 25 days of battery life, is a huge boon for Withings. The swim tracking isn't quite a world-beater, but the addition of connected GPS, does now mean you can now more accurately track runs with the help of your smartphone. But, in short, the Withings Steel HR is a superb fitness tracker that gets the thumbs up from Wareable.

For those who really push things hard, the heart rate variability HRV stress scores are a great metric so you know when to take a rest. The new 'body battery' energy monitoring will give you a better insight into how well prepared you are for your next workout.

The best fitness trackers and fitness bands with heart-rate tracking, coaching and more

While the addition of a pulse oximeter sensor makes the fitness tracker for more serious health monitoring like helping to detect sleep apnea. The Vivosmart 4 also packs in Garmin's Move IQ software and rep counting for those who like to lift weights, and is one of the few trackers to include these metrics. The decent accelerometer-based run tracking slightly makes up for the missing GPS support as well, if you're not too bothered about pinpoint accuracy. Read our Garmin Vivosmart 4 review in full.

Another previous Wareable Tech Award winner, the Garmin Vivomove HR is a powerful fitness tracker hidden inside a decent-looking analogue watch. While it doesn't quite manage to look as classically designed as the Withings Steel HR Sport, the hidden screen works harder on the Garmin, and smart notifications are much easier to read. You can also track runs albeit without GPS , strength training and open sessions, which will appeal to gym goers. Plus, everyone can get behind the 14 days of battery life, and 5ATM up to 50m water resistance, which make it a winner in our eyes.

Read our Garmin Vivomove HR review in full. Yes, children now have fitness trackers too — and Fitbit has made its first one the Ace, that's designed for kids aged 8 and above. The design is modelled on the old Alta and Alta HR so kids can feel like they have a tracker just like their mum and dad. It doesn't have a heart rate monitor on board, but will count steps, log sleep and let you take part in step challenges against other Fitbit users.

It should keep tracking for up to five days off a single charge and kids can assign the tracker to their own phone to add call notifications into the mix. If you're after a fitness tracker for kids a little younger, the Garmin Vivofit jr 2 is aimed at kids aged 4 and above and has done some fun things to motivate kids to keep moving. But for our top pick, the Ace currently gets our vote. Just be aware that the Fitbit Ace 2 is currently being prepped for a launch, too, coming complete with a more kid-friendly, waterproof design and aimed at those aged 6 and above.

Read our Fitbit Ace review in full.

The 10 best cheap fitness trackers: the top affordable sport bands to keep you fit

You can place the band into running and cycling mode to get a GPS tracked workout — the only downside being the difficulty in reading live stats on the tiny 72 x monochrome screen. It features the same rich mix of heart rate enabled metrics, including heart rate variability stress scores, resting heart rate, VO2 Max and fitness age estimates.

Essentially, if you like running and gym work, but are looking for a band over a dedicated GPS running watch, the Vivosport is one of the best options out there. Read our Garmin Vivosport review in full. Has any review been made with the Huami Amazfit Cor? While it does a nice job in swim tracking, has a good price, great battery life and collects nice data there is a big downside - in fact in my opinion moov got worse over time.

But still - in that price range i am not sure about an alternative that offers similar. Anyways: critic - go:. For tracking only and watching it afterwards in the app its fine - but it has some flaws and misses some essentials. Depending on your phone this can suck. If that doesn't work - you're screwed. No possibility to sync per hand when that fails.

Ever driven up a hill in first gear with your heart rate maxing? Smart Coach still tells you to "shift to an easier gear". Fucking wannabe smart that is. Moov had one uservoice - but killed it from one day to the other - replacing it with a simple answer collection. No discussion possible there.

Best fitness tracker 12222: the top 10 activity bands on the planet

Polar did something similar btw forum. While its ok to say "we got no manpower to give support" - a feedback possibility and to exchange with other users is essential for me. Why drop the chance of feedback and community support? If you look at the blog - they now are all-so-happy to announce the app in other languages then english. This is so bad that it for sure has for sure never seen the eye of a native speaker or anyone nearly able to understand it.

You error error this error underline So mainly: not usable during the workout. Its like that for the last 2 updates now and yes i gave them feedback - which leads to my top 1. The language change is not optional and can't be changed in the settings. So the workaround i got as reply to my feedback was:" you have to change your language in your phone settings.


Sounds about right. I get why the the wareble office can love that thing - but it's more like hate love - and no understanding for a lot of decisions of the guys behind the moov. BTW - you should open a forum here ; - so people can discuss their experience with trackers, watches etc. Can anyone please suggest models that, in addition to tracking steps, heartrate etc can also show time; in short a fitness tracker cum watch?

Hi Vasanthi. If you're looking for more of a watch-style design that can still track heart rate and steps, we'd recommend checking out the Nokia Steel HR. My Charge 2 fails to maintain a charge after 18 months of use.